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Tavenna in Fremont Vs Pepper Lane in San Jose by Pulte
Would like to get some inputs on Ardenwood vs Bereyessa area, schools are not a priorty from usage point of view since I would be sending my kid to Private school(count that only for future value of home).…
Hi Need help getting back to the City of brotherly love
Born and raised in South Philly, I made the move to NJ a few years ago and want to come home. Since I could never get the amount I paid for my home, an agent told me the best/fastest way to get out of…
Stupid question
with an FHA 203 do you have to put down 3.5% of the sale price or total mortgaged?
Trying to buy in century village
I have been trying for the last month to get an agent to contact me about purchasing in century village. Is there a reason why no one has answered any of my email requests? I have sent a few through this…
Must I go with the first realtor to show me a home? I have not signed a contract.
I worked a bit with one realtor, then found one I liked better. Now I want to make a bid on a home the first realtor originally showed me. Can I offer her a finders fee but give the contract to the other?
We bought a new home in new community 18 mos. ago. Need to move to CA. Should we rent or sell? 85K in equity.
Community is still being built out, so we would be competing with new homes.
An actual CONTINGENCIES question!
Is buying a REO even possible if I have a property that must sell/close first in order to pay for the target purchase? (contingent) If they are messy and slow to begin with - how much worse does this…
I want to know if this house is still for sale
I want to know if 1098 Parker blvd is still for sale or if it has been sold.
Is it possible to get home loan around 50% of the price? My daughter has good credit but no tax documents.
If the home price is $240,000 and can pay $120,000 and the loan will be $120,000.
How do you purchase a forclosure in California?
We're relocating to an area where a significant part of the market is distressed and want to consider foreclosures that are immediately available for contract and closing - no strings attached. (clear…
What is the best way to sell a house by owner?
Are real estate agents open to a split commission working with a for sale by owner?
OTOW land lease
How many years are remaining on the OTOTW land lease. I am interested in purchasing there but concerned about this.
I am researching real estate in the Indio area. I have come across Mello Roos. My question are they readily disclosed in the tax information?
I see the tax inforamtion and totals on the riverside county site. Are all those amounts accurate and are all CFDs also the Mello Roos?
Constant price changes
Guys I'm about to bid on a house which has had some mysterious price changes: - a year ago, it was listed by Broker A at 800k - 2 weeks ago, two brokers listed it on trulia at 700k - 3 days…
Does anyone have any experience with the NACA Program. We have been working with the office in Newark, NJ for over 6 months now.
We are really concerned b/c we have been finding things appearing on our credit AND someone from Newark walked into a bank and withdrew $1500 total from our bank account ~ which we got back but now our…
What types of conditions come back on a loan after Underwriting?
Our Loan just went to underwriting yesterday. We are first time home buyers so naturally we are nervous. We just wanted some examples of what sorts of conditions come back on the loans usually.
how can i buy a house while in Chapter 13?
just started chapter 13 payment have started but I would like to buy a house..i am a first time home buyer
As a first time home buyer, I have been working with a realtor who I feel is not looking out for my best interest. I need some expert advise.
Currently am under contract on a short sale town house and has 2 delayed closing date. Now I have my mortgage lender asking for additional amount to keep my interest locked in. I have found out at the…
Can I make an offer for more than one property including back-up offers?
I just lost two homes I was willing to buy since someone already put in a contract while I was still viewing and inspecting the property with the agent (I live quite far away from the place I'm buying…
Having to consider a short sale on our house
What type of fee's as the seller are we looking at? Do we have the normal realtor fees with this also or is it all handled through the bank? Can someone tell me the process of it all? Thanks
I paid a membership fee of $149.00 to Firststepequity, to get foreclosure listings in my area.
Naturally, I cannot reach anyone at Firststepequity to explain how to buy any one of the properties listed. Since their phones are no longer in use. I worried about being scammed here. However, I DO have…
I need a real estate lawyer who can prepare a purchase agreement.
We are buying the home we are currently leasing, directly from the owner who does not want to go through a realtor. Any recommendations for a lawyer specializing in this who could help?
Made an offer on a house that has been on market for almost 2 yrs. Seller would not accept a contingency until ours sells. WHY? what could he lose?
It's a shame that when the market is as bad as it is, seller's who have had a house listed for such a long period of time <2 years>...get a good offer and refuse to sign a contract because…
PLEASE HELP! US Citizen now based in Australia needs a non-traditional lender!!! Only genuine replies PLEASE!
