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I was asked to review a realtor but no place to review??
they didn't get back to me for days and the house was under agreement by the time they did...very disappointing
We took our home off the market, yet you are still showing it. We recently relisted with another agent and need the old listing removed!
We dropped our agent and listed with another agent but the old listing is still showing up. Please delete it!!
Why send an offer to review a realtor when the link that you provide doesn’t go to a site to review a realtor but rather to read realtor reviews?
However, expecting incompetence such as the above on the part of Trulia is consistent with the incompetent service from the Realtors it is representing as I never heard from the Realtor (Glenn Choate)…
how to get detail report on a property for sale?
I am looking at a property in fresno ca. and want to find out why its been listed for so long
Hello I'm looking to buy a house in kent, WA area. I have a H1b visa and need someone to help find me a loan.
I have good credit score and 2-3 years of credit history. Can someone please help
Family of 5 looking for a 4bdrm in Encino area to rent.
Family of 5, plus a dog, looking for a 4bdrm home to rent in or near Encino. Rent cannot exceed $3000. Would also love to have a pool for those hot summer months!
Heating and air conditioning installation?
Can anyone recommend a company to install a new furnace and central air into a 1920's house in Echo Park?
Purchased a new build home and builder is past the date he was supposed to start building and will not give us a date when they will start.
We signed a contract on a home in a community in Aiken County, SC on 01/24/2016 we told the builder our lease was up May 31st so we needed to close before then, he said that would be no problem (our contract…
What Lender is the best option in Orlando?
i'm a single mom who is looking to buy a house in the Orlando area. i have rented this far and am not sure how to determine who the better choice is to get an FHA or USDA loan, R.P. Funding or People's…
My broker ran my info thorough GUS (USDA) and it came back as "refer"
My broker ran my info thorough GUS (USDA) and it came back as "refer". (Credit score of 643 and DTI of around 30-31%) He submitted my information for manual underwriting. What are the chances…
Down payment and closing costs
Are there any programs for down payment and closing costs?
Investment property
I am a realtor in Katy TX area. I have a investor who wants to purchase properties, flip them and sell. Any body has such property for sale contact me at samt@kw.com. Sam
What's the price for sqft in house for mattawa?
Wanting to buy in Desert Aire but Zillow writes that the value is less than the price
Buying home on acre lot in Sacramento County or Placer County
We are at the early stages of looking for a 2 bed 1.5 bath home on an acre lot (prefer over 1 acre, but will consider 0.6-1 acre) in Sacramento County or Placer County, less than 40 miles from the airport. We…
After accepted Fannie Mae bid house flooded due to fm servicer improperly dewinterized for inspection. They want to keep my EMD.
Requested extension due to flood. Assured no problem--all in emails. Fm refused measures from inspector, civil engineer, builder to dry out foundation to prevent more damage. Fm wouldn't. Contractor,…
I guess my question is why are we still looking for a house after 7 months or more? is our realtor too slow?
Our realtor takes almost a week to get back to us when we. Want to view houses . We wanted to find a house and move quick. We have a huge sense of urgency and it's been forever. We have looked at…
I was told to leave my home by what I thought was the homeowner and his realities. I find out they had no rights to tell me to leave. The worst part
is the police are right by their side accusing me of trespassing. I moved in about a month ago and was leasing the property from what I was told an unauthorized person. The lady who rented me the house…
How do property taxes in Will County IL work? Is it apart of The Property Tax Extension (PTELL)?
I have a question regarding property taxes in IL. I am looking to relocate there. I see that property in Will is part of the The Property Tax Extension (PTELL). But I also see that the taxes in that county…
down payment What is the least amount needed for a down payment (conventional mortgage) on a home?
What is the least amount needed for a down payment (conventional mortgage) on a home?
how soon can I refinance after buying a home?
Bought a home last month and would like to refinance at a rate 50bps lower than my current one which was locked in around 3/20 when it was relatively high. My current lender has no prepayment penalty but…
How much LTV needed in rental property needed; when buying primary?
we have a rental single family property bought about an year ago. i am planning to buy my first primary towards this summer. My loan on primary shall be more than $725 (85 to 90% loan); property price…
How soon I could ask for home loan after short sale?
How soon I could ask for home loan after short sale? I had a short sale on august 16 20013, can I pre-qualify for a loan prior to the 3 year waiting period and then purchase a house after the waiting…
What would you say is the average price per sq foot for a single family home in 92078?
We are looking at home with a price of 303 per sq foot. Is that too high in your opinion?
What should i be looking out for when buying a home FSBO?
What questions should i ask? Are there certain forms i should have?
Any words of wisdom on trying to buy a house that's held in trust? Thanks....
Interested in a house that I've found is being sold by a trust. I'm assuming this isn't impossible, or why would it be listed by a realty company? I understand there are layers of legal…
How do I delete a rental ad?
I posted it on Zillow and it was automatically posted to other websites. I need to delete them on the other websites.
How soon/when should I get a mortgage pre-approval?
I am a first time home buyer. I have done all of the mortgage calculators online. I have researched all the different types of mortgage types. I am just unsure of when the right time to get a pre-approval…
How long does a mortgage take for a co-op now with the new regs?
Semi-Retired. therefore no W-2 to supply for rental application. Should that prevent me from getting an apartment?
I have a high FICO score. I have long-term proof of ability to pay rent. I have substantial assets. Should the lack of a W-2 prevent me from getting an apartment in Brooklyn, NY?
where can i get an elevation certificate for a property?
I need information about elevation certificates. How do I view or request one? Who creates them? Are they on file somewhere? How much does it cost to get one? Can they be used to challenge an existing…
Home Rental/Purchase in Fremont - recommendation for neighborhoods
We’re looking to rent or buy a home in Fremont and want to get more insight into the different neighborhoods. Our rental price range is $2700-3300; Buying range is $700-900K. Our top priorities are safety,…
How soon I could ask for home loan after short sale?
I had a short sale on august 16 20013, can I pre-qualify for a loan prior to the 3 year waiting period and then purchase a house after the waiting period? or I have to wait the 3 year before I pre-qualify
Does the state of Ga require an exclusive brokers agreement be signed before a realtor can show you a house ?
I'm looking to buy a house. I've been identifying properties myself the last year and a half. While talking with my mortgage banker, he recommended I speak with a friend of his who might have…
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