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159 kimball rd...the property picture of beautiful colobial IS NOT the house! VERY VERY MISLEADING! Somebody should be fired!
159 kimball rd...the property picture of beautiful colobial IS NOT the house! VERY VERY MISLEADING! Somebody should be fired!
Planning to buy Essex plan by Lionsgate in Dominion.
Hi I am planning to buy the Essex plan by Lionsgate in the Dominion in Broadmoor Hills of Iring off Turnpike and Beltline Rd. Can someone give me a good review about the location, builder, schools etc?
Homeowner's Title Insurance? Help!
Im about to buy a home in Duarte,CA. I need to buy the Homeowner's Title Insurance and need to shop around for rates. Can someone please give me a list of popular/good Title Insurance companies? (my agent…
Market conditions for Rapid City, SD and surrounding area?
Great! Rates are very low, no better time to buy! rom First Time homes, to Luxury Properties.
This question is for all the listing agents out there. If you are listing a house and it's a "possible short sale", how do you set the price?
Do you attempt to stay, for example, within 10% of what is owed? Does the bank have a rule of thumb or is it all just hit or miss? Also, why don't you say in the listing that it's a short sale or it's…
Looking for an expert negotiator in Haddonfield!
Hello, I am looking for an agent to help me place an offer for a home in Haddonfield. The agent needs to be very familiar with various neighborhoods & types of homes available in Haddonfield…
My wife and I will be first time Home buyers and need advice on what type of Loan programs exist.
My wife has excellent (720 ) credit and mine is good(650 ). This will be our first home but will not have 20% for a down payment. Most likely we will only have around 10% max. Can anyone recommend…
Agent Theft with Flyers
I'm trying to sell and advertise my listing in an area other than the local surroundings and I was told by my seller that the listing agent for the neighbors' house next door took flyers out of the box.…
I am in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This city has a population of about 300K with some nice new houses (about 2 yrs
old). here is my situation. I know that I am in Fort Wayne for only 3.5 years and will move out of Fort Wayne after 3.5 years. Is it worth to buy a house of about $250K, only to sell it after 3 years.…
is there a house for rent near miraloma school?
looking for two bedroom two bath thats accepting section 8
I am a foreigner. Am I allowed to buy a condo or co-op? Also, can I get a loan from a bank? If so, does it have to be with a co-signer?
I am neither a US citizen nor resident but lived in NYC for school before. I am pretty familiar with the city.
what's the status of this house?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3061498804-710-Stonecreek-Way-Stone-Mountain-GA-30087
Is there a place with some land for a bit of farming that is NOT in front of high voltage lines?
Been looking for a home with some acreage in Bullitt County, but nothing seems to be available any more. The ones that seem okay, however, appear to be next to high voltage lines...Looking for something…
Am I on the right path with this strategy?
i was thinking of doing a refi on my current (VA 30yr fixed) mtg to a re-rate conventional, with the intent of freeing up the VA loan to use on building a home (3-4K sf) while I'm trying to sell the current…
Is this house worth it?
Recently put in a bid on a house in Getzville, NY. I like the style of the house and the other amentities such as a Gas Stove, Attached Garage, Force Air, Basement etc. and seems to be unqiue in it's layout.…
my girl friend are looking to buy a new house her credit is great 800 due too some medical bills mine has dropped to about 650 can we morgage in her
name but put house in both -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3091522485-753-Clearview-Dr-Verona-PA-15147
Quisiera comprar casa
Mi pregunta es; quisiera comprar un terreno o casa en san Antonio tx, pero solo cuento con itin number, quisiera saber si puedo? Y cuales serian los requisitos ?
WHY are all the homes soo inexpensive in Clearlake? I have heard the crime rate is really bad but is that exaggerated?
I was looking to purchase near the water in clearlake but right on the border of clearoaks.
origination charges high? or normal?
$190,000 loan, credit score 712, 15yr, fixed rate 2.75, origination fee $4820 Is this a reasonable deal?
What is the average additional cost of a 1 car garage vs a 2 car garage to a simple 3 bedroom 1400 sq ft home in Lawton Oklahoma?
what is the difference in avaerage cost between this simple home without a garage, or with a 1 or 2 car garage?
Another friends owns a property in the bronzeville area outright that needs a total renovation, but due to a foreclosure on his credit he is having
challenges securing a construction loan. Are there any alternatives out there that will allow him to fix the house up and live there ?
