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What's availible near the Plaza Viejas (Oldtown) area?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1034298525-7908-Blue-Jay-Ln-NE-Albuquerque-NM-87109
Does anyone have opinions about townhouse ownership in Fearrington? The good, the not-so-good? I'm thinking about buying a townhouse there.
Just wondering if the HOA is easy to get along with; the list of regulations is intimadating. -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3086390375-584-Woodbury-Clo…
What does the these realty trac forclosure mean on trulia?
Sometimes when I search on Trulia I find these forclusure listings who are not fully shown any details..Does that mean they are not on market yet and they will be coming on market soon?why they past them…
How much does my gross income has to be to afford a 465K property?
I know the formula was at some point that my monthly payment can't be more than one third of my income, is that still the same? Also, down payment is of 30K and purchase area is San Diego Co. and…
I want to buy a home but the seller is asking for a $5k earnest deposit in 3 days or else he will raise the price. Is it a scam or a real practice?
The seller is actually a construction worker, so he is doing several improvements on the home. He has told me that the $5k price can go toward the price of the home, but he needs it in 3 days. Will he…
closed on new home 2 months ago, have found major water/structural damage that was not disclosed
we hired contractors to come in to redirect downspouts to flow away from house. When they were cutting concrete they discovered $20-30 in major water damage that has led to structural damage. They discovered…
Do you rent apartment in Mexico? Do you have a number to ask some questions? How do you work?
Really, I want to rent an apartment in Mexico DF. Do you work like this? I will pay for a 2 days delivery so you will receive the Keys and the contract signed by me right away. I will explain to…
First time home buyer. I am looking for 2 acres in the Azle area. What is the best way to find out about available land in Azle?
I am a first time home buyer looking for a plot of land in the Azle/Springtown area to begin home development. What is the best way to find land and those willing to sell land in the Azle area? Are there…
is there a neighborhood with old reburbished homes in Stillwater?
We will be be looking at all types...just have not seen any that look like this. Also Are there any neighborhoods with "cape cod" style homes?
Are they still in the market?
Please send me what you have aviable, i would like to meet with you to buy one sop. -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3093094424-936-Derbyshire-Dr-Kissimm…
I am a licensed realtor and in my situation I was representing the buyer, the agent on the other side never gave me a rejected counter offer
but she informed me they were insulted at our offer, I have to do my due diligence to my client, so my question is, can she get into trouble for not getting me the offers and not responding to my emails,…
What's the best way to approach a property owner regarding a house that's not on the market?
I live next door to a house that's typically a rental. In the past month however, the house has been sitting empty. I'm interested in the house, and would like to approach the owner to make an offer on…
COMMENT: I have had the naive assumption that everyone knows the new housing bubble is the result of unsustainable gov spending, but then...
I try to buy a house. Are prices rational? They are, at least, utterly irrational from a macro-economic perspective. For those who don't believe we're in an unsound, debt-funded, exploding bubble, just…
I would like for someone to explain to my husband and I how to buy a house?
My husband and I would like to know would it be better for us to rent or buy a home.
Is a special assessment tax a one time deal when you buy a home or is it something you pay annually?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3086861720-8-Hillside-Dr-Wynantskill-NY-12198
I recently purchased a HUD home in Polk City, FL ( Red River Trail) and was told by the title company that they don't have a survey. Now, I would
like to know the boundaries of my property but can't afford to have a survey done. Is there anyway that I can get a copy of the property survey? Thanks in advance for your advice.
Hello, I am interested in the Promenade units and the marina Village units.
I love that area and was curious on the stability going forward at the promenade complex
can you snd me listings of 4b/r (min) 21/2 baths (min) garage not facing street(preferable), price range to 125k max. Thanks
nothing to add.until you respond. -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3104716510-310-Autumn-Way-Hampton-GA-30228
Weekend Home in Karjat Hill Station
"Elegant" is a name synonymous to "Beauty of the Nature". Elegant is located at Karjat, at the foothills of Kothaligad (Peth Fort). It is a project where beauty connects with nature. Elegant is very…
We just got a counter offer from the sellers (multiple counter offers situation), asking to pay 788k and remove all contingencies. The listed price is
749k and we offered 783k with short closing and loan approval time. Its a beautiful property in a premium location in 95035 zip code, 4b/3ba, 2183sq ft, 5800sq ft lot, nicely updated kitchen, bathrooms,…
Willow Glen Place by Toll Brothers. How is the neighbourhood and surrounding area?
