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How can i find out about low income homes for rent?
I do not want to buy a home i want to rent a home my family has low income and there is a baby on the way we would like something in Bad Axe MI
Any NICE co-ops in Yonkers that accept dogs?
Are there ANY co-ops in the nicer parts of Yonkers that accepts small dogs? Trying to buy a 2-bedroom and Devon Plaza is very anti dogs (and extremely rude might I add). Any listing similiar to that complex…
What are buyers waiting for?
It is a great time to buy, interest rates are at a all time low, and sellers are motivated to sell.
I own a home and would like to purchase another as an investment property but my credit score is low. Is this possible?
I bought my first home in October 2005 with a 80/20 mortgage subprime loan. I lost my job in October of 2006 and had to make some serious decisions. I ultimately decided to keep my house and let my credit…
my dilemma I would like to rent to own. Most of the homes I see are for sale just purchased a car so a home loan is out;.i tried, any help or web site
I like a few homes in Snellville Currently paying 1k for 2 bedroom in Druid Hills Lease up in Dec want to move
Does a P&S agreement become void if we do not close on the date set therein?
I signed a P&S agreement with a clause for late fees if the place was not ready by a specific date. The work has not been completed and now the seller and his agent claim their is no deal and if I…
Do you know of great "family" cities within 30 miles of Greenwood, MS?
Relocating to MS from College Station, TX. Job is in Greenwood, MS. Want to purchase house within 30 miles of Greenwood. Most important is elementary school (1st & 3 graders). Can anyone recommend cities…
How do you fight a contractor who is obligated under his own contractor-imposed covenant to form a Homeowners Association and refuses to do so?
Instead the contractor acts as a one-man dictator, controlling grounds maintenance with fees he imposes arbitrarily without financial oversight. The development has been under construction for 22 years…
Can you sue the seller?
I am 1 week away from closing on a house that I would be buying. Just a couple of hours ago, I was told that the seller does not want to sell the house. This was a short sale so I have been waiting for…
Home loans without two years of employment
I'm having a hard time to get a loan..they require you to be employed for two years. I've just started a new job(6 mnths) because of a better pay. Is there anywhere that doesn't require…
Will I lose escrow money if the house is not closed on time? What recourses do I have?
I am currently working on closing a home. The lender is taking longer than expected and what he has predicted. We have got 2 extensions of week each. The seller is threatening that if the property is…
I understand that the 10708 zip code applies to several towns, not just Bronxville. Is this particular property (840 Bronx River Road) in Bronxville?
proper, and would the location qualify to send children to the Bronxville schools, elementary through high school? Thanks -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property…
Do you think listings will pick up after the first of the year?
I have several buyers in the four to five hundred dollar range who are ready to buy but unable to find a suitable home.
Where can I find a Local Lender for small amount mortgage??
Hi All, I tried talk to a lot of lender online for investment property Loans. Almost none of them do loans under $75k. Does anyone know who can do loans around 20k-40k?? or is hard money my only option??
Breaking up with my buyer's agent?
I'm looking for a condo, and this would be my first home purchase. A buyer's agent has shown me some properties, and even made an offer on a condo. I'm starting to get cold feet and second guessing buying…
When does renting make sense rather than selling?
Does loosing money over a short period with hopes of values improving a good reason? Does loosing a lot right now by selling is an answer that needs not to be asked later?
Are There Any Lenders Out There Who Are Still Accepting Nehemiah Applications?
Help ! I don't have a down payment but my credit score is good (over 700). I know Nehemiah, seller down payment assistance, ends 10/1. Are there any lenders still accepting applications if seller agrees?
I was going to finance a home for my daughter and son-in-law; I buy the house and they pay me as they would a bank.
He has a debt still on county court house books for default on house plus high student loan not paid. Can liens be placed on new house. I want to back out.
please tell me what the taxes are for 79 chuctanunda hagaman
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3049421344-79-Chuctanunda-St-Hagaman-NY-12086
So I have talked to many people and everyone has the same comment to make about celebrity homes "stay away there cheaply made"
I was wondering if anyone can give any insight to this? I would think they would have to pass code just like any other home, but everyone says that the homes are easily damaged and run down within a few…
Should we pay full rent?
