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how to get a mortage without a job,but with all the funds necessary to cover the purchase of the home.?
I"m a student, who has been working only part-time ,but i'm blessed to have some inheritance.so i saw a condo i'm interested in wich cost about $40,000.right now i have roughly $60000 cash in my acct,…
Lis Pendens Expiration
I'm considering buying a property that is being sold as a short sale. A Lis Pendens was filed on the property in early 2009, but the property was never actually foreclosed on. Would the Lis Pendens still…
Fannie Mae homepatn mortgage requirements
We are pursuing a FHA loan and are familiar with the qualification requirements. We came across a fannie mae homeopath house and are curious to how that loan differs. Easy or harder to qualify than FHA?…
Why do listings not show addresses?
Several of my listings state that the address is not shown. I want the address shown on all listings. It is on Fayetteville Regional Association of REALTORS website where you receive the data from Listhub,…
Where do I start? I need to find out if I can qualify for a home loan. I have a low 500 credit score. Will I ever get a loan??
I am a single parent and I just changed jobs a few months ago. But I worked across the street for almost 4 years. I have rented in the same town home for over 5 years. Paying over $500 a month it's time…
-- This question is about this property: http://www.trulia.com/homes/California/El_Dorado_Hills/sold/2220893-1129-Manning-Dr-El-Dorado-Hills-CA-95762
Where can I find a single family, 4bed in North Texas, w/office, media room, and SEPARATE living quarters for mother-in-law that includes a kitchen?
I'm looking to sell my current home and then purchase a bigger one. I have a growing family, and my mother-in law moved in. I am having a hard time locating homes in my price range that will accomodate…
I am looking for an agt who is not pushy and will just help me locate a 1 acre or so prop w/structure (manuf ok; fixer ok) for around $150K
Looking in Wildomar and surrounding areas (but not Perris). It is the acreage that is my primary focus. (PLEASE do not give your 2 cents worth here in response and if you are not an agent working in this…
It will be 2 years since I filed chapter 7 and 1 year since my short sale. When will I be able to buy a home with homepath, fha, or conventional?
It will be June of 2013 before it's 2 yrs for my short sale. My credit score is almost 700, How much would I have to put down?
Should I invest in a mobile home?
I do not have good credit, I do not have any foreclosure or bankruptcies by I did have a few credit card problems. I recently inherited a bit of money I was thinking about buying a mobile home. Would that…
Is it normal for a pre-approval to take over a month? What are my options? Should I just walk away?
I have already been pre-approved for an FHA Loan through Wells Fargo but majority of the condos in Chicago are not FHA approved so I decided to just go the conventional route.
If an individual has enough cash in the bank to purchase a $150,000 home, would it be better to pay for it all at once or to get a mortgage?
I am planning on moving to the Manhattan, NY area later this month, and have intentions to purchase a multi-family dwelling such as a duplex, making any required repairs and renovations, and then renting…
How much is the percent for downpayment?
The cóndo is selling for 250,000 and I Would Like to know how much is requiered for the downpayment.
Please send only homes from Northwest Bend. Can you do that? COCC, Awbrey Butte, or SW along the river and parks.
Please send only homes from Northwest Bend. Can you do that? COCC, Awbrey Butte, or SW along the river and parks.
Looking for Treasure Island Condo / Cottage on the ocean and of course trying to get a deal. Maybe even one that needs a little work. Plan to use Jan
through mid-Feb. Question: has the market hit bottom and would it be a good investment that could be rented enough to stay in the black? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Who will do a mortgage under $50k that will allow me to use the home path renovation program? I found a house that is $39K and it does need work.
Also, i spoke to one person who deals with homepath and she stated that most homepath lenders won't do a mortgage for under $50k. I was told from bank of america that they can but, don't want…
Is it possible to get a residential loan on a mixed-use property?
We are looking at a 2-unit property that is zoned residential but the 2nd unit is rented out as an office space (legally, as far as we know). The property will not qualify for FHA, and we have been unable…
What is the true value of the new homes near springfield and bishop by DB builders?
Prices of comparable homes on barclay circle appear to be estimated at less than 350,000, but the new buildings in Db' s springfield knoll development are priced at starting b/w 429,900 and 479,900.…
What's the status of 812(R) Crum Creek in Springfield, Marple Township. I know this home has been on and off
the market with some crazy asking prices. Now I think it's a REO but is off market.
Can we qualify under these circumstances?
Live in OH-Relocating to NH Found home sooner than planned REO Home. Conventional only Will pass inspection Cash poor now but no debts other than mortgage & car Income $75K-Credit 700 Monthly…
what does NOD, NTS, LIT, NFS mean in terms of a property status?
im looking to buy a property in pittsburgh, and want to know more in details about the above question, b4 getting the deal done.
1-1.5 bedroom $1,000/mth
1. Spacious. 2. Transportation to Downtown brooklyn 3. Central brooklyn 4. Oct. 15th Move in date 5. preferably no broker fee 6. Wood floors, new fridge/stove 7. No bait and switch, no crappy…
The home was part of a divorce decree in 2008; I quit-claimed it to my ex-husband. He did NOT comply with the conditions, and MY NAME IS STILL ON THE
MORTGAGE. The house has been on the market since June 2011. The house is in foreclosure. There is a contract pending approval of a short sale by the Bank (mortgage-holder,) this contract was signed in…
My credit is in the 600's, I have a job but my daughter has excellent credit. So if we're moving together can I get a loan?