We just checked its townhome models. While we liked home itself, I am not sure about the surroundings. The shopping malls seem to be too old and there is a gas station. How is the neighbourhood here? Would…
the surrounding homes do not influence the value of your home in LA? Ex: $200,000 homes surrounded by $75,000 homes, the $200,000 will appreciate?
I am new to the area and this is something I have never seen, brand new houses in older neighborhoods. I do not want to buy or build a new home and loose money.
I am planning to buy a condo for investment. The condo is short sale so it's affordable.
There is no rental cap now, but HOA said that they will have one in 1-2 years. Should I go ahead to buy it, or anything negative that I should be aware of? i am hesitating now, since I am a single person,…
I would like to buy an individual plot of land and put a modular home on it. Are there any permits and so on that I should look for?
In the UK, where I come from, you dont ever buy land to build on, unless it already has planning permission or unless you can afford to gamble! So, other than a reasonably level plot, what else should…
Good school district LA area
I work at Los Feliz area. What school district are good besides La Crescenta? I would like to have reasonable commute distance (no more than 30 minutes).
How can People Afford 700k HOUSES in Los Angeles in 2013?
My husband and I recently moved from Texas and now make in the 200k ballpark combined with no debt. In looking at houses in Los Angeles, it is impossible to find a decent 3bed 2 bath house for under…
What is wrong with Evergreen? We've been looking several months 1 to 1.5m and there are homes that are either overpriced or are in foreclosure.
There doesn't seem to be many if any homes that are price "fairly" in terms of the market. Which is why I guess so many of the same homes have been on and off the market several times in…
we are in our 60's ...retiring ... I am real estate agent , husband retiring banker ...looking to be close to water .... also have a horse
(boarding? just starting to look and heard Vero Beach really nice and could have what we might like ... have been to Naples mostly .... would be part time of year ....suggestions??
Tax implications on transferring home ownership.
What are the tax implications on transferring home ownership from my brother to myself on a house that has no mortgage and is currently appraised at around $150K. How will it affect my taxes as well as…
is this a split level or a 2storie housewith master upstairs?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/37387983-903-26-Rd-Grand-Junction-CO-81506?ecampaign=con_day_propertysearchforsale_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property/373…
whats the status on 2170 longhorn circle I'm realy intrested in this property
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3089394657-2170-Longhorn-Cir-Santa-Rosa-CA-95401
Odor issues near the new homes Sundrop Circle on Los Coches.
Are there any odor issues near the new homes Sundrop Circle on Los Coches. Also is that in a flood zone area?
Are there any rent to own deals in lower westchester currently?
I would prefer the yonkers/bronxville area.
Robson Homes (Sundrop Circle) - Not Even paying Escrow Fees (Asking the Buyer to) in Santa Clara County ( Is this even legal?)
Hi, We are interested in the Sundrop Circle - Robson Homes (Seller) in Milpitas, CA. The are 15 homes left and pricing is $760k for the lowest plan (3B Office , 3.5 Bath, 2037 Sq.ft) - the one we are…
is this unit for rent? because someone on craigslist is claiming to renting this unit out for $600 a month?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3107616952-26339-116th-Ave-SE-I-205-Kent-WA-98030
How accurate is Trulia?
Is theTrulia recent sold information accurate?
Condo vs. single family home which is a better investment in Austin?
I gather condos go for $50K-$70K and rent for $700 vs. a home might sell for $120K-$160K and rent for $1200. It seems like there is a better return on the condo vs. home.
Single family home in Campbell or Townhome in Los Gatos, Ca
Dear all, I need some urgent advice: We just bid for a single family home in Campbell for $510,000 which is a foreclosed property and also bid for a townhome in Los Gatos with Los Gatos schools for $610,000…
I have been to the property at 32575 S Shadow Mountain Rd and it looks nothing like the pictures in the listing.
The wrought iron fencing and railings are gone as is the spa and part of the decking. Seems like deceptive advertising to me?
Rebate on house buying in Alpharetta/Johns creek area
Hi I am told by one of my friend in Charlotte that sometime Broker/Agent can work with you and also gives you rebate or share commission with you. As we are looking to buy a house worth of approx…
Trulia has the info wrong on this vacant land on hwy 94 campo for $490,000, the correct acreage is 454 acres how do we get trulia to correct it?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3097622520--Hwy-94-Campo-CA-91906
Wells Fargo underwritting.. what to expect.?
Ok, i was told by my LO and several other links saying wells fargo can do my va home loan with a middle score as low as 600. mine is 611, and my wifes 625. most of our debt, is medical bills, some from…
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