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What are the requirements for Short Sale in IL in 2013?
I would like to find out what is required in Illinois to approach lenders for a short sale of property? I have owned this 3bedroom vintage condo in a 7 unit building for about 8 years. I have managed to…
My husband is looking for another investment property in Summerlin. We prefer in a gated community with Pool and Spa.
Currently we have one rental in Summerlin being managed by a firm I also met here in Trulia. I like this site as people here are professional. Also not sure if you would recommend foreclose property…
8150 summerlin village circle #409 Is the property still active sale?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/homes/Florida/Fort_Myers/sold/22487122-8150-Summerlin-Village-Cir-409-Fort-Myers-FL-33919
rent to own details
how does it work where can i go to get listing and what do i need to quailfy
I am looking for a mobile home on desert inn rd las vegas nv
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3084668713-2038-Palm-St-Las-Vegas-NV-89104
Seeking owner financed properties (1-4 units)
Please feel free to contact me.
Looking for recommendations for buyer's agents with experience in VA loans.
Given the unique requirements of VA loans for buyers and sellers I want to ensure we find and agent who is familar with the process, has actually completed sales where the buyer uses VA funding, etc...
Lease to own options in northern Austin areas?
My husband and I are looking at buying a house in the Cedar Park/Leander/Round Rock or Pflugerville area...however, it looks like we would have to be renting at first until we can sell our current house…
Why is it that you only show 2 homes on your site for sale is Heppner?
I am looking for places that are for sale in Heppner
What if my home sells prior to signing a contract with a real estate agent?
We've sought the input of a real estate agent on selling our home. There have been two brief conversations at our home and a small amount of comparative pricing done by the agent. We have not signed…
I'm a buyer with a signed contract. Seller wants more money and has asked us to back out. We don't want to. What are our options?
**Seller needed to sell the house by the very next day we signed our contract, otherwise the house was going to auction. The sellers realtor did not get the paperwork turned in to the appropriate people…
Can you get home loan with a poor credit score?
I am in the market to purchase a home in Florida. Deposit is not a problem and job wise is not a problem. However, the score is just not there. Everyone seems to be looking for high scores, which is something…
My clients are looking for a seller carry in Dc Ranch, Silverleaf, Whisper Rock or comparable.
They are looking to put a Maximum down of 250-400k and a seller carry 48-60 months or longer if your client would like a solid return of 5-6% on their money... They need a home that is min 3k sqft…
I have 6 to 8k to put down on a house I found a cute house for 54k dollars but, my credit is bad bc of recent divorce can I use my business ein number
I own a mobile notary and I do half my business out of my house. If not do you know of investors that might be interested in owner financing?
Home Equity Loan
I have a credit score of 600. I own a condo that is appraised at $72k and I only owe $42k left on it. Would I be able to get a $10k home equity loan? Would the rate be favorable if so or would I be better…
Found out that neighbor's fence is on the property 1 week before closing.
We talked to the neighbor but he refuses to accept the survey results. The property line goes along his house wall, pretty much. He's been using a strip of 3 feet (- ) for the past 20 years and apparently…
Any background on Bensalem Village's homeowners association?
I'm a first time home buyer looking in Bucks County. There are a couple listings in Bensalem Village that have caught my eye, but there is a very steep one-time capital contribution that is puzzling…
Why do we need to pay $604 monthly for 30 yrs for $134900 of house?
I calcutale if i pay 500/month i will finish paying after 23 yrs. but 604/mon up to 30 yrs is way more than 134900.
What are the best kid friendly neighborhoods (ages 8 - 15) in Noblesville? We are looking for something under 200,000. Thanks any advice appreciated!
Kids age 8, 11 & 15. If possible, would perfer neighborhood with mature trees and within a short distance to downtown area. Will definately be relocating to Indianapolis area within a month. Thanks!
Newly Constructed House for First Time Home Buyer
Hello, I am a first time home buyer. I want to purchase a newly constructed house in tampa bay area. Should I find a realtor or a local home builder company? Besides the purchasing price of a newly constructed…
what are typical PMI numbers on a 10% conventional loan VS MIP numbers on an FHA loan?
what are typical PMI numbers on a 10% conventional loan VS MIP numbers on an FHA loan
I put a offer for short sale, seller's broker is requesting I do the appraisal before bank's approval, I ask to be reimburse for the
appraisal which they refused. Should I continue with this deal? Is this legal in Ga. or any state help.
What are the HOA fees in Indian River Colony Club, and what is included?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3116420356-Single-Family-Home-Melbourne-FL-32940
Should I get a lawyer?
