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Can we do some thin about this? my neighbor rent rooms and they have lots of roomettes they are constant sitting in-front of house
They are watching All moves around the homes some time my friends feel embarrassed some one looking at her while she is out from the car. I do not bother owner regarding this because i am scare behind…
Is now the time to buy a Georgetown home ($400-500k) or should we wait until fall? Keeping in mind this will be a cash purchase not a mortgage.
Based on past trends in the real estate markets, do housing prices drop in the fall? Secondly, are housing costs in Georgetown going to increase, decrease or stay flat in the next six months?
Decent Area in Queens NY? I am looking for a home in Queens and Can't seem to find anything decent. I have
an 18 month old son so I am looking for a safe area but all we can afford is $400000 or less. I have access to listingbook and can't find anything in any of the areas I am looking that are worth the money…
Why is it so difficult to search for a home with an "actual" 3-car garage? A majority of results from such a search have "wannabe" 3-car garages...
...2-car or 2.5-car garages that someone deemed worthy of being called 3-car garage because you can park 3 SmartCars, or two full-size cars and a golf cart... help! This seems to be a relatively recent…
What is the procedure when a level 2 (camera) inspection shows the FP's failed due to chimney fire, cracked tiles & missing mortar? We are
the buyers. This was not in the property disclosure and sellers refuse to do same type of inspection for comparison and produced a non camera-level 2 estimate for $1000 repair. The fireplaces were deemed…
Why Battery Park City condos have lower prices?
Can somebody explain me why Battery Park City condos sell for much lower price then Financial District or other close to it neighborhoods? I see their maintenance is twice higher then in other buildings…
I have heard there are moisture problems in the crawl space and basement of Chapel Hill houses.\ and mold
problems.Is this a big problem? How can you find a real estate person that understands this problem? Ron
My husband and I are looking for new construction homes withing a 25-40 miles radius from Piscataway.
We are a family of 4. Our price range is 350-380K. We found some properties but the builder has very poor reputation. We currently live in Fair Lawn, but houses here are expensive and small. We would like…
my husband and i want to move to the sun city location in florida. we want an area that is designated for 55
years and older. we are looking at condos, single family homes etc. we want to stay in the range of 100,000 to 130,000 maybe a bit higher. email us at globob@sbcglobal.net
I own a lovely renovated home with a new pool in historic hyde park but with twin toddlers and a new baby on
the way our 1900 square ft, 3 bedroom home is getting too small. Should I sit tight and add on to my house, which I've owned for almost 10 years, or sell and look for a bigger home in south Tampa?
How are government grants allocated?
For example, the Hpd $15,000 grant is wired to the title company. What if the closing costs are only 10k? What happens to the other 5k?
I am going to be in dearborn for the next 5 years and I was wondering if anyone had advice on where to buy
a condo. I do not know the area at all. I am 26 and hoping to sell the place after 5 years when I am done training at Oakwood hospital. I was looking at Springwells St as well as some in Fairlane Woods…
i'm at the end of a lease to own contract. Must buy or lose $10k for down payment. Credit is bad due to divorce, in the 560 range. Advice?
All lease payments, car payments made on time. Great reference from owner. Need to close by end of April. Any hope?
In an initial conversation with a banker we were quoted 3.1% interest. Now 2 weeks later, he indicates 3.8%. The increase being blamed on something
Bernanke recently did. With Bernanke out and Obama not replacing until Sept/Oct, with interest go up or down until he's replaced? Or, up or down with a new perm replacement.
how much are the monthly electric bills?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3072552488-Hidden-Lakes-819-S-Highland-Dr-Cedar-Hill-TX-75104
can i get an open house?
Add some detail about your question
I am looking for the best website to find a cheap home/ moblie home on the central coast (Arroyo Grande, Oceano, Grover Beach) . Without registering
For my newly married daughter (22 yrs old) & husband. I am hoping to put the down payment, so they can get their life started. Like a 2bd 1 bth. and reasonable space rent. Everyone knows how expensive…
My home in Cromwell is renting, can someone give me a ballpark on what I can put it on the market for in the spring. 32 reiman drive Cromwell, ct.
Here is the link http://www.trulia.com/rental/3093146227-32-Reiman-Dr-Cromwell-CT-06416#photo-7
How long can I buy a home after filing bankruptcy?
Its been almost 3 yrs now since i filed bankrupcy from a horrible divorce. I have a small down paymnt and have rebuilt my credit score to 740. Is it possible to get a home loan yet? and where do I begin,…
i want to buy a house in las vegas and i want to pay in cash. i have to pay paper work and one inspector..what are the steps?
a want a house around 45k all the proses to buy a house in cash is same as financed by a bank?
Rentals in Rosedale Park?
Hi all, I am an agent and considering moving to Rosedale Park in Detroit. I am looking for nice rental homes in the sub, but I am having trouble finding any at all in the MLS. Any resources you recommend? Jeff…
FHA for Fixer Upper? 203k?
I am a potential first time home buyer and really just getting familiar with the whole process of buying a home. I am reading some books on it and lots of websites like this one but I have some questions…
how can I stay in my home I have 15 year loan, and my home going into foreclosure?
I hired kel to handle my foreclosure and paid them 8,000.00 but they said I can give key for cash is there such a thing why can I stay in my home and negotiate a 30 year loan
Parents would like a single story home that is rent with option to buy. Is there anything available that isn't a condo or town home?
They would like a nice 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home with garage, nice size kitchen no smaller than 1700 sq' and single story. If it's rent with option to buy, the overall purchase price shouldn't be over…
I am a professional recently offered a civilian position at Fort Riley. I know I will be there for at least 2
years - possibly longer. I am relocating with 3 children so I want to be near good schools and in a safe neighborhood. I am trying to decide whether to buy or rent in Junction City. If I was certain I'd…
Process of purchasing a newly built home?
Moving late 2013/early 2014. Interest in a newly built home but not sure how the process differs from a pre-existing home. Do you start paying a mortgage prior to it being built? Are their down payments…
What is the total monthly cost for buying a 3 bedroom Co op in the Bronx, includin all utilities?
I want to know the average monthly cost for buying a 3 bedroom coop in the Bronx. I found a property for $140,000. Mortage is $600 & maintence is $700. So how much would the total monthly cost be…
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