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Can I legally sell a home that I have a forbearance contract with?
I own a home in California and am currently on a forbearance agreement. I am paying an extra $1000 every month and will be current in August. We've decided to sell our property and wondered if I will come…
What if I don't use all of my loan?
Say for instance, I am approved for a $200,000 mortgage but I find a home I want for $160,000. What happen to the remainder of the loan? Does the bank only give you want you need?
My boyfriend and I are looking to buy a forclosed or rent to own home. We are first time home buyers .
3 to 4 bedrooms 2 or more bathrooms and doest cost a whole lot. Needs to be in brighton school area
Lost job waiting for loan committment. 2 weeks to close.
I recently bought a house using the VA loan process, was preapproved, have the insurance, inspection, as far as I know everything is done except the underwriting/ loan commitment? I close in 2 weeks. I…
I am a single mom of two, i have a steady job with the school district and would love to buy a home.
dont make much and need to know where to start. I currently pay 875.00 and have been for 2 years.
would like to view house at 9041 glengarry ct/Caledonia/mi?
gramma in florida would like to see the house granddaughter bought
we recently pre qualified they said my score is 680 wife score is 580 can anyone help we need to raise score so we can purchase another home
we also want to sell our home but want to wait for a pre approval before making the decision
Buying property that's not actively for sale
Hi there, we are very familiar with the Frisco/Buxton area of Hatteras island, and see some underutilized and vacant properties (on the tax maps) that we are interested in buying, but they are not actively…
Buying land that is not listed for sale
There is vacant land for sale next to my home that I would like to buy. It is not listed for sale. Should I ask and wait for a price? Or offer 1st using a comparable value?
its lucinda ave, keyes ca 95328 agood location to buy a house
they have like three properties for sale im intrested in one of them, but somebody told me the location was not very good, what your profesionals said good location or not
I have never bought a home before and i am interested.
There is a couple of problems. I live with my husband and 3 chidren and my mother. I am not employed but my mother and husaband is, but my mom has bad credit and my husband dosen't have citizenship yet…
Is free rent back in a short sale normal? Selling agent states that it is
The selling agent has said that in this market with a short sale, that a 30-60 free rent back is completely normal and that we should have no reason for concern.   Our primary concern is that the…
I am a first time home buyer and is interested in purchasing my house in Florida. What should be my credit score range . I am living and working in NY
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3108282588-524-Nogales-Ct-Kissimmee-FL-34758
I am a first time home buyer and I would like to find a house in the next 3-6 months. Where do I start?
First Time Home Buyer - Credit Score 661 - need down payment assistance - single income - gross $52,000 annually - 78245 zip code - 4 bedrooms/2 bath
is there an association fee ?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3116423780-15418-Camden-Ave-Omaha-NE-68116
Is there a way to bid on a foreclosed home that has reportedly already received an 'acceptable' bid?
(by the bank-owner) and 'usurp' the property? Or is this a case by case sort of thing?
Is that scam or what? I am tired of that type of "business proposals" that goes nowhere.
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How can I find out if LA actually presented offer to seller?
Found a house driving by, called the sign but price too high. After price drop; LA shows me says "Seller really wants to sell, make an offer". I really liked it but it still seemed a bit…
buyer's agent refusing to sign addendum that would allow me to get credit as part of HUD
Hi all, I am a buyer and am suppose to close on a house tomorrow. My agent promised me to give me 1% back and make it part of the HUD at closing so no one has to pay tax. The credit is on the HUD statement…
Need assistance from a professional RE agent.
I am need need of purchasing help. Criteria that need to be met for me to consider a space is as follows: Condo or coop with easy subletting rules ( I plan on staying in the apartment for 2-3 years…
Whats the catch with 8 Glendale Ave. in Northampton?
I went to the open house over the weekend and it looked pretty nice with a number of big updates in the last three/four years. Its listed at a nice price and I'm just wondering if there is something I'm…
When a man dies, the government taxes their estate if their estate is over $2M.?
Life insurance bought by the departed would be contained in-the estate.
How do you feel about open houses buyers and sellers? Do you like them, require them, do you attend them?
I would like to know what consumers think about open houses. I know what Realtors think, and find a great deal of value in learning the consumers points of view. Please speak candidly and honestly.…
We want to make an offer on a new construction condo in West Ridge. The asking price is $290K. It does not
include parking. We are considering giving a very low offer,c onsidering the market now and asking for parking to be included. Does anyone have any thing to add about our offer?
2150 West Devon Avenue #5W, Chicago IL 60659. Right time to buy this property?
2150 West Devon Avenue #5W, Chicago IL 60659 Good timing to get in for this property as investment? How is the building/HOA. Thx -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/…
Which is the most honest, big company realtors or home town small business realtors?
I am a first time homebuyer with a particular sentiment for the dishonest and greedy. We can say a product of today's society.
My short sale offer was accepted by the seller and went to BoA. BoA sold the loan to OCWEN and is now offering the seller a loan mod. Am I screwed?
I made an offer on a short sale in May. I was told that the short sale was pre-approved by BoA and would be a quick transaction. The seller agrees to my offer and it is submitted to the bank. We open escrow…
can nt find 45 trout rd pangburn send direction?
where is 45 trout rd pangburn ar -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3088528237-407-Austin-St-Pangburn-AR-72121
I've chosen a house to purchase and I'm trying to figure out what amount to offer
they are asking for 109,000 and I will requesting 6% sellers concessions
First Time Home Buyer Looking in Montgomeryville Area - Need Realtor
Hi - My wife and I have another 6 months on the lease of our current apartment and we were hoping to make the transition from renting to owning a home at the end of it. We were told to start looking now…
How long does it take for a property to go from a pre-foreclosure to a foreclosure?
A house in my neighborhood has been standing abandoned for almost 2 years. The house went up for a sheriff sale last April, but was not sold. Nothing else has happened since then. The last owner of the…
We are considering an apartment in this complex. Does anyone know of anything potentially wrong with this complex? Just feeling it out...
Agent no at closing
We are closing on our home today and our agent informed us this morning they were not attending the closing. Is this standard practice? What if we have questions, etc? The seller is represented, shouldn't…
is the home still available ?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3108844446-14403-N-Wedington-Blacktop-Rd-Lincoln-AR-72744
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