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We are trying to purchase a Short Sale Home but instead of the lender accepting our offer, they just keep asking us for updated paperwork......?
.....we feel like we are getting the run around and we submitted a preapproval letter that was dated July 23rd and is good for 30 days and now August 5th, the lender says they need the approval letter…
Las Vegas area looking for perhaps hard money loan to buy house for myself an children
My credit is in ruions an I can't prove my income an banks no longer offer no doc loans. I have saved over 100,000$ to put down an I'm looking for houses around the 300,000$ margin. Can anyone…
2nd tier VA loan for a multi unit
After looking at many post on this site. I figured I can purchase another home using 2nd tier VA loan at 300,000. Can I purchase a multi unit property. I am not relocating or anything and intend to stay…
Two months ago, I got qualified by a lender for 4% 30 Year fixed
I don't want a 30 year fixed, I intend to live in the home for 3 years then move to Montana. Does anyone know of a lender that is open minded and has product knowledge of his/her line of work. I really…
looking for a buyer realtor
I am looking for a FL licensed realtor who will put my offer thru to fanny using their homepath web. I am paying all cash. I am offering well under asking price. I also want a contingency on inspection. Pls…
Looking to buy in Rio Rancho from NY
I am looking to buy a house in Rio Rancho. At the present time I live in NY and am employed. I would like to relocate after the possible purchase as soon as possible, depending on employment. My question…
I will be in Garibaldi today some time after 4pm and staying until tuesday afternoon. I would like to see the houses at: 184 S Palisade St, 1043 NE
I would like also to see the houses at: 1043 NE Smith St and 1028 NE 14th Ave. Can I call you after I drive by and possibly make appts on Monday or Tuesday to view them?
Thinking of buying in 93722 for home but moving 1-2 yrs then rent. Does/will market support rentals of houses?
We're looking at a DR Horton. Do associations allow rentals in these planned, gated communities? Is it difficult to find good rental management for just 1 house?
We have property in Calif. City outside the "First Community" we are interested in selling. Could you point us in the right direction? Dougherty
If you have the name of realtors or investors who might be interested it would be of great help. Thank you, Suzanne Dougherty
Looking at buying a Condo in Bay Area
The short term goal is to save money on rent, as a decent 1-bedroom right now is renting for $1550-1750, and mortgage hoa fees will be couple hundred dollars less. The question will be for my long term…
Hi Gurus, Planning to buy a home
I planned to buy a home near Calabasas last year but later dropped that idea. In retrospect, it was a bad decision, and I am planning to buy a home now near Calabasas. My preferred areas are Calabasas,…
Landlord's obligation to tenants (Texas) if they want to break the lease early to sell a home.
After several months of it being for sale, I have decided to take my home off the market and rent it. If I do decide to re-list it, and find a buyer that wants to move in BEFORE the lease is over, what…
where are the best hardmoney lenders?
Looking for the BEST HML who doesn't need a 2yr tax return statement and other stuff. Just need someone to fund the deals I am getting.
CoreLogic: S. Florida home prices could cool
Home prices have appreciated by more than 20 percent in a year As South Florida home prices near the peak of the last boom, real estate analysts predict the trend to reverse, according to a new CoreLogic…
How many acc of land?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3081012035-1-Andrew-Jackson-Hwy-Bolton-NC-28423
buy a short sale house
We bought a short sale house ( i understand that a buy as is deal) No inspection done while buying. however, after we moved in and start remodel the daylight basement and found out it got MOLD ( a lot)…
What is the HOA fee for 708 Pebble Beach Pl., Santa Maria
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Looking for the best areas within commute distance to Alpharetta GA400 to relocate to.
Desires: Reasonable cost home $200k-$325k, inground pool and room to build (and legal to build) workshop / barn 30' x 40' on property. Which areas should I concentrate on?
Can we get a home loans with the ITIN #?
We want to buy a house the proble is I don't have a ssn and my wife is a the citizen can any bank help us with that?
The house at 179 Robert Court in Bozeman is not for sale according to the listing agent, but is still listed for sale on Trulia. What's up?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1051005302-Single-Family-Home-Bozeman-MT-59718
I have a credit score of around 609 with a d/p of $700. I want to own a single family home.The lenders I'm come in contact says I should just rent
Are the programs for me to getting a home or am I stuck renting forever? $810 rent for a two bedroom apartment is taking its toll on me financially.
Buying house with un-permitted converted garage
My aunt is looking at buying a home in Petaluma and it seems to have a den area that was once part of the garage (converted). She asked the sellers (she is in contract) if it was an "addition" they…
what is the average price per square foot in west hollywood?
I am interested in knowing what is the current price per square foot for a condo in West Hollywood.
For resale or rentals, how many flights up are too much for walk ups?
In Hoboken, many brownstone buildings are converted to condos. These usually are walk ups. If the steps from street is counted as on flight. 3rd floor unit is two flights up. When this starts to hurt resale…
I have lived in my home for 15 years, I have Never been late or missed a single payment,
The mortage company has sold to another one and they now say we owe more and are wanting to forclose on us, we would like to keep our home if possible or goahead and find another one before they kick us…
What should I pay my realtor in a already signed Exclusive Right to Buy Buyer Agency contract without a broker fee specified?
We used a realtor to help us find a house to rent, while we build, and purchase land in SC. She asked us to sign an Exclusive Right to Buy, Buyer Agency Contract for any property that we purchase. Since…
Empty lots in Evanston?
We're moving to Evanston from out of state and plan to build or heavily renovate a house. We will rent during the process. There aren't many empty lots in Evanston, but there are a number of…
Can I walk away form my deal right after my home inspection with out penalty ?
lucyama26, Home Buyer, 07747 After my AR , we found that the furnace is very old, is working but I don fell comfortable with that because I'm paying a high price for this place and may be I will be…
Selling by owner
How do I list a For Sale By Owner home?
Contract question for builder building a different layout of bathroom after contract was signed
Layout of bathroom signed on contract differs from one being built. What are my options?
I learned after I bought my house that it is a non conforming property, should I have been made aware of this during closing. The town is on me now.
I recently bought my home in November from someone who flipped it. They made it a legal two family putting a bathroom and kitchen upstairs. I have the CO stating it is legal. Now the town is telling me…
Can you back as a buyer of a home if the seller accepted your offer?
The reason is the taxes are too high which pushes monthly payment at an uncomfortable level. I did not factor in the taxes till after it was accepted.
Small building in flooding zone with basement.
I am interested in small building on park ave that are recently under conversion. The location is great, close to the path. But the basement was flooded before. And we expect it flooded again in the future.…
Has anyone gotten approved for a Home Equity Loan with a SONYMA mortgage that had down payment assistance?
I applied for and was approved for a Home Equity Line of Credit. Upon title review before closing, it was found that the down payment assistance loan (DPAL) exists as what the bank/lawyer said is a second…
what is owed on the property?
how many loans against home
Buying a house with a USDA mortgage, the house has 2.5 baths but the toilet is not installed in 1 of them. Do I need to fix this for the mortgage?
Also there is a wood burning stove that doesn't have the vent in place. I was told by one person that everything needs to be fixed before I can get the mortgage. Another said as long as its not the…
what is owed on the property?
how many loans against home
Are there any 2 BR, 2BA homes with wood or tile flooring in St. Petersburg, FL
Would like some property (1/2 acre) with it, in a quiet neighborhood. Garage preferred.
What is the HOA on 1415 Slate Run Road?
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what is seller's assist?
watching a home show and just wondering what they are referring to. it is not closing costs. i guess they want the purchase price to be recorded at a certain price?
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