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Can anyone show me some homes tomorrow?
I am looking for someone to show me homes tomorrow afternoon! My ideal location is Miramar. I see a lot of foreclosures on Peachtree, Birmingham, Redwood, Monterey and Rosewood and would love to see some…
In this market is an initial offer of 10% off the listing price considered an insult?
I know in some areas of Allen houses are selling the day they go on the MLS but a couple we've seen have been on the market for 6 weeks and even longer.
What additional charges does a seller pay when selling their home with a VA loan in Florida.?
My agent says there are no additional charges but the rider attached to the contract states fees that seller MUST pay???
We are looking to buy a preforeclosure/foreclosed/auction home in Fort Lee/Tenafly/Englewood area.
foHow can I find out more information or a realtor who is willing to help us with the process?
What do we do about oil coming up through our paved driveway??
We just bought this house in January 2013. It was built 2006.. Since we bought the house we noticed a small section of the pavement was cracked and slightly raised. We never thought anything of it, and…
Home appraised lower than purchase price.
Hi, We are have a Preowned Shadock home in West Allen,TX under contract for 460k for 4462 sq ft home. But house appraised value based on sales comparison approach came to 434k. Appraised Value based…
Why is the REALLY NICE In-Fill housing so expensive in North\Northeast Portland?
My question - How do I get a better price on one of the fancy new infill houses on the east side? Want to move from East County but ouch! None of those 'skinny' houses for me! I want class and style…
Parkwood Village - Friendswood
The HOA covers front yard maint but does anyone know what else is included? HOA fee is approx. 325/qtr
I keep hearing that Canadians are buying houses here in Arizona. Does anyone know if this is because they are investors looking to rent these homes?
for a time being and flipping them down the road, or are these people renting these investment properties for now and looking to use them as winter homes for themselves down the road? Thank you
Are there VA loans available for veterans with bad credit? I'm looking for a loan for $70,000 and I am in the process of paying off my remaining debt.
I plan to use the housing stipend I receive from my GI Bill while I work part time, and will also receive extra income from a future roommate.
Interested in buying a "short sale" home.
I'm interested in some homes that are listed as short sales. A realtor I spoke with once (today) was telling me short sales are frequently bait and switch, take a long time, and are seldom accepted. I…
Can we change home warranty company next year ?
If we can change, would the new home warranty company get the records from our existing home warranty ? We have AC system to be repaired this year, but may have to put off till next year, as this current…
Is the master on main floor?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3105759199-5034-Cressingham-Dr-Fort-Mill-SC-29707
We are looking for a lease purchase. Where can one look for that?
We are in a unique "pickle" we own a house in Seattle, and signed on with a franchise company to open 3-stores here in SC. We have opened one and are in the process of opening our second. We…
Wells fargo condo project approval
Anyone knows how long this takes.
Interested only in 32176. Looking for single family home minimum 3 bdr/2ba, 4bdr/3ba would be optimal. Pool is a huge plus.
Interested only in 32176. Looking for single family home minimum 3 bdr/2ba, 4bdr/3ba would be optimal. Pool is a huge plus.
Any way to avoid buy-agent commission? We have found a house by ourselves (it is for sale on MLS and listed
by an agent). The agent has a 6% commission fee. We want to represent ourselves, open escrow, get loan, title search, inspections ... by ourselves. I have read that if we don't have anyone represent…
Property rental and taxes in Genoa
We have been looking at several cities to relocate to in the next 3 or 4 years out of California. Renting and buying here in the Bay area is becoming impossible to keep up with and I am afraid if we do…
I just joined a co op in NYC and I own 11 percent of the shares in a 4 unit co op. Now, they want everyone to pay an equal share of the maintenance.
Essentially, the co op wants me to pay 25 percent of the maintenance even though I only have 11 percent of the co op shares ( I have the smallest apartment in the basement). Can they do this? They proposed…
What does it mean if you bid on a house and the other agent tells you that it has contracts pending? It does not state anything on the MLS.
It has been almost 10 days. is the other agent full of crap? I thought in NJ they had a time frame to post it in the MLS. We were told there was a cash buyer and thats why they could not accept my bid…
Home eligibility
I found a home the address is 1855 Tulane Ave. Its down linwood but i wasnt sure if it was in the targeted area and if it is what do i hve to do to purchase it on the happi program the house is 58000.…
Home builders......
Can I build a house for $150,000? Approx how many square feet?
I am looking to purchase property through a owners realtor/ however it says owner willing to finance how does this work?
I wish to buy property with mobile home on it and owner using a realtor, realtor asked for 1% of asking price down, as good favor policy . stating I would receive back if offer not accepted or sale does…
How come agents do not return calls?
We've called a short list of agents... and none of them has returned a call. Emails and voice mails have been left too. Nothing. What's up???
where are bank foreclosers?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3113529562-202-Sycamore-St-Wilmington-NC-28405
The rate lock period expires and my buyer wants to proceed with a new tac-He ups the price to me by 4,500 US dollars and I pay closing costs.
The way I see it he is able to pay the mortgage insurance up front and so, lower his monthly payment. I see higher taxes for me and have sent a demand to close notice to the buyers, stipulating that the…
We are looking to buy a house in Bluffton. We are looking for a safe, family friendly neighborhood. Suggestions on zip/ neighborhood?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1069315049-149-Southside-Pkwy-Bluffton-SC-29909
Is there a retirement community in New braunsfel,Texas?
Add some detail about your question
can anyone recommend any general contractors/home inspectors?
can anyone recommend anyone that can come and inspect a house 'day of'? looking to avoid contingencies in our offer process. would love any immediate recos! thank you!!
Can the buyer back out after the offer has been accepted?
The buyer made an initial offer. I made the counteroffer and the buyer accepted and waived appraisal contingency. The offer was accepted. The appraisal came about 30K less than the offer amount. The buyer…
Hello again. I've been walking the neighborhood with my dog, looking for, once again, a smaller home - hopefully a ranch. really like the courts-
kevin, kathy, lynn. Also like a few smaller home near Village Hall. Is there a way to follow these areas in particular?
Can public tax records help establish a starting point for negotiating?
I saw a home with an asking price of $220K and looked up the tax assessor's public record and it said fair market value of $160K. Would it be fair to offer just above market value?
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