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Why would a bank let the house go into foreclosure rather than accept our offer?
We are trying to buy a short sale house, $5000 below asking price and have been unsuccessful getting the ok from the bank. no other offers have been made, and now we are told the house is going into foreclosure.…
Are there exceptions to the Fannie Mae owner occupied rule if you are buying the house for your elderly parents who have little to no income?
It would be their primary residence. If there is such an exception, can some point me to the source of info.
where might my husband and I look for a duplex that is nice enough we will want to live in one half and rent the other.?
I have experiences renting things out in salt lake city but am new to Austin and want to know what I can find there. I just want a duplex till I am more established there and then will rent both halves…
attempting to buy a house that has been abandoned. Agent says bank has put house into "short sale" but the owner won't return calls to their agent
How long before house is foreclosed on so I can buy this house. Made offer to bank but no answer after three weeks. Offer within 86% of appraised value.
Is it possible to get a loan if i only make 20K a year?
we are looking to move out of Orange county, possibly out of CA, but is it even possible to get pre approved and buy a home on 20K? I read someone in whittier got approved for $250K with only making 22K…
We were approved for a USDA guaranteed loan approx 8 wks ago. We have been in the battle of our lives trying
to get a house to close. There have been so many issues with the loan specialist, we seriously doubt he is even being honest with us anymore. Our realtor who is very experienced with USDA loans is at…
i have not "reestablished" credit after a bankruptcy that happened about 5 years ago. i need creative financing options, now.
i failed to qualify for an agricultural loan and an fha loan. i have been trying for land contract with no success, as most sellers will not or can not do this option. help! i have a decent job.
Do you have any houses for rent?
looking for a 2 bedrrom house
I was interesed in a house on Laurel Blvd in New Castle 2nd 16101.
I was interesed in a house on Laurel Blvd in New Castle 2nd 16101. My friend who lives about 15 miles away said this is not a good part of the area. Fires, gangs, drugs, he did't say. I have kids and…
Questions about Auctions...
Because of credit and income, my wife any I have limited options on buying a home: 1) 20% down on a $40,000 home (they exist here) that needs renovation 2) Buying at county auction. As to #2,…
Looking for a good first time house. That also has at least 2 acres and zoned for horses.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3015567110-1311-Warhop-Ln-Molino-FL-32577
My realtor wants me to pay for inspection before we go to contract.
It seems like a potential waste of my money if the seller is not commited to the price. Any thoughts?
New community suggestions ? DFW area.
Looking for new community - built or close out (even pre-owned but built after 2008 for energy efficiency). Anywhere from Roanoke heading east to Frisco. North of 183 only. Good schools priority. Price…
New construction and USDA loans?
I am wondering if my husband and I can buy a new construction house with a USDA loan? Or do builders not really work with people who are fianced by USDA loans??
I may be relocating to Miami next year for work and am looking for honest neighborhood advice. I have three young children & schools are
important. Work might ship me to Miami next year. I will work near the airport while my wife will be in downtown. We have three young children- 6 months, 18 months, and 5 years. My oldest will be starting…
Why are so many homes listed for sale in Haslet, Tx. In particular Sendera Ranch neighborhood. Is something wrong with this area? Thank You
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3104559118-14212-Polo-Ranch-St-Haslet-TX-76052
how does a house worth effect mortgage?
There is a house that is listed at 80k. The city values it at 183k. Does this make it more likely that we can qualify for a loan in this situation?
What does the rental market look like in Rehoboth? Which is easier to rent - for all year round or summer months only?
Interested in possible purchase of 3 bdrm condo to use as rental/income property. What are the average monthly rents for summer months? What about for the year?
This mortgage officer is SO fired. How can we find out what's REALLY going on with a loan when the loan officer is non-responsive?
