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New York Property tax incentive.
What type of tax incentive are there when purchasing a condo in a large complex (10 units)
Irvine, CA - How would you offer on this seller financing home?
Irvine, CA 92604 $520,000 (Asking = Approximate Market Value) 3/2 - 1,500 square ft rents for $2,100 The owner has a free and clear title and is willing to seller finance it. The selling agent wouldn't…
Earthquake insurance on an individual townhouse?
I want earthquake insurance but the HOA will not buy it. My townhouse is an end-unit with one common wall adjoining the next unit. Is it possible to buy it for my individual unit? Thank you.
What is the process of purchasing a foreclosed home? Currently my girlfriend and I want to purchase a home. FHA loan.
I want to get an FHA loan and purchase a home. Seems like most houses are foreclosed. I will have the 3.5% down and am working on closing costs right now. I do not know if the process is any different.…
What is your favorite neighborhood in Miami?
Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Pinecrest, Ponce Davis, Palmetto Bay, Downtown or Key Biscayne?
Advice on becoming a landlord as a first time home buyer in the Inland Empire, CA.
Our goal is to buy a multi-family property with about 3-5 units sometime soon. We are first time buyers and would like to purchase a property were my husband and I can live at for a few years and rent…
House with lower property tax and closer to NYC.
Hi, I am looking for a house within 30 miles from NYC. Shouldn't be in flood zone. Also, lower property tax of the town is a priority. I would highly appreciate if anyone can suggest some towns/townships. Thanks
We will be moving to Paragould the first week in November. My daughter is being deployed to Kosovo, and I take care of her little boy.
We are looking for a 3or 4 bedroom house to rent until she return in a year or so. May extend our stay in the home if all goes well. Would also like 2 bathrooms, if possible. Looking in price range of…
Nyack district property taxes
On real estate listings for houses around $400K, they show all sorts of tax levels, anywhere from 6K to 14K. Those are based on previous assessments which are probably out-of-date. I assume property tax…
What are the best days & times to have an open house?
Add some detail about your question
What time limit should I put in contract to allow bank time to be ready to fund loan at closing ?
Will put down over 35% & pre-approved. Not sure if there are comps available for this unique property, so concerned apprasal may not come in at purchase price.
If you are looking for a quiet place to raise a family with old fashion values, there is no better place than Paige, Texas. This community is great.
This is a place where you can see the stars at night, play in the back yard, enjoy the quiet neighborhood and just enjoy country living.
I'm looking for a buyer's agent that has experience with UST deals
I'm considering buying a home in the area with an unofficially abandoned UST, someone please help me :)
what areas should i avoid buying or renting in NoHo to avoid a large amount of college residents?
Looking to relocate there in an area that doesn't focus on renting to students...
I have been looking to buy a small vacation home on either St. Croix, USVI or one of the Keys in FL (like Key West).
I have been looking to buy a small vacation home on either St. Croix, USVI or one of the Keys in FL (like Key West). Does anyone an opinion on which would be a better investment and part time vacation…
I live in the Tollgate Crossing community in SE Aurora, 80016. Tollgate Crossing isn't found on any real
estate search engine. The community is 5 years old, with 800 homes. How can I get our community listed? Thank you
looking for a land contract in or very near to ionia
would like to find a reasonably priced land contract home .
Short sale with Chase
We submitted an offer on a short sale in mid January with Chase bank. They asked for our financial info in February. Does it help for our real estate agent to bug the bank? Chase ordered an appraisal about…
Credit to Seller Outside of Escrow is This Legal?
The Listing agent strong armed me into agreeing to pay a per diem for my Buyers even though they weren't at fault for the delay - he was. Anyways loan docs were signed last week then today he tried…
Why would a seller refuse an FHA?
I am interested in purchasing a (recently built-condition *new) home in NY with an FHA (3.5% down). I have been approved and have no problem comingup with the finances. The realtor for the house I'm…
Beginner help please
We have fallen in love with what we hope to be our first home. I was wondering what a good credit score is for a home loan. I have a score of 700. And what bank would be best to check out first i know…
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