We have rented this house since 2007 and there has never been a working oven. Since Nov 29, a power line went dead to the house. PGE rewired so we have partial power, but no 220 line. So we can not use…
Short Sale closing costs
We put an offer on a short sale 30 minutes east of town. The sellers previously had an offer that fell through, and were given a bottom line from the bank of what they would take. The house has been on…
new jersey property tax in arrear or in advance
are new jersey property taxes considered payment in advance or in arrear. asking in the context of closing cost adjustment. also would you calculate based on when quarterly tax is due (e.g., feb 1)…
how many offers can you make on a house in california?
can you make make more than one offer on multiple homes
Millbrae Inventory
As of today early December 2012. why are there so little single family home inventory in Millbrae? Is this due to normal slowness in winter time activities?
whats the best type of property to purchase right after you graduate from college? a home thats up for short sale or a fixer upper?
graduating from college in late 2013 and i don't want to rent anymore i want to own a home and i plan to locate back to Philly or West Chester shortly after graduation
Hello Everyone, I have a question about home buying. I hope someone can help me with answers. Its going to be a little long so bare with me.
I want to get a mortgage to buy a home. I have been working for a non profit organization for the past 6 & 1/2 years. I work full time as a program manager and receive steady income. I recently just graduated…
Is it to late to change real estate agents in the option period?
I was considering just filing with the listing agent.
RE-LISTING a home for sale - are the DOM cumulative
If a home is listed for a period of time and it does not sell and then say 30 days later they enter into another agreement with the same or different realtor. Does the listing use both DOM and add…
I am NOT looking for any homes in Beaverton!
Please, stop sending me these notifications. Thank you.
Is it possible to get an FHA loan with a credit score under 600?
My fiance and I are looking to buy a home. He makes $3,000/month salary and another $1,000 to $2,000/month in commission. I'm a stay at home mom, so no income here. Due to an injury, he was out of…
How much do I need to bring to closing?
I am a first time home buyer and currently in contract. My estimated closing cost is $18,000. The buyer has agreed to a $7500 closing credit. Why is my mortgage broker telling me I need the total $18,000…
After a chapter 7 discharge, how many yrs do I have to wait before purchasing? Are there any mortgage programs that will finance after two yrs? Teri
I really like a property in 08002 area and it's vacant. Anyone with any ideas on how to find out?
If a home is listed as short sale approved and an offer is submitted at the list amount, can the short sale bank come back with a higher counter offer
We only submitted the offer because we were told it was short sale approved, we have paid for an appraisal and inspection. can we recoup these cost from the listing agent?
Finding an apartment while house hunting?
Hello- I'm trying to find an apartment to move into in early January. Any advice or help for this? I will be interested in buying once I'm in the area, but I need a place for the first few…
Can a realtor demand a specific (i.e.10%) deposit at signing?
Can a realtor demand a specific (i.e.10%) deposit at signing? even if the down payment will be less? I am buying with an FHA, if I had the 10% to layout for a deposit it would also go towards my down payment...What…
I have a credit score of 600
I have a credit score of 600, but is supposed to change to 620 in January following steps we took to improve score. I am looking for someone who can work with us now to prevent losing the property that…
TS No:11:12904-6, LOAN #0031243017, APN:ED 1804004 PROP. ADDRESS IS 6409 ROSE VALLEY RD. KELSO WA 98626
Investor looking to work with an agent versed in REO and similar type properties
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1032558220-7414-Albert-Williams-Dr-Dallas-TX-75241
Irakli Konjaria
Im a Georgian citizen living in Georgia and I'm looking to purchase a house/apartment in the United States. Are there any restrictions I need to be aware off ?
please help want to buy a house
i want to buy a house here is the thing i think i have 580 credit score not sure because 2 weeks earlier i bought a car they told me i have 650 credit score don't know which is correct i want to buy…
in the process of loan modification, collection agency put a lien on property recently.
everything was paid on the garnishment thru my employer last year whatever was on document given. 5 months later now they filed a lien on property saying interest was not paid and they are in process…
My friend is planning to short sale her house , and her realtor suggest to short sale it to her relative and then buy it back in 3 years. I am very
Oppose with this idea ,because I know she was giving her false hopes to earn her commission which will be double since ,my friend will be paying all the cost and nothing will come out from her relative.…
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