Made an offer on an REO. It was listed as an public sewer but it's private!
Upon inspection, found out that it had a cesspool. It doesn't have a Title 5. Do we have any recourse? We just signed the P&S. Can we negotiate this?
Looking for finance as a foreigner for Atlanta real estate
Looking for finance as a foreigner, anyone know any hard money lenders or banks willing??, or know any way an Australian can get finance on Atlanta real estate, I have a way but fees are quite high…
Are there any hard money lenders in South Ga?
Hi I am looking for a hard money loan could anyone explain how services work in regards to getting and how long you have to pay it off
I'm an investor looking to buy or "lease to own" a multifamily property in Atlanta. Can any other investors help point me in the right?
direction? I will be living in one of the units and will be responsible for all maintenance/tenant issues.
Where can I get Tax Map ID No ( Suffolk NY) ? THanks !!!
Looking information to check the property . Please if you have any info how to check property, maps, plans, surveys, violations ...
Home equity and refinance
I just purchased a two flat, I would like to refinance out of an FHA loan to rent out both units and purchase a condo for my family. Is it possible that I could have enough equity to refinance in such…
What price and location would make for a good intermediate-term primary residence *and* longer-term rental property?
My fiance and I are looking to buy a home in the Princeton area, ideally not too far from campus. He has just accepted a tenure-track position at the university and we have a pre-approved university mortgage…
I was prepared to buy some investment rental homes in Las Vegas but after studying the market I find it is too competitive.
with multiple offers on every property. I'm looking for areas that have good solid renta markets and good property managers. I'm looking for a turnkey situation where someon can help locate and purchase…
How to buy a single family residence in another state?
Im currently in Omaha, NE and would like to buy a house in Aurora, CO(or nearby areas). Will qualify for FHA in Feb. 26, 2013. Have about high 600's credit score. Have 3.5 % down. My big concern is regarding…
What are buyers rights for items discovered in pre-closing walk through that weren't disclosed by the seller?
We just did our pre-closing walk through. Now that the house is vacant, we're finding problems that were previously behind furniture and not visible to the inspectors and weren't disclosed by the seller.…
why dont you have your phone # on the web site so people can contact you?
cant fine your phone # so i can talk to so one about your homes.
My husband is getting transferred to Point Beach Nuclear Plant. We will be in the area for less than two
years. Is the market such that we should rent? Will the market allow us to sell our house at a profit in such a short time period? If we buy, what area is close to work but desirable enough to sell…
what are the best areas for a family to live if you are working right in long beach? are schools and communities good in the surrounding area?
we are looking for a single family near long beach but in family friendly neighborhood -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/11111410-3171-Julian-Ave-Long-Beach-CA-90808
I am going to be purchasing a new Mobile Home within the next couple months. I own my current Mobile Home and Lot I have no idea how to start
will need to have current home demolished or tore down on lot it can not be moved it is a 1964 and falling apart already
Short sale zero lates
We did a short sale 8/2010 zero late payments when are we eligible to buy another home? And what would down payment need to be? Eligible for 100% financing?
What is the legal age to own a home in california?
I have a parents who is buying a home for their daughter. The daughter is 17.8 years of age (under 18 yrs). They will be paying all cash for the home. Can the daughter name be on the purchase contract…
Usda Backlog in indiana
I am looking for what is the current turnaround time for USDA in Indiana
Possible short sale issue (lender is Wells Fargo). We have contract on short sale and now shady things are happening.
We put an offer in on a short sale and the seller accepted our offer. We executed the contract, however, never asked to sign the short sale addendum. Now I was told by my agent that the seller received…
How do you find out the information details about homes, like bedroom locations for multi-level home. Like what masters are on the main level
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3062214345-2405-Waterford-Park-Dr-Lawrenceville-GA-30044?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk
What should I be aware of when buying a home from a trust advisory (California Real Estate)?
It appears as if they are exempt from sone things, shoudl I be concerned and how best to minimze my risk?
Will the newly passed Prop 30 affect taxes on capital gains from real estate sales?
If I sell a home at the $500K basis for say 3.5 million will prop 30 affect the gain more now or keep it the same?
First time Home Buyer Programs
Does anyone know what agency to contact to get registered for the first time home buyer 8 hour class that is required for downpayment assistance programs in Las Vegas or Henderson,Nevada?
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