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I would like to get more information about these properties and how does it work, for example if the property is foreclosure and the price is 15000
$15,000(Loan Amount) Southwest 19th Drive, Miramar FL 33027 can you explain in more detail what is the actual price that you will pay for the property and what step to follow to get more information…
Home inspection help: there is no lateral bracing on the roof trusses. Is it a serious problem?
I did a home inspection on a house built by Ball Homes in 2004 in lexington, kentucky with zip code 40514. This home is a Mercer style by Ball Homes, 1688 square foot, 2 stories. The home inspection report…
Do brokers like working with investors?
Been having a hard time connecting with brokers who understand real estate investing. My experience is that most agents work with the "Mom and Pop Investors" who buy maybe 1-2 properties, but not the…
A family friend's father past away leaving a debt on a house. The Mortgage is more the the market value.
can I approach the bank and put an offer on it? Do I go through a realtor? What options do I have.
What is a good amount to save for a first time home buyer? I am wanting to stay around the $150,000-$200,000 range.
We have decent credit scores mine 600-680 & my husband's is around 780-820 and very low debit to income ratio.
We are purchasing a new townhouse in Contra Costa county (California). We questioned why the Good Faith
Estimate shows us paying all of the transfer tax when customarily in this county the buyer and seller each pay half of the transfer tax. They responded that when it is a newly constructed home the buyer…
Question about interest rates posted on bankrate.com.
When I go to bankrate.com and see for example the 30-year mortgage rate is 3.45% why do banks never say I can get that rate? It's always a higher rate. Are there banks that will actually give you the 3.45…
Do I really need to use a real-estate broker?
I know that is a very touchy question, but let's call a spade a spade. I've been told that brokers usually are paid around 6% of the sale price, which gives them a built-in incentive to find the seller…
Question about home appraisals
Hi all: Just want to know what all factors the appraisers take into consideration while appraising the value of a property. Do they look at school ratings, neighborhood crime stats, aesthetic exteriors…
Hi We are planning to move from San Bruno, CA to around the area of Santa Clara, Campbell, Sunnyvale, Mountain View.
We need to know some of your experiences in the area. What is important is a good neighborhood, safe, not noisy, easy access to shopping and hospital. Our budget is around 550-650. Below are some listings…
What should I do if a supplier wants to put a lien on my house because the former owner's contractor did not pay them?
I bought a house recently in Santa Clara, CA and about two months after I moved in, I received a letter, addressed to the former owner, from a concrete company threatening to put a lien on the house. The…
I would like to come look at a property
703 S Massachusetts Avenue, LaFollette TN 37766 Is this a 2,000 dollar down deal or any thing down. MY PHONE # 606-280-0748
I need advice on a loan against property (vacant).
This property is in upstate NY. The amount I am is about 15% of the assessed value for the purpose of putting a modest seasonal home there. The 2008 property taxes remain due and would be paid at closing.My…
Which are the very first steps for someone like me who doesn't know anything about mortgages or buying homes?
I have a realtor already in mind but do i need something first that just starting looking for houses?
Am I obligated to my Buyer's Agent?
I made an offer and signed a contract using a real estate agent. Eventually, all parties agreed to cancel the contract without penalty to any one. I could wait to get away from both the buyer's and…
I am a first time home buyer in Chicago. Where do I begin?
I'm not sure where to start. Should I begin with getting pre-qualified by a bank or should I begin within a first time home buyer program?
Can i get a mortgage with a 10,000 tax lien?
58,000 income wife has 666 score
detached structure in the property needs replacement . Seller not ready .
My offer on a property is accepted . However during inspection I came to know that a detached structure in the property needs replacement and the seller is not ready to replace it . I can walk out of…
I'm looking for my first home purchase be an investment property. I'm looking to live somewhere where I can buy preferably a 3 bedroom
apartment, 2 ba 2 bathroom and would then live in one of the rooms while renting out the others. I'm looking for a single family home, where I can still be relatively close to the happenings of a…
My lenders sent everthing to the underwriters they came back with the conditions we met them we are suppose to close in 2days and my contract is up
My contract on the house is up in 2 days and I was contacted by my agent that my lender called the listing agent and asked for 1week extention what could this mean by the way the undEr writer is in california…
I'm loooking to buy a 2/2 condo in the Marina Bay section of Richmond. This is a nice section of Richmond.
Will the values grow in this area? Will they decline more before they go up. They're entertaining my lowball offer so I'm starting to wonder. Does anyone know anything about the apartments that were…
I have been looking at a property in Richmond 133 s33RD WHAT CAN YOU TELL ME ABOUT THIS AREA OF RICHMOND?
this home has been on the market 120 plus days and vacant for more than a year so i am a bit concerned as to why it has not been sold yet. It is on foreclosure. I AM A FRIST TIME HOMEBUYER.
Do general contractors complete plumbing? should I be asking for more proof of the work completed?
we are first time home owners and just signed on the purchase agreement to buy a new construction directly with the builder.
We are concerned that we didn't have a realtor. Is it too late to have one now to follow up with the rest of the long process (we are following up on the loan process). My concern is with the legal paperwork…
Our agent recently switched companies. Wouldn't we need to sign a new contract with the current company?
The reason I am asking is that I am not happy with this agent and would like to change agent/company.
my wife was the only person resp. for the mtg. she passed away, I am on social sec, I had filed for bankruptcy 9 yrs ago, remod is being offered
mtg is 127000.00 should I include my daughter in the remod.. my income is 1900.00 a month hers is 1400.00
Why are the condo fee's so high in Maui? What can done so investors can make a small return?
Is it possible to fire the property managers and rehire workers at competative rates. These costs are an impediment to purchase condo's in Hawaii. In a small complex with no pool and little garden the…
the property we are in escrow with is located in a Seismic Hazard Area. as well as in a Supplemental Seismic/Geologic Hazard zone
The disclosure source report from Calif residential disclosure report states we are in a Seismic hazard area, should we have problems either selling the home, or purchasing home owners insurance?
Can you get a Jumbo loan with 10% down?
I am interested in purchasing a home for around $590,000 with 10% down. Are there any mortgage companies out there who do this? My husband and I have a great income to debt ratio and good credit but funds…
I just had a my bankruptcy discharged 2 years ago. Will I be able to qualify for a 100k loan to by a?
property. How do I do that and what is the approximate interest for someone like me?
What is a good rule for offering lower than the asking price?
A house is listed at 44,900 for 6 months bank/hud owned I want to offer but not sure how much
Want to buy condo as investment properties
Hi, I am looking for condos <250k for vacation rental or long term rental. I will be using conventional financing (25% down). Can you recommend some good condo complexes where the price/rent ratio…
what are property taxes in delran?
i'm curious how to find out taxes on a home based on its listing
if there was an appraisal done for an FHA loan, but then the loan has to become a conventional loan is a second appraisal required
it is a flip property so the loan had to be changed to conventional from FHA. the appraisal process was completed for FHA prior to having to change it to conventional. we were told we had to wait for a…
Is the market slowing down or am I over priced??
Listed on labor day weekend had 6 showings. The one second showing real interested now nothing for 12 days.....
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