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can paying off medical bills help improve your credit score?
Dad has about $1500 in medical bills if we pay this off will it help get a home mortgage? is it better to pay it off all at once or is it better to make like $50 payments?
Comprare casa a Orlando
Salve, ci sono delle agenzie immobiliari a Orlando con personale che parla italiano? Ho bisogno di fare alcune domande riguardo a come funziona la compravendita e le tasse da pagare successivamente per…
Home is under review for illegal foreclosure
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3096079553-2239-Walnut-Church-Way-Sevierville-TN-37876
is 157 lynbrook in a flood zone?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3093417631-157-Lynbrook-Dr-Mastic-Beach-NY-11951
Want a HOT luxury waterfront condo with maintenance free living NOW?
About 60 Maple Street Unit 20 - Full Home Warranty on Appliances/Systems for One Year - Builder Bonus Sq. Ft. approx. 1416-1450 SF - Larger B-Unit* - Furniture negotiable, Seller relocation.…
Short selling and getting a new home
I want to get out of my home and get into something bigger as my family is growing. My home is way upside down (owe 120,000 and similar homes are selling at 40,000). I spoke with a loan officer who pre-approved…
Can buyer cancel purchase contract if lender did everything possible to secure loan and lender has approved but not produced loan docs after 45 days?
Duel rep agent favoring seller due to ongoing relationship. Escrow was to close in Jan. Extended to Feb. Seller only agreed if buyer would sign off on loan contingency - so 3% now lost. Loan company kept…
Underwriting, Rural home loan monies and how much to do I have to have in the bank after closing
I had all kinds of problems with getting the underwriting process. Processor left and file still had issues (I was not aware & I have given my final date on my rental and have to be out in approximately…
How does the new home appraisal/comps process work in Staten Island, NY?
How are builders able to price new home construction prices so high when compared to recently sold homes for same sq.footage in the 1 - 2 mile radius sold for much less..
Do have to pay an agent for advice?
Ilive in California and in a few years will be moving next to my mother on her property in rural Arkansas. However, I want to own my share of her land and build my own home. I'm on social security and…
How does the title filing type affect on the homestead exemption?
We are purchasing a house in Titusville. We are not married and need to know how the type of title we file will affect the homestead exemption. We are thinking Joint Tenancy with rights of survivorship…
I was looking online to see feedback from buyer's of DR Horton homes and noticed a lot of DR Horton hate sites, What's your experience?
I notice a lot of hate sites out there for DR Horton and that it ranked pretty low on JD Powers list for home builders. Can anyone tell me their personal experience in buying a DR Horton home in the East…
Why is not price for the space rent?
is good to see if the person can afford the place? -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3091863866-46041-Road-415-415-11-Coarsegold-CA-93614
THANK YOU TO ALL WHO SENT AN ANSWER TO: More questions regarding short sale w/Wells Fargo and issues with seller/seller's agent
Thank you all so very much for your answers to my questions yesterday - you all were very helpful and I greatly appreciate you advice. THANKS TO YOU ALL.
Interested in finding out if there are any jumbo loans with less than 20 % down? Want to purchase a home in the $750K to $850K range in Michigan.
Purchase in GR. I have great credit, high income and would like to get in for 10% to 15% down.
Our Association is facing several challenges.
One of those challenge is lack of funds to pay bills. We believe that our previous management company falsify our accounting books. Is there an agency that can assist us without a fee? Also, a promo…
is Fillmore a good city to raise family in?
moving into area and have two kids one getting ready to start school, and job takes me away allot. Want safe environment for family
VA Home loan pre-approval (not qual), but loan denied?
I was recently preapproved for a VA Home Loan. I selected a house, only to have my lender tell me that the loan was denied. When he input my numbers (income, reserves, etc) intot he automated system,…
We are self-managed. A homeowner accursed our President of sealing money to pay her bills in front of others.
According to our treasure, her statement is not base on facts. What action could our President take if any?
Can I ask the seller to pay closing costs?
I found a home and put an offer in on it, which was accepted. (BTW the house is HUD) 3 days before closing I was informed that there was a lien on the property and I could not close until the title was…
What is happening with the Stonebridge condo complex ie law suite? Are there any problems appearing with the 1237 washington complex?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1082300543-3200-Franklin-Blvd-2-Cleveland-OH-44113
How high does your credit score have to be to purchase a home.?