My husband (U.S. citizen) living in Sydney, Aus and I (Aus citizen) would like to find a mortgage company that would work with me in purchasing a house in the US (California or Texas). We have a GREAT…
It is my understanding that termite infestation is very common in the Bay area because this area used to have a lot of fruit orchards and all
that dead wood is in the ground, feeding termites. As there are many places that cannot be seen, there is no way that one can see all the damage done, especially by the subterranean termites. While chemicals…
What is the market like now for homeowners in Margate, FL?
I have been seeing a ton of houses for sale in my neighborhood. How is the market now? Is it a sellers market yet again?
Anyone know of anyone that would like to sell property on a lease with an option to buy it?
This question applies to agents, home sellers etc. I am loking for property to buy this way. From 100k & up 3 bd 1.5- 2 ba Lancaster County, Lebanon County, Dauphin County. Feel free to email with…
how to get a mortage without a job,but with all the funds necessary to cover the purchase of the home.?
I"m a student, who has been working only part-time ,but i'm blessed to have some inheritance.so i saw a condo i'm interested in wich cost about $40,000.right now i have roughly $60000 cash in my acct,…
Lis Pendens Expiration
I'm considering buying a property that is being sold as a short sale. A Lis Pendens was filed on the property in early 2009, but the property was never actually foreclosed on. Would the Lis Pendens still…
Fannie Mae homepatn mortgage requirements
We are pursuing a FHA loan and are familiar with the qualification requirements. We came across a fannie mae homeopath house and are curious to how that loan differs. Easy or harder to qualify than FHA?…
Why do listings not show addresses?
Several of my listings state that the address is not shown. I want the address shown on all listings. It is on Fayetteville Regional Association of REALTORS website where you receive the data from Listhub,…
Where do I start? I need to find out if I can qualify for a home loan. I have a low 500 credit score. Will I ever get a loan??
I am a single parent and I just changed jobs a few months ago. But I worked across the street for almost 4 years. I have rented in the same town home for over 5 years. Paying over $500 a month it's time…
-- This question is about this property: http://www.trulia.com/homes/California/El_Dorado_Hills/sold/2220893-1129-Manning-Dr-El-Dorado-Hills-CA-95762
Where can I find a single family, 4bed in North Texas, w/office, media room, and SEPARATE living quarters for mother-in-law that includes a kitchen?
I'm looking to sell my current home and then purchase a bigger one. I have a growing family, and my mother-in law moved in. I am having a hard time locating homes in my price range that will accomodate…
I am looking for an agt who is not pushy and will just help me locate a 1 acre or so prop w/structure (manuf ok; fixer ok) for around $150K
Looking in Wildomar and surrounding areas (but not Perris). It is the acreage that is my primary focus. (PLEASE do not give your 2 cents worth here in response and if you are not an agent working in this…
It will be 2 years since I filed chapter 7 and 1 year since my short sale. When will I be able to buy a home with homepath, fha, or conventional?
It will be June of 2013 before it's 2 yrs for my short sale. My credit score is almost 700, How much would I have to put down?
Should I invest in a mobile home?
I do not have good credit, I do not have any foreclosure or bankruptcies by I did have a few credit card problems. I recently inherited a bit of money I was thinking about buying a mobile home. Would that…
Is it normal for a pre-approval to take over a month? What are my options? Should I just walk away?
I have already been pre-approved for an FHA Loan through Wells Fargo but majority of the condos in Chicago are not FHA approved so I decided to just go the conventional route.
If an individual has enough cash in the bank to purchase a $150,000 home, would it be better to pay for it all at once or to get a mortgage?
I am planning on moving to the Manhattan, NY area later this month, and have intentions to purchase a multi-family dwelling such as a duplex, making any required repairs and renovations, and then renting…
How much is the percent for downpayment?
The cóndo is selling for 250,000 and I Would Like to know how much is requiered for the downpayment.
Please send only homes from Northwest Bend. Can you do that? COCC, Awbrey Butte, or SW along the river and parks.
Please send only homes from Northwest Bend. Can you do that? COCC, Awbrey Butte, or SW along the river and parks.
Looking for Treasure Island Condo / Cottage on the ocean and of course trying to get a deal. Maybe even one that needs a little work. Plan to use Jan
through mid-Feb. Question: has the market hit bottom and would it be a good investment that could be rented enough to stay in the black? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Who will do a mortgage under $50k that will allow me to use the home path renovation program? I found a house that is $39K and it does need work.
Also, i spoke to one person who deals with homepath and she stated that most homepath lenders won't do a mortgage for under $50k. I was told from bank of america that they can but, don't want…
Is it possible to get a residential loan on a mixed-use property?
We are looking at a 2-unit property that is zoned residential but the 2nd unit is rented out as an office space (legally, as far as we know). The property will not qualify for FHA, and we have been unable…
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