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I would like more information on 20639 county 50 Park Rapids,MN 56470. Also just out of curosity why is the price so low is it an "AS IS" ?
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What is the home inspection contingency? Can anyone explain it?
The seller and listing agent disclose a lot of issues like leaking faucet and asked to sign the cover letter which says received a copy of all disclosures and reports. Can I get out of the contract using…
how much earnest money required in fremont?
I am going to pay cash for the house
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Home loan Oklahoma city area
Can I get a home loan in oklahoma city area with my valid ss# but no green card?
Bad credit home loan
Im looking for a house in south charleston but I have bad credit is there a way to get a loan
What is so great about living in Southern Utah?
This area is very affordable compared to the rest of the country. We have low crime, lots of newer areas with parks, running paths and recreation. We are close to Las Vegas, Lake Powell, North Rim of…
Changing from FHA to conventional on a short sale with sellers assist?
I am trying to buy a short sale. The original contract was for an FHA loan with $2000 sellers assist. The bank counter offered with a slightly higher price which I am willing to accept. But after looking…
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What can I do about a possible FREC violation committed by the listing agent?
I was under contract for a place in Boca Raton (submitted deposit and everything). The appraisal came in a lot lower, so both the seller and I were working out a new price. However, the listing agent never…
How do I find an agent willing to spend a little time running a CMA on my house?
I may be interested in selling my house. I have no idea how much I can sell it for. I want this to be an opportunity to interview a local agent or two. I'm not happy using the agent that sold me the…
buying a 2 bedroom vs 1 bedroom in hoboken
I am a single woman who is torn between a 2 bed/2 bath and 1 bed/1 bath . The 2 beds seem to be better for resale but I don't really need the extra bedroom and would rather bank the difference in mortgage…
Down payment help from in-laws.
I currently live with my in-laws in a their two-family home. We would like to buy a mother-daughter home but my wife and I need help with the down-payment. My in-laws said they will give us money for the…
cant prove a cash deposit and its 3 weeks before close!!!
its a 500 deposit for a side job (construction) my husband did. now way to prove it. there were a couple other deposits but I can prove those. will our loan get denied, or can they just exclude that money…
I'm looking to put 50K in investment. Thinking about getting some rental property in range of 100K-150K, is this a good investment?
For example for 150,000 looks like interest/prinicpal/insurance/warranty sums up to 850 per month considering my down pay. How about property management? how much it usually costs? also is renting 150K…
What do I do when my bank is in one state but the perspective house is in another?
I live in ny and am looking into buying in Florida. Would I have to go to a financial place down there? Or can I use my bank up here for the loan? And what credit score would be sufficient to just be qualified…
How quick do REO homes usually sell for, especially when new? Why are they holding out so long when there are?
very few people in my area buying? We have offered twice and they have dropped the price. I know how much they paid for the house, so how much should I be offering?
Best financing option for beginning real estate investor?
I'm looking to begin to acquire multifamily units in my area and eventually small apartment buildings. I've heard differing points of view regarding down payment options. Some say "always try to use other…
Home Buyer. I am looking to buy a house, I have heard of assistance programs like NACA that can help.
does anyone know any information on how to start the process with them? I live in Rockaway Beach, Queens NY
Difficult Sellers
We made an offer on a home that has been on the market over 9 months. At our realtor's suggestion (and we agreed), we offered 10% below asking. The seller came back, agreed with a couple of conditions…
Want to buy a 2BR co-op for 220K or less.Considering Riverdale or Kingsbridge area.
I was prequalified for 250K. Over 80K income. 60K in 401(k) Not much savings about 15K. Great credit. No debt. Should I be considering making a purchase or wait until I have more savings?
interest bearing escrow account
who gets the interest from a escrow account?
I was pre-approved and everything went through in the auto-underwrite - do I have any reason to think my loan will be denied in uw? HELP
I am a worrier by nature. I am very nervous about this process because I never thought I would be able to buy this nice of a home given my circumstances (single mother, only my income). My LO said my DTI…
Why is real estate so expensive. It is outrageous...why?
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can someone put a offer on a home that's been in redemption status for one year?
I am currently in the market for purchasing a new home and recently ran across one that I'm really interested in. What attracted me to this property is that it had a lock box but no for sale sign…
How many documents need to be signed before the final approval for a short sale property?
We've been waiting for 6 months for a short sale home and was told today that our offer (We accepted the bank's counter offer 3 months ago) has been sent to the investor for the final decision. Are our…
What do you think the price appreciation of Jersey City, Newport Condos will be over the next 3-4 yrs?
Is this a good short-term investment, over a 3-4 yr horizon? (Our plan is to live in the apartment, so it'll save us rent hoping for some price appreciation)
Who gets to choose the Title Company?
Our RE Agent in Vancouver, WA says, since we were sent to her by a Relocation Company (even though we aren't relocating), we have to use their Title Company. I have never heard of this before. We…
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