I have different scores on all three different reports. The highest one i have is 672 in Transunion. Can you advise? Thank you
How many miles away from I-215?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/map/3066284993-536-W-Andrews-Ln-Saratoga-Springs-UT-84045
Can I have my husband co-sign a mortgage with me, even though he has bad credit?
I have good credit and have never owned a home, but my income is not high and I've only been at this job for a few months. However, my husband's income is over 70k, but his credit is bad because…
What options, besides renting, are out there for people with low credit scores to purchase a home. I would be a first time home buyer.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3095748571-2712-E-Main-St-Urbana-IL-61802
Why does the length of time in escrow vary?
What would be the purpose of having a long escrow? Who benefits?
First time buyer
Hi I'm a first time home buyer I'm looking for a home 100.000 to 200.000 how much money do I need for down payment is thy a way I can put 0 down
To buy a HUD property you must go the conventional way?
Hey, I'm going to be buying a home using the Soft Second Mortgage in New Orleans and I came across a HUD property I really Love. I was wondering if I could purchase a HUD home with the Soft Second or…
What is the average down payment a lender with ask for when buying a house?
What is the lowest down payment a lender will ask for in todays market?
How are escrow fees typically determined?
Are they a flat fee, percentage of sale price, combo? Do they vary by escrow company?
Does TX have a price escalation addendum for buyers? It works just like eBay bidding, & seller's agent has to provide proof you were
outbid. price escalation addendum; lying and saying you have multiple offers so that you outbid yourself
Should I worry about the electric bills, water bills, property tax, etc. from previous owners when buying from a short sale?
the listing agent likes my offer that I submitted for the short sale, what should i be aware of?
What are the pros and cons of living with a family in Fort Lauderdale?
What are the best neighborhood for families in FL? Any advice / feedback are welcome.
Relocating from Florida to Charlotte. Where is the best area to buy if you will work in downtown. Thanks
I would like no more than 200, 000 home. Dog friendly. Church close by.. Small town flavor.
The HOA fee which is listed on Townhomes/Condos is a monthly or yearly listing?
Noticed HOA fees on Townhomes/Condos but does not indicate if monthly or Yearly amount. I noticed under those subdivisions for houses it indicates annual amount for those having HOA fee subdivisions.
Buying a Condo or small family home
I would like to buy a house or condo in Davis, CA. I am wondering if there still any first time programs. How high your credit line has to be, and do you still need a down payment if you qualify even…
Is that possible to find a reliable 4 or 3 bd. four sided brick homes right now outside the metro area, a convenient location in a small town ?
Hi there ! My question is, is it possible currently to find a reliable 3-4 bd. four sided brick house/ranch or brick 2 story houses that are clean, reliable and around the price range of 20-23K right now…
thinking about driving from paramus to Secaucus station in the morning and then taking the train to midtown. How is traffic in the morning?
We are looking to buy a home in Paramus and thinking about driving from paramus to Secaucus station in the morning and then taking the train to midtown. How is traffic in the morning? Is this a practical…
How are escrow fees typically determined?
Are they a flat fee, percentage of sale price, combo? Do they vary by escrow company?
This is an etiquette question: My husband and I are considering making an offer a property in Rogers Park. We've been working loosely with an
agent for since last summer. This agent has arranged a few showings for us and hooked us up with an internet search. I'd say we've used about 8 hours of the agents time. The more we work with…
trying to fine 208 potts stree
find 208 potts st -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3051133230-708-E-Carpenter-St-Jerseyville-IL-62052
Buying while on H1B and Green Card in process?
I have lived in San Diego for last 12 years and now looking to buy a primary home here in next few months. I am only looking for Mortgage Broker or Lender to talk the scenario over phone briefly and see…
Hi, I would like to know if an expat is allowed to take a home loan. I am planning to buy a house for a family of four.
Area between 1400 sqft to 1800sqft, 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Preferably close to closer primary school and childcare providers. My budget is below 130K. Please contact me at bidyut1@gmail.com
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