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Buying foreclosed homes or just really cheap homes?
When i go searching through the listings i find houses still 80 grand and below most saying foreclosure, bank owned, pending or under contract. How do you go about buying one of those at such a great…
We are a recently married couple living in Plano, Texas looking to buy our first house.
Our basic requirement is a single family home with a 4 bed/3 bath in the $250k-$300k price range.My husband travels pretty much every week for work. Please suggest on good school districts in the DFW area(preferably…
I am wanting to make a home purchase at the end of 09' beginning of 2010. I've been working for a few months
now and I make about 36k a year right now. My credit sits at about a 750. Would I be able to qualify for a 200k mortgage? How much down would I need? FHA 3.5%? Thanks
My family has been monitoring the local listings and found a house that we just love. It has been on the
market for over 200 days as an active short sale. It is now in preforeclosure and vacant. Should we wait to see what happens when the bank takes control of the property or should we try to make a move…
is it really hard to purchase these bank owned properties , thats starting as low as 2000.00 ?
are banks making it easier to buy these bank owned properties , for people with weak credit, bit ha ve a good jib history?
Will sink hole homes always have "CONFIRMED SINKHOLE ACTIVITY" on the tax report.?
I found a PERFECT home off County line road but couldn't get proper insurance as it had a sink hole claim and the tax report refelected that with the confirmed sinkhole activity statement. I was wondering…
Is the Riverwalk community in a flood plane?
I am relocating from out of town and am looking at several areas around Nashville; however, I am little nervous about this area (37221) because of the flood two years ago. Is Riverwalk in a flood plane?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3113780997-255-N-Newbridge-Rd-C2-Levittown-NY-11756
Can I get my earnest money back from a builder if the final home layout is not as functional as the builder said it would be?
I signed a contract on a new home that is already under construction. We asked the builder before we bought if they could make a couple of modifications. They said it would be easy to do and they would…
UIC student buying help
I am a student with a budget of 30,000 and I really want to buy a foreclosed apartment or condo near UIC in chicago... Is this even possible at that price range...?
I have called an e-mailed about this house on 1535 W. Elm why does no one get back to me???
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3021216544-1535-W-Elm-Rd-Oak-Creek-WI-53154
I'm in SC and need some help on buying a home.
I put in an offer for a home. The seller counter offered via his agent of course. I sent in another offer the seller's realtor then emailed a saying "sellers final offer please let me know how…
I would like to move from Manhattan to Ironbound - I am looking for a loft in an old building. I see them, I
see them for rent, but I do not see any for sale? Any advice how to buy an artist loft in Ironbound? Thanks
We are a Bi-racial couple (black and white) from NV looking at making a move to Cumming GA. Would we have problems in Cumming?
I did see that in 2010 there were only 158 blacks recorded on the cenus, we do have school age children and as west coasters we have never had to deal with racism.
What do I have to do to look into a foreclosure? How about pre-foreclosure?
Interested in several properties, but not sure what it involves. Any assistance is appreciated.
Cosigner Question
So, I did a short sale 2 years ago and have been led to believe that I cannot get a loan for another year. With that being said, my wife (who has GREAT credit but is a waitress) has got her parents to…
How difficult and laborious is it to do the online auction-bidding when the house is a forclosure...cash only situation?? Any experience?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3034993913-1016-Sunset-Rd-Brentwood-TN-37027
Homepath - another multiple offer round, after accepted offer before executed contract
After the multiple offer situation, offer got accepted and I got contract package. I have submitted my contract with copy of cashier's check for the earners money within the given timeline without…
I will like to buy in a condo on Central Park North. Is 110th/5th Avenue, 110th West safe these days? Are there still frequent shootings?
I checked the police precinct reports, but doubt if everything is reported. I will appreciate if you can share your thoughts (especially if you live bordering CPN areas). Many Thanks.
This home on main st eden is classified historic--does this limit the homeowner from painting the outside shutters etc? also is the property including
the pool exclusively for this house and homeowner? -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1079481260-141-Main-St-Eden-NC-27288?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk…
With a 260K Budget do you expect a Master Bath?
