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Looking for the 411 on Westport and similar areas
Hi, Looking for an artsy, cool-ish community that is commutable to NYC. Having a little down-town with some culture would be preferable. I heard westport might be interesting, but open to other places.…
i am looking for a condo close to or in manhattan that i will be able to rent out. for around 200,000.any size?
i dont live in new york so will probably need a rental agency too. how does that work?
Who currentlly owns this house at 7501 NW 4 Ct?
Can I buy thi house with a VA loan ?
new car should looking to buy first home...
hello i recently purchased a new car in may and i am kinda in the housing market as well. i have been at my job for over 2 yrs and im about to turn 25. my credit score i kinda on the low side at 633 so…
Any suggestions about purchasing in the adult community called Solivita?
Thinking about purchasing a home in Solivita. Any advice would be appreciated
I found an ad through your site that appears to be a scam.
the person listing through your site is not the owner listed by the county - 2749 columbus ave, minneapolis, mn
New Construction in Orange County, Single Family Unit, $450k?
Are there any new constructions homes in Orange County with a price range of $450k? Looking for a nice size back yard, not too close to the neighbor. Like in the good ol' days. Thanks.
Im looking to buy an investment property using the equity in my primary home which has no mortgage. Need to know about no doc or low doc loans in NYC?
I own another property on which I have rental income. I have high credit score (800s). I have w2s from work. Need advice on best way to go about this purchase. I initially thought about doing a heloc and…
Want to buy in NC, but own in Pensacola, Fl. What are the best steps on how to make this change happen?
I am the sole owner of our home, my husband would be a first time home buyer. I am hoping that will give us an advantaged when trying to buy, but we can't buy until we sell :/ How do you make this all…
What is more important to home mortgage lending. To have my credit cards and auto loan paid off $16k or leave that $16 in savings for them to c $ down
I'm putting a majority of my money down with my 401k savings, but I have apprx $30k in sav to assist with down and closing cost. Would the banks rather see the credit cards and auto loan paid off…
Jumbo mortgage down payment requirement absolutely 20%?
Our current combined income is $260K, with minimum credit scores of 785 between the 2 of us. Is there anyway possible to lower the 20% down payment requirement for a jumbo loan in NY?
Co-op maintenance Fee Question..
What are the determining factors as to how high or low the co-op fees are for each building ? In addition is there a way to find out the amount of the fees for different buildings when trying to compare…
Had a short sale in 4/2010 looking into buying a home, are there options for me now?
Or do I have to wait another year to purchase a home through FHA?
Harmony School ruined my kindergartener and first grade was even worse. How can those same teachers still be teaching there?
Harmony School needs to be questioned about their racism against white students. I have lots of instances and we sold our house there to get the hell away from those abusive so called, Teachers
Can anyone supply me information with the listing A1678142?
I am interested in buying with cash ASAP but I need to know maintenance fee with condo and if there are any liens on the property- It seems that this is a "short sale" so I am wondering how long…
Does anyone know of any rental property in Milburn?
My daughter and spouse and 2 kids are needing a house to rent or rent to own. Soon. The house they are currently living in has been sold and they need a place to move into really soon.
Demografic mix ?
Used to live in G.P. wondering what it is like now as compaired to the 50`s
Advice please, Moving to New Orleans "French Quarter"
I'm 17male, southwest Missouri, Have a Job trying to save to move NEAR the "French Quarter" New Orleans. What can you reccomend? somthing relatively SAFE and around 167K i'll be moving…
we got approved for a short sale in June this year in august our agent found a buyer, we were told by our agent to find a place to live by September
2nd. we also got approved for relocate assist so we could afford to move. we then signed a lease 8/17 on 8/22 our agent said the buyer was coming over to have home inspection along with termite inspector…
Moving to New Orleans, recomendation
Hey, I need a recomendation. I'm 17 and am trying to get emancipated. I live in Missouri wanting to move just outside new orleans, close to the "French Quarter" what do i do? i need somthing…
What are the current minimum credit score & down payment requirements for home purchases in East Lyme area?
After 2010 short sale due to loss of income my credit score suffered and I'm now paying high rent. I’d like to buy a home again & am cleaning up my finances.
two months ago my husband and I filed for bunkruptcy
how long do we have to wait in order to be able to buy a house....
Is there a condo for sale in whitier summerwoods condominium 90604?
I really like this location.pls let me know just in case theres one.thankyou.
Which city in the Santa Clara county has the highest property value grow potential?
I am trying to buy a house as an investment. I am looking to buy at a city with the highest property value grow potential. Which city do you recommend? What's the reason? (Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Santa…
Questions about buying your first home? Join our Twitter Chat!
Lots of questions come up when you're buying your first home, and we're here to help. Join our Twitter Chat with Trulia's Real Estate Realist, Tara-Nicholle Nelson, on August 28th at 12PM PDT. We'll walk…
Is right now (end of augest) a good time a buy a house?
I was told that December time is the best, since less people are looking for a house. So it is less likely that I need to bid up the price, then I am more likely to get a better price. But I was told…
Can I put an offer on a lot that is lower than the asking price?
When I see a price for a lot (ie $50,000) is that price negotiable? Or the price for lots is pretty much a fixed price?
who owns the property on 605 e 111th street in historic pullman, illinois 60628?
i'd like to know if this property is for sale and for how much
We are Canadians on work visa in USA (resident alients). Want to buy house to live in for few years. Return to Canada then rent/ sell. Taxes involved?
We will buy house in USA as resident aliens. Live in the property for 2-3 years then return to Canada (become non-resident aliens) and rent or sell the property. Will we be subject to FIRPTA when we sell…
First time Buyer
I am getting ready to buy my first home and i am doing FHA, my colleague says there are first time buyers programs that offer a very low APR and with O% down payment. So my question is, is that possible…
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