Should I get a lawyer if my lender told me closing would be $5000 and it went up to $7000 then to $10,600 a week later? Also is back dating legal?
Homepath renovation loans
What if ur approved for 90000 could u still get a homepath renovation mortgage loan or would it be better to wait longer
Why would a Coop apartment have high maintenance cost if it does not offer many amenities?
I am looking to buy a coop apartment in forham manor and i am doing some research before I jumo in. I would like to know what are some reasons why a Coop apartment would have relatively high maintenance…
Moving to New Jersy from Canada!
Looking for tips on great family friendly suburbs near Somerset, NJ (where my husbands new job is). Looking for great elementary/middle schools. Lots of green space, sports programs, safe neighbourhood.…
What do you do when you're dealing with a very inefficient, irresponsible Management company that's in charge of processing your co-op application?
It's almost week 3 and this management company has yet to begin processing my app. I called to follow up to make sure everything was ok to only find out that my box of packets have been sitting on the…
Hello there will like to know if space is for rent or if its included on the price, if it is for rent how much is the rent of the space. Thank you
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3118864649-13331-Lakewood-Blvd-B5-Downey-CA-90242
I am looking for a house to by on contract, any available here in Lafayette East or South side?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3119118598-3212-Hanover-Dr-Lafayette-IN-47909
Exist any Fee or membership??
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3115479750-7639-Gumbo-Limbo-Ct-West-Palm-Beach-FL-33412
I have asked to be sent some more pictures of this house, all the rooms, basement/cellar back of it.. the whole property, I have requested this 3x.
Can't seem to get this agent off of his rear. Sivad916@aol.com thanks -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3075997225-1183-River-Rd-Hawesville-KY-42348
My beloved grandparents lived at 329 Brown Street Dayton Ohio, which has been torn down & replaced by a hospital?
Is there anyway I could find more info about the orig house i.e. the plans? -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3085119122-110-112-Brown-St-Dayton-OH-45402
Does the family opportunity mortgage still exist?
We are a week away from closing and have just been informed that the house we are buying for our kids in college is considered investment property. Change in interest rate and deposit. Quite annoyed…
Move up: mortgage question
I bought my primary residence in hills of shaenfield last January and closed in March end. My initial plan was to get started with first home then move up to location with excellent schools and best area…
Can I purchase a new home while I'm in a redemption period?
Our home is in a redemption period,but I included it in my BK7 4 years ago. Can I purchase a different home during this period? My credit is good and I have $$$$ & Good Job.. What are my options? This…
Recently purchased a home and set to close. In the contract, it says we will close "on or before" xx date. Can Sellers push the date w/o our consent?
I'm aware of the Time of Essence, however they picked the date to close and we are set to move out of our apt soon. We have an attorney, but I would also some advice on how any of you have handled a situation…
anything for sale in a co-op in flatiron or unions sauare?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3113256675-105-E-19th-St-New-York-NY-10003
Can Homeowner's Associations foreclose for late fees?
Coupons state there's a $10 fee if received after the 10th but the Assoc is charging up to $50 even if payments are received ON the 10th. Thank you for your thoughts.
I am going to be a first time home buyer. I found several homes that I like, but I'm still currently saving for a down payment.
When would be a good time for me to actively go to banks and realtors to look for homes?
Am an Australian seeking to purchase in the U.S. Looking in Az. as well my wife to be lives in Milwaukee.
Am currenlty seeking to buy & having it rented out till I'm ready to re locate. Are agents able to look after the Property & do they have Property managers that can look after the property/home on the…
I was told by my lender FHLB is out of grant money this year and I wanted to know does anyone know any other programs available for down payment assistance?
In what district and subdivision is this house located
I just need to know the district band subdivision for Gerard Plaza -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3118207859-402-Norman-Ave-Glen-Burnie-MD-21060
I want to buy house in palmdale/littlerock for under 80k,
will the banks fuss a lot over credit score and downpayment as they would for 200 k dollar house? I just finished off paying a car and bankrupsy about to wear out already. How much downpayment do i need…
How to contact Customer Service on Trulia?
How to contact Customer Service on Trulia? -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3047446028-19-Ten-Broek-Ct-Bridgewater-NJ-08807
This home is not listed and not available.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1064767030-26644-Lake-Forest-Dr-Twin-Peaks-CA-92391
where is the local hospital that services Long Beach and what level care is it?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3013269163-Single-Family-Home-Long-Beach-WA-98631
How does the building of a subway stop near a home affect its value?
I am planning on buying a home in a new development that is very close to train tracks. Right now, the train does not run very often, but there is an approved plan to have a subway station built really…
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