So buy my daughter having better credit and she is in the army can I get a loan. As we are both looking for a new home together. So would that be possible?
I am paying cash for a $72,000.00 house in IL and I was told that I need to purchase the Title, which will cost me $1200.
From what I've been reading it seems as though I might be paying way to much. Thanks, D
Can anybody tell me what to expect am going to start looking for a home to purchase 3 years after a bankruptcy looking in the 450-475k range.?
I have 125k for down, would like to finance for 15 yrs will I be able to get a decent mortgage? Thanks
Why are property taxes so much higher in Brigantine as compared to OC or SIC ?
in some cases twice as high on a comparable property ? I know it is in another county (atlantic vs. cape may), but is it because the properties are 'over-accessed' ?
Is double ceiling height in family room a good feature or an over head? Advice needed.
Hi, Need advice on double ceiling in family room. Can it be a selling/buying point for a home or its outdated now? Also, if this space is covered in a home will it increase the overall square footage…
Please HELP! I currently pay $1500 mortgage on a $200K property. Home value is about $100K. Need a new home (own/rent up to $1000/ month) in Atlanta
I am currently commuting an hour each way from work and when you add in the depressed home value, MY HOME IS DEFINITELY NOT WORTH IT! IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE IN ATLANTA THAT CAN HELP? ANY AGENT?
Am I entitled to my good fatih desposit?
I have been trying to buy a home my first home for the past 2 months. During the process my mortgage company found out there was an appraisal done on said property a few weeks before I put in my offer.…
foreign national mortgage
Hi , My husband and I are French Citizens and are interested in buying a property in Atlanta, Georgia. I am Pharmacist and my husband is a Medical Doctor and we own our house in Strasbourg, France. The…
No financing, cash transaction... steps to getting the keys for home in 30310
I am buying a short sale in 30310. The seller agreed to the price. The bank agreed to the price. THEN we find out from the real estate agent that this is a FannieMae home and FannieMae has to agree to…
hello am recently married my husband has great credit but i dont, also am a home owner i currently renting my home so we would like to buy again
am a home owner my husband is not recently married want to buy a home together my credit is not good husband is
Looking for investment property under $30k and need financing options (First Timer)
I am currently a homeowner in Clayton County (purchased my home in 2005). I am interested in purchasing an investment property in metro Atlanta for under 30k (first time investor) and preferably a Homepath…
I currently live in North Carolina and would like to buy a home in the Atlanta, GA area. Is it true I would have to buy a home as a investment?
property and the insurance and mortgage rates will be extremely high? This will be my first home and I would like to eventually move into the home. Is it even possible to buy a home in another state?
If I quailfy for $180,000 FHA loan
If I quailfy for $180,000 FHA loan and now that i've found a property where I'm going to have to go FHA 203K because the property need repairs, will this decrease the amount that i qualify for?
Home loan approval
I got a pre approval letter thru usaa for a va home loan. I have been looking for houses for about 3 months now and put and offer one and it got accepted. They accepted it for 96,000. My credit score…
Popular question in other cities; how does one choose a mortgage company?
Is this based on location? Does it matter where they are located ?
I am looking for a home in the Framingham Ma 01702 area I have about 10thous cash to put down and both my husband and I have poor credit ..
we filed chapter 7 in October.So we have been working to clean up and stay that way, but still we need a place and were thinking of a mobile home but those are only Marlborough and my dtr will be in high…
I am home owner in Texas for last 20 years,have sold my house 5 years ago, I do not live in states and have no income, how can I buy a home.
I had been a home owner in Texas for last 20 years and have sold my house 5 years ago, and since I do not live in states and have no income, how can I buy a home. I can put down 20/30% for house worth…
HDFC coop has negative $400,000 financial.
They owe taxes and water. They have a couple units ready to be sold. to help cover cost. What should I know before buying into a coop that has such a bad financial health. They plan on working on it and…
Real estate license NYC.
How's it going I am trying to find the best place to get a real estate license in NYC. Should I be looking for a real estate agency that will put me through training or a school. Thank you appreciate…
Forms and documents needed for pre-approval
I'm in process of getting pre-approved. My broker asked me to submit tax return for last 2 years. Also, she asked me to sign and turn in Uniform Residential Application, Good Faith Estimate,Truth in Lending…
Does the buyer typically pay commission on a home sale in the state of Michigan.?
We are trying to buy a home and were presented with an agreement requiring 2.5% commission on the sale
Has the Dallas market appreciated or depreciated over the past year?
. . . . and if so, by what percent? (i.e., appreciated by 2% or depreciated by 2%)
I am in desperate need of a rental apartment or home in HAttiesburg, MS. Pleae help. Thanks
I recently filed bankruptcy and divorced. I work full time and have two sons. I have to vacate the marital home due to the divorce and I need to find affordable 3BR place to live. Im to my wits end and…
hi i wanted to know if i could buy a house withe my credit score of 520 with a co-signer my wife who's credit is 610 and makes more money
only thng is she only been at her current work for about 5 months but its a permenant position
Temporary CO in Gloucester City
Is it possible to obtain a temp CO in Gloucester City NJ while home is undergoing partial rehab?
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