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My husband and I are looking for an owner financed home in Dothan, Can someone help us?
We live in EnterpriseAl right now and we moved to Alabama in Nov, of last year. We only want to deal with honest people that will help look out for our interest and help us get a good deal. We are looking…
I am potentially moving to the Boise area in the next few months and will be working near St. Al's, not at St. Al's, but near that location.
I am interested in areas that DO NOT have HOA! I am looking for a home in the price range of probably $175K to possibly $250K. It would be nice to have a basement, not mandatory, but nice. Probably at…
when do you pay for the apprrasail on your home?
my apprasial when be done in 3 days when will they ask for pament
If a bank owned home is in poor condition in Cameron Park CA; all flooring materials require change, the yard
has not been maintained. The shower stall requires replacement, the central air conditioning does not work...etc. What percentage of the asking price should be reduced when making an offer?
home buying/mortgage help
currently out of state but moving to Orlando within the next few months. We have narrowed the search some..Winter Garden, Windermere, Dr. Phillips, and Hunter's Creek. Do agents usually work in just one…
what school district is 3220 summer valley rd new rinngold in?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3101546834-3220-Summer-Valley-Rd-New-Ringgold-PA-17960
friends of ours are buying a hud home.....all paperwork is in an approved on their end. Closing was scheduled and then cancelled b/cuz the hoa said
hud had to pay the back hoa fees first. This is causing delay after delay. is there a way to expidite
I will be graduating in May from an MBA program. I am relocating to Orlando/Lake Mary in June. I just started looking into mortgage options.
Can anyone recommend a lender? Specifically one that has dealt with using future income letters as proof of income. I have a 700 credit score and have 7 years of work experience before returning to school…
FHA report says that I need to scrape and paint all pealing paint on the exterior. It didn't all come off, painted over it. Will it get approved?
We did the best we could! We power washed and scraped the entire exterior of the home. We rented a paint sprayer and we are painting over it. Nothing is chipping off but you can tell that we didn't…
Can we delay closing of escrow until a fair resolution is reach regarding items removed from the house after under contract.?
Trees were dug out and remove, garden lights were removed, japanese tea table specifically included in the contract. Water purification system were also removed which resulted to a broken kitchen faucet,…
First Time Homebuyer grant effect debt/income ration?!
I'm in the process of looking at homes. I narrowed down my location to Upper Darby or other counties in Delaware County. I was recently informed that if/when the grant is acceptable by my lender, the…
I am between buying a co-op vs renting, Is co-op a good investment, I mean considering huge maintenance fee plus monthly mortgage?
my first option was renting apts in edison which starts from $1100 for 1BD. However, I saw listing of margate apts which are at good location in Edison, NJ. I am planning to stay at the location (rental…
How do I get off your email list??????????
Get me off your EmAil list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is there anyone who will work with a fico score of 601 for a va home construction loan?
Me and my wife were trying to get a home built. For some odd reason i checked my credit scores on all 3 major websites and they differed than what the lenders report said. On the sites of the reports for…
my husband is on social security disability long term how can we get a loan to buy a home
3 -4 bedroom 2 bath big rooms in the alabaster vestavia chesee area
What happens in the property listing in not correct. i put depoist on home and thought I was going to get a
new kitchen and 2 full baths when there is really an unfinished kitchen and 1 &1/2 bath. I signed P&S but I backed out can I get my money back since the listing was not true?
im trying to find a co-op in the michigan area credit under 600
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3094955864-8217-Dartmouth-Dr-Warren-MI-48093
I liked very much the house: 2343 State Route 17c, Owego, NY. Would like to have more pictures and also know if it will be sell with the furniture.?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3108418606-2343-State-Route-17c-Owego-NY-13827
How do I post an ad?
How do I post an ad on trulia
the origin of open houses? when was the first open house? how did open houses begin?
any information would be greatly appreciated on the history of open houses
A question about a First Mortgage
I have never purchased a house. I am looking to purchase a house in Nov/Dec 2013. I would like to know how soon should I be out to secure a loan approval with one of the many banks/mortgage companies. Thank…
Other than Hildreth Hills Community, are there any other upscale condo's that are comparable with less expensive fees?
I am looking to buy a condo in Westford Mass and looked at a few in Hildreth Hills Community. The fees seem very high and wondering about other condo' s that would be just as nice without the hefty…
5 Sloan Ct Bridgewater, NJ 08807 Is this house still available?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3079236931-5-Sloan-Ct-Bridgewater-NJ-08807
How do I find out about the fore closure on Lone Pine Rd, Salyer, California?
How do I find out about the fore closure on Lone Pine Rd, Salyer, California?
what is the best way for well off parents to buy a condo in Brooklyn,NY for a daughter to live in? She cannot qualify for a loan on a $650000 property
we will not live in the property but would like the tax benefits of having the loan in our name. We would have to co-sign for the loan anyway. Is a loan for investment property more expensive than a…
Anyone have experience with selling a house in Thurston County with EIFS siding?
Our agent is of the opinion we need to reside our house AND it will not be offset by asking a higher price.... I thought siding was a good EOI...
What unpermitted work would you accept on a house?
How serious is unpermitted work? I am considering buying a house where the current owners have lived there 25 years. They didn't pull any permits during that time. It looks to me like they added a…
What are the property taxes on a home like this in conway?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3085539356-964-Eaglet-Cir-Conway-SC-29527
Signed buyer’s agreement with one agent to make an offer and another agreement with a different agent to view a better house.Can we bid on the?
second? I signed a Real estate Agency Disclosure and Election contract with one agent when we put an offer on a short sale two weeks ago. We are still actively looking for homes. Went and saw a better…
Safe zip codes in Charleston, WV
My family and I are moving to Charleston, WV. What are the safe areas/zip codes of Charleston, WV? We are a young family. I know South Charleston is a high crime area as I see on the news.
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