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Need advice on way to develop lot in Russian Hill San Francisco condo two units - merge lots - create two single family residences - complicated!
I own a property in Russian Hill, currently tow lots with a house on one and garden adjacent on the second lot. The garden has a garage that is used by the house. I would like to build a house on the second…
Which area is best as long-term investment and to rent out. Is it 98052 or 98053 or Sammamish area? Looking for a single family home below 500K.
I am not local to Seattle so I don't have much insight at Seattle or near by neighborhoods. But by going over some topics in trulia and checking the prices in Zillow I narrowed down to the above described…
II'm looking to buy a house
I'm looking to buy a house in Gainesville just for investment. A multi-home , 3150sf for 4 units, 2b/1b each unit, 1.3 miles from UF. Is it a good price for 300,000? The house has been 30 years old.…
I would like to know how the land lease for 658 Arrow Ln. works and how expensive is it?
Is there restrictions on pets as we have a very friendly Siberian Husky and a couple of cats.
Want to buy my first home in the wilmington, nc area.
I want to know know what my chances are of purchasing a home in the Wilmingtom, NC are. I am in the coast guard guard and am transferring to Wilmington, NC. I am going to be a career guardsman and am only…
What is the square feet for 1070 Alpine Dr, sevierville?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3117316221-1070-Alpine-Dr-Sevierville-TN-37876?ecampaign=con_rlt_post_share_for_sale_fr&eurl=www.trulia.com/property/3…
Is it true that we can close on a house with just an offer letter?
This article was written last month. Can anyone else vouch for what he says: http://themortgagereports.com/8812/offer-letter-mortgage-income-approval My husband just graduated law school and we want…
Should I ask the seller to pay the HOA fees?
I have just signed my closing on the May 1st, 2013. Since my seller was living in the house, they asked to give them 12 days to move out, so, which means I am not able to move in until the 13th. But, on…
Recently placed an offer on a house and the homeowner doesn’t want to budge on price.
What’s a good strategy for the RE agent to take to get the homeowner to realize there house is not worth the same as last year?
buying property with reverse mortgage?
Are there any problems associated with buying a property currently under a reverse mortgage?
Is Reverse Mortgage PURCHASE still available in Hawai/i?
Reverse Mortgage Purchase in Hawaii
What are the HOA fees on this condo on 1070 Alpne Dr, Sevierville?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3117316221-1070-Alpine-Dr-Sevierville-TN-37876?ecampaign=con_day_propertysearchforsale_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property…
What is the average commute time from Flower Mound to down town Dallas?
We would be looking to live south of Flower Mound Road closest to Grapevine. Morning leaving Flower Mound before 7:00 a.m., and evening leaving down town at 6:15-6:30 p.m. Thanks!
Really want to know
Can 2 people with bad credit and low income really buy a home? If so what ate the proper channels to do so?
Is there a way to accelerate a bank response in a short sale? We were told by our agent that the bank can take as long as 90 days to make a response.
We were told that it can take as long as 90 days to let us know whether they would accept our offer!
Is it possible to find a lease option or rental property with 2-3 acres around New London?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1040570338-15902-Northside-Dr-New-London-MO-63459
How do you choose a home inspector?
How do you choose a home inspector? More important - What advice do Realtors give their clients when shopping for a home inspector? Are there 4 questions every homebuyer should ask?
i have a room to rent. can i list it here , if so, how? thank you
large room in trailer, furnished.. 450 a month everything included
What usually cost to hire Cleaning person and gardener monthly?
for the home size about 4000 SF with easy maintenance yard in TO ?
Must a Bedroom Have a Closet?
Cannot find anything in the building code that requires a closet for a sleeping/bed room. Is this an appraiser issue, real estate requirement?
Are we headed for a correction? Prices have gone up so quick over the past 5 months.
Homes under $300K are gone for the most part. The new reality is higher prices, but for how long? Affordability is the key, if people can not afford to own a home, then they will not buy.
can i have a realtor finance a house from the auction or any investor can do this for me?
i been living for many years paying rent and i want to buy a cheap house to live with my children
self employed: can "meals" (Line 24b) be deducted AGAIN by an underwriter during the qualification process?
Does Line 24b (meals) on my 1040 (SELF EMPLOYED) tax returns affect somehow my mortgage application and how much I qualify for? For instance: my gross adjusted income is $20.000. I am a truck driver and…
Are there any lenders which will provide 0 down VA financing on a home in redemption in MN?
We have good to great credit 720-780 and plenty of income. We are have signed purchase agreements on a new home (in redemption) and our current home. We easily qualified for the loan but at the time…
I have been offered a deal to purchase a house for $5,000 down with owner financing.
The mortgage and deed are in the previous owners name. When I questioned this, I was informed that the Seller purchased the house because the owners were in trouble. What is wrong with this picture?
i git $1300 a mounth i want to by a farm land i need help to find the farm that i can by
and for my all my falmy all 9 of us we want to feed the world
Looking to create some positive cash flow with 200k
I just got some cash close to 200k, looking to make this into some cash flow around 1k a month. What are the best option? I was think maybe buy a tri/duplex and live on one of the unit and rent out the…
What would be a good offer if the selling price for the last homes sold in 30349 zip code is 72K but they web site listing is asking for 150K?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1056272997-6754-Mancha-St-College-Park-GA-30349
We are interested in a rent to own arrangement ,within 5 yrs, are sellers usually ok with this or should we just wait until we are truly ready to buy?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3080798206-3408-N-Ozark-Ave-Chicago-IL-60634
What are "Reserves Deposited to Lender" for?
I have a good faith estimate summary. I understand the "pre paid" items that are paid in advance (1 yr homeowners insurance). I know I pay 1 year in advance and then I will continue to pay every…
high DTI and below VA residual guideline
My husband and I are trying to qualify for a VA home loan. Our DTI is over 41% and our residual income is below 120% of the residual guidelines. Can our VA home loan still get approved? Thanks in advance.
what can you tell me about this area?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3116903478-304-Lincoln-Ave-Masaryktown-FL-34604?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property/3116903…
I do believe that 1970 Sheridan Dr in St Augustine is way over pricet it does not have eoungh land to have that price on it.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3106799373-1970-Sheridan-Dr-Saint-Augustine-FL-32084?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property/31…
Listing Info for 6549 Malaluka Rd, I have asked for info on this listing and have gotten no response. Is there another way to get any info on it?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3114212762-6549-Malaluka-Rd-North-Port-FL-34287
Realtor with VA home experience ?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3091278080-5992-N-Bellefontaine-Ave-Gladstone-MO-64119?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property/…
usda loan credit score 657, 637, 616
my credit score is 657, 637 and 616, I make $37000 a year , only student loan debt payments $119 a month. I think my credit is lower because I don't have much credit. I did have a credit card about…
What is the total price for 102 W. Paul, and how much is the Down Payment
My son is intrested in buying a home, in his home town of Allen, Oklahoma -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3055635014-102-W-Paul-Allen-OK-74825
Are there Newer Homes in Ecro 250K -400K over 2800 ft2 with 4 bedrooms 3 bath and 3 car garage - swimming pool optional?
Looking to move in 2 months, will work in Ecru, would like to lvie within 10 miles in a nice neighborhoot, finance is not a problem -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.co…
Unpaid Judgment help
I have a judgment against me on my 3 credit reports that popped up last month. The original creditor, Triumph Partnerships LLC sold the account to RJM Acquisition, then RJM resold it to Jefferson Capitol…
foreclosure notices
I have a foreclosure notice , but it does not have the banks name or the loan servicing name on it. so who would be foreclosing on me other than the lawyer who sent it
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