Beautiful Drexel Hill home not moving
Is being near Route 287 in Franklin lakes considered a "undesirable" location?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3114241629-1002-Crystal-Lake-Ter-Franklin-Lakes-NJ-07417
What are some good neighborhoods to buy an apartment in NYC to rent out?
I want to buy an apartment, furnish it and rent it out. Looking for low vacancy rates and minimal management. i.e., collect rent, refer to repairmen etc.. Of course a Low sell price with maximum…
Is it worth buying lands/vacant lots in Detroit (2013)?
I am based in KL, Malaysia, and am looking to buy lands in Detroit. What would be the list of payments/fees to incur every year? Serious answers are most appreciated.
What does res t/o mean on a property mls listing?
Looking at a house online from the mls an it switched to res t/o what does it mean?
Hi, I'm looking for investing in Detroit metro real estate. Which area/zip would you recommend with a good return and which is rentable?
I grew up in Southfield but have moved out some 30 years ago. How is that area today? Michigan real estate is in a down turn, is it wise to invest there? I also would appreciate a suggestion wether a…
tanglewood in Bradenton
I am seeking a quiet neighborhood. Tanglewood appears to be a lovely preserve neighborhood. It is adjacent to G T Bray Park. Do the residents of tanglewood find the activity in the park objectionable?…
Mortgage Pre-approval: Using Gift money or money from personal Mutual Funds towards down-payment?
Hello, My husband and I are starting to get things in order to begin the mortgage per-approval process. I know that two month bank statements are scrutinized very carefully by the lender/underwriter.…
tell me more about this interior of the home bedrooms etc etc
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3091168021--Maiden-Ln-Lake-Elsinore-CA-92530
I would like to rent a home in Gateway $1000 a month max. 3/2. For June a 3//2 for professional couple with young kids, good credit, selling our home
we are selling our home practically at a loss not a short sale just to an investor and really want a home in Gateway at least to rent. Again we have good credit and want a house or town home not a condo…
What are the floor-plans in Princeton Walk, Princeton NJ 08540?
I'd like to find names and descriptions of the floor-plans in Princeton Walk, Princeton NJ 08540. Is there any resource that shows which floor plans are at which addresses?
Can I change the realtor?
I have met my current realtor back in December just to ask some questions and see how things are done as a first time home buyer. During that time he took down my information, no document exchanges, and…
Are your potential buyers and tenants refusing to give financial information online or via the telephone?
I ask my buyers to send me a letter of financing approval or proof of funds when the say they are buying cash
homes on GRANDIFLOR CIRCLE are on the market??? -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3111952306-323-Grandiflora-Cir-Aiken-SC-29803
Buying a HUD home and need Escrow company to handle the case urgently
Hi, I am getting a Hud home and my agent just told me that Hud fire the escrow company due to some lazy work the escrow company did. Is it normal? Can someone recommnad me a good escrow company specialize…
ok i am looking at a house that is on 2230 fashion ave in the long beach house is on the market for $319,000 realtor said
ok iam looking at a house that is on 2230 fashion in longbeach ca.the price is $319,000.ok the realtorshowed me the house.he said someone offerd $329,000 and they where going to pay closeing cost but it…
Looking for an agent familiar with FHA renovation properties.
My experience is all in conventional lending, so the intricacies of FHA are still a maze for me. I'm hoping to find an agent to help with understanding what properties are "acceptable",…
I asked a question re: pix on Trulia but it was deemed offensive, so was taken down. One supportive realtor responded and now I cannot find her.
Some time in January or Feb, 2013 I complained about the poor quality of some of the photos that were on he Trulia site. Most of the realtors who responded were really offended, saying they did the best…
How do I knw if I qualify for a house loan?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3115731007-1705-Pioneer-Ave-Porterville-CA-93257
I have two questions. Is possible to roll my HOA fees into my mortagage payment?
I'm expecting to move to the Houston/Spring area in the next 3 months.
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