I have a client who got a loan with a broker at Inland Bank. This loan was supposed to close in mid November, I figured late November as a stretch, but it's now almost January and we haven't…
I am interested in 2 bed condos around south ocean blvd and hypoluxo lantana fl, what are moorings like a
I am interested in 2 bed condos around south ocean blvd and hypoluxo lantana fl, which is a better option the moorings lantana or south ocean blvd condos, does the area flood or any flooding info…
Delaware DUCIOA law effects mortgage financing for buyers, sellers, mgmt co. and agents - Have you had a recent issue with your transaction?
Question # 9 of the DUCIOA form: What number of units are delinquent in the payment of common expenses?
Live in NY, look to buy rather than rent, research has led me to Austin. Process in infant stages, not sure where to start.
My credit is very good; debt is waning and savings accumulating. job does not have relocation possibilities, difficult to secure a job before move. Is it more practical to move down and rent, secure…
Where shall I buy a SF house in NJ?
3-4 bedrooms 1--2 baths. Within driving distance to NYC of max one hour. Combination of secenic serenity with easy access to shopping restaurants and public conveniences.Easy to let before own residence.
How is Florence NJ?
I m planning to buy a home there but looking at it doesn't gave me the feeling that it's looks a good town. Any help is greatly appreciated.
I am considering buying a second home (future retirement) near US #1 and Route 9 in Lewes, DE. Looking for some advice
My preference is like 5 mile radius with centered at US #1 & 9. MLS info is confusing. How to tell the data in MLS is actual home, not a lot where a builder will build one for you ??/
I am looking for a condo/townhouse in Westchester area with a private backyard
in good school district and also commutable to the city, anyone could help? Thanks!
My fico score is 589 depts are 5 years old
Should I wait to apply for home loan
I need a Property Manager for 2 Quads. Must be a licensed Agent / Broker.
I am a licensed Agent in GA and I have 2 4plexes, one in Oakland (Maybelle St. off McArthur) and one in Berkeley (Adeline St. off MLK). You must have a strong eviction policy as I have 2 - 3 Tenants that…
Why are there so many properties on Lake Wynonah for sale? Were these primarily vacation homes?
Is there a flood or other major issue happening that is driving people away?
Seller failed to winterize house. Is this a breach of contract?
We are under contract for a short sale home. Per the contract the seller was required to winterize the home by a certain date. This has not happened, but no winter damage has yet occurred. Is this a breach…
What is next step if CDRE does not follow through with a complaint?
Tracy Green Broker in Newport Beach represented she owned a property in San Bernadino County which was actually owned by the estate of a dead person, Tracy Green did NOT represent the estate. She collected…
Need opinions on options if appraisals come in low (we are home buyer)
Please advise. We are buying a million home, and have a current close date of 12/31/08. The house we found was not listed (a friend of our realtor), so the sellers, at the time, would not be considered…
looking to work with a an agent in orlando to buy a rental property under 40k and also for the agent to manager the rental property
Hi, i am looking for agent to submit offers in on properties under 40K and also manage the rental of the same property. I am a cash buyer with proof of funds and can close in 14 days. please respond with…
Any agents specialize in lease purchase?
Moving to the area soon to work at RTP however my credit is not great. I can clear everything up within the year but want to invest in a home ASAP. Also do not want to have to move within a year which…
Tell me about Fruithurst elementary school? Do they have a program for Special Needs children, and one for gifted children?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3084170501-118-1st-Ave-W-Fruithurst-AL-36262
I'm having trouble relocating to Naples, FL. Cash sale for condo. Able to job hunt after relocate. Is application process stopping me?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3088172245-512-Bristle-Cone-Ln-Naples-FL-34113
what should taxes be on a 82,900 house in wickliffe?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3058973228-2202-Green-Ridge-Dr-Wickliffe-OH-44092
Where is the closest mall? Movie Theaters?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3100472895-15255-Highgrove-Rd-Milton-GA-30004
Our financials, credit and income are all in order and now Lender is denying loan due to our Realtor being on a "blacklist". How can this?
be? I have a similar situation with the home I am trying to purchase now. It is my wife and I's first home for our new family (7 month old son). It is the perfect house for us and we even waited an…
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