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Appraisal was ordered last week in March - when appraiser accepted, stated it would be done by Apr 1st. STILL NOTHING.
Appraisal was ultimately scheduled April 3rd, have yet to receive results and appraisal contingency expires on Monday. How long does an appraiser have to get his act together and send the appraisal to…
I'm looking for either seller financing or a purchase subject to existing mortgage (take over payments) in Fairfax County for a primary residence for myself. Any condition OK. Money down, perfect credit,…
What did the house at 3259 Compass Dr. sell for?
How long was it up for sale/listed?
I love horses and when we retire would like to find a "horse" property to develop & remodel. Is there any property that might fulfill out needs?
I wouldn't mind having a small boarding facility but since we're both over 60 would need some help.
I have heard Florence is an up and growing community. Is it centrally located and what type of entertainment is offered there?
Florence is located at the intersection of I95 and I20 halfway between Miami and New York. Florence continues to bring in new industry and work is in progress to revitalize the downtown. Florence features…
If our family is interested in a short sale property and they are asking within the $92,900 price range but
home needs some repairs/updates what would be a good first offer? Also the home is 1,400 sq ft no parking/garage.
Does a SONYMA loan hurt my chances of successfully buying a home?
I am considering applying for a SONYMA mortgage to buy a home. The loan takes about a week longer to process than others according to the SONYMA website. Will this work against me when when trying to buy…
Modular resale values
I'm considering a modular home as a first time homebuyer. How do their resale values compare to stick built? Are modulars a good investment?
I see there are homes with 50' docks, are they all rentals / any fixer uppers?
I see some houses that sit on rivers / waterways that look abandoned. It seems there would be an incentive for an engineer like myself to fix up / clean up and beautify the area.
checked my score and it is about 548-551 very poor.. credit.. i have a repo that is 6yrs old.. does it fall off? should i pay it?
my repo happened in 08 and they put it on my credit in 09.. is it true that it may come off my record?? 2015?? or should i try to pay it off. I have a couple of charged off credit cards all in 08 due…
Can anyone tell me about getting a STREAMLINE 203k loan for a property that needs a little help in Orlando?
Can anyone tell me about getting a STREAMLINE 203k loan for a property that needs a little help in Orlando? I cant find any useful info, or even understand if this is still an available option in Orlando.…
I am looking to buy a house in The Taylorsville or surrounding areas soon 3 bedrooms for a family,
I am looking for a 3 bedroom home in the taylorsville or surrounding areas, great ,safe neighbourhood, good schools required for my family . please could anyone help us we are not from the area.Thanks
What is a reasonable time frame to expect the return of a purchase contract's earnest money, when the contract fails due to structural problems?
The seller, seller attorney, and seller broker were all properly and timely notified as per the contract, but it is more than 3 weeks from that notice and I feel stonewalled on this. The best I have heard…
how long does a pre-foreclosure stay on your credit report?
my house was in pre-foreclosure status, but I sold it before it could be foreclosed on by the bank.
Purchasing a 2nd home with an FHA loan. Need some clarification.
We're looking to possibly turn our current home into a rental until it sells. We've found a government owned foreclosure that we're interested in. We've been approved for an FHA loan. I know that this…
Rental property in Chandler
I have found a property in Chandler that I am thinking of offering on. I would use this purchase as a rental. It is in the price range I am looking for. I figure my PITI will be around $470 .My question…
I need to postpone Short sale closing date
I'm in the process of a short sale, 6 months in. They have finally excepted my offer but want to close in 30 days. I need to wait 90 days to close. I was told bank won't accept my later closing date,…
Are there options for a non-conforming investment property loan?
The loan I'm seeking is 100k above the FHFA limit for a property investment. I plan to turn this into my primary after the current tenant leaves, but it needs to be classified as a investment property…
How do you feel Trulia is different from Zillow and Realtor.com?
What do you like better about Trulia than either Zillow or Realtor.com? And how do you think Trulia can improve to compete better with Zillow or Realtor.com?
Mortgage that doesn't require lease of existing tenant for multifamily purchase
I'm trying to buy a 2 family home, but the bank says they need the lease agreement of the one tenant in the house (two units, one is vacant for the buyer). The tenant there doesn't have a lease at all.…
Leaking Shower Recess
I am looking to purchase a home but in the inspection report it says there is a leaking shower recess. Does anyone know if it is a costly problem to fix. The house is on foundations and as far as I know…
Planning to buy a home directly from a seller/realtor
Came across a property near my friend's home which is about to be put up for sale (being painted etc..). Seller bought it from bankruptcy court, doing some fixes (mostly painting) and selling it. We tentatively…
Can you get your appraisal money back if you hadn't approved it?
Appraisals not approved to perform, your loan denied, can you get the money back?
If a buyer purchased a home with appliances remaining in home, can the Seller legally collect additional $$$ at closing for a basement kitchen? This should be apart of the sale of home not separate? Is…
Can we get referral fees? HOw much is legal fair, reasonable to get referral fees to other realtors, between brokers, agents?
HOme buying, selling between states, or in same state between different brokerages.
30 Madie Ln.. - has anyone seen the interior of this home or no of any serious issues other than a foreclosure?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3116877422-30-Madie-Ln-Santa-Rosa-Beach-FL-32459?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property/311687…
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