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Is it worth buying ?
New Townhome (Year 2013) on College Ave, Ellicott city, MD. Builder asking price is $510K including (Basic upgrades and closing), Is it worth paying? For a size SFT 2800 Townhome.
Told a house removed from market for seller's "personal reasons" by a unreliable listing agent. We're still interested - now what?
We contacted the listing agent to make an offer the same day a house was removed from the market for the seller's "personal reasons". The listing agent told us the seller may still be interested but "needs…
Is Section 8 voucher program available in California for Home purchase in Palm Springs/Cathedral City if I am already in the program in New Hampshire?
Can the voucher be transferred to a manufactured home in Cathedral City, California? I am working through HUD and have an IDA account presently.
Anyone ready for a Deep Water Lake Lot to buy?
last great lot on this beautiful lake! 20-25 feet of water at the end of your new boat dock!
What school district serves Union Pier? New Buffalo?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/45585818-5-Williams-Ct-Union-Pier-MI-49129
Where do you go in Washington state to find an honest "hard money" refi?
I'm in a owner carry contract that's about to end. Credit score isn't high enough, long story but its 550. In three years I have paid off just under 50% of the house sale price, 14 years same employer,…
We signed an Addendum A. Not sure what that is but they said we needed that signed before they can send us the contract?
Does this mean the house is ours? They told us the closing date is Aug 23rd. Can it really happen that fast? We don't have the FHA loan approved yet. Just sent the paperwork on. FYI this…
Property Appraisal report
Besides the obvious approximated property market value,what else is an appraisal suppose to tell you?
We have a closing date of Aug 23rd and haven't signed a contract or been approved for an FHA loan yet?
yesterday I called on the house just to check the status and they said it was still available. How can it be if our offer was accepted? FYI this is a bank owned property sold as is. Not sure that…
My husband and I are thinking about relocating to the Palmdale Area!
how is the employment in that area what is the mello roos tax? And why are so many swim pools empty?
What are the buyer agent responsibilities?
The closing papers indicated numerous amenities, water treatment system, working sprinler system for the 10k sq ft lot, alarm system, etc. None of which was true. Also, NO MOLD clearly written into closing…
Where would my child go to school @ Mason, OH? Sixteen years old, mentally & physically handicapped...
Are there any resources for parents of children with special needs that move to OH? I'm really nervous about her switching schools! We are currently in SC.
Can i Change a Realtor in Florida?
a realtor shoved a paper to me the first time we met to see a few houses. although we exchanged emails and phone call prior to that showing, she never indicated a paper should be signed. further more -…
I am looking to buy some flips in fl area. I
If you have experience in this area please let me know. thank you
When purchasing a home - can the bank just calculate their own property tax figure??
I just bought a home. The yearly property taxes is $2009 year. When my bank sent us the HUD, they listed the taxes as $3407. They said they are estimating the property tax value. When I sent them documentation…
How do I get finer criteria included in the selection of potential home?
Detail such as onor near the water, dock is big , 3 br, 2 full bath, 3 car garage, RV parking a plus Up to date Baths and Kitchen, Not more than 20 yrs. old etc.
We offered to put 50% down on a Short Sale home but now their lender wants proof but we haven't closed on our home yet so we don't have proof yet.....
...we have asked our lender for a larger loan which will cover the full price of the home we want to purchase, along with our 30% cash that we actually do have. Will their lender accept our preapproval…
Having issues getting my ernest check back from my realtor (And yes i should get it back and even she says I will)?
She keeps saying it should be mailed out, but I never receive. I don't think it's actually mailed out or will be. Any advice on how to get it back or who to contact? Thanks all!
This is an adorable home. Is it in foreclosure? Is the only way to buy a foreclosed house to pay cash or are there other options?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3097111988-288-Eastshore-Dr-East-Stroudsburg-PA-18301
Living in Topanga and working in Santa Monica... is it worth the commute?
We are a young couple with a dog who love to hike, but we'd also miss being close to restaurants and nightlife.
What kind of resident background screening, if any, is required by the HOA in Anthem, AZ?
Anthem, Az seems like a great community. Do they screen tenants, home owners? If so, how far back does the background screening search and what are they looking for as an acceptable resident?
What is the market like in reno.?
Are home prices stable? Going up? How much higher and. How fast? Are sellers getting asking prices? Or more or less and by how much?
how long does a relationship with buyer's agent last in CA?
If you sign a "disclosure and consent for representation of more than one buyer or seller"[C.A.R. Form DA, 11/06] in CA, how long does it last? Nowhere in the fine print does it mention any times? How…
what is my property worth?
10212 catherine dr austin,tx travis county
Is it possible to get a FHA loan with a 587 credit score? My fiancée scores a 683, but doesn't make much money.
Is there still such a thing as a "first time home buyers program" or any kind of down payment assistance programs?
What are my rights when I entered into an agreement with the landlord and he promised to have the rental house rehabbed and cleaned?
There are alot of problems, walls haven't been sanded or painted after drywall mudding. Exterior hasn't been painted. Back door is nailed shut. Guest bathroom is unuseable. 3 interior doors have to be…
I am an out of state buyer looking for property in Hunter's Creek Fl area..getting mixed messages about the area (zip code 32837) Is the area
safe? If the area is safe, what areas can you suggest? How about Pepper Mill? Ginger Mill? Southchase? I would appeciate any help. Thanks!!
Look under Rent - London, Ohio ---- 8420 Opossum Rd. -- this is a Fraud ---- it is not for rent.
I have received several calls. He is taking these people for money - I was told this was taken care of but it is still on this site. Please get it off now. I do not want anyone else pulled into this…
we want to buy a house we have no credit and bad credit what do we do first?
i have a credit score of 604 my husband has no credit and justed started.. we are both employed hes is full time working for the governement and i have a part time job follow a seasonal job. we make about…
how long should it take for the buyer to receive disclosure paper to sign?
I'm have been approve for a home and now I'm just waiting on the disclosure paper to sign how long do it take
Why do buyers not seek representation???
A potential buyer called me the other night and asked questions about a deal that he was involved with. The property was listed well above $1.5 million dollars. This person owns their own company, and…
What are the neighborhoods or towns to purchase a home in the Charleston area? Budget of about 300k-we have no children and love to be outside.
Interested in low crime, walking trails or side walks, well lit areas. Parks nearby, friendly neighbors, shops are resturaunts within 15 miles.
Which would be better for resale: a 3 BR Condo or a 2 BR House?
I've been looking at properties in Quincy for a max of $250,000. In that range I seem to be in the 3 BR condo in a converted 2 or 3 family or a 2 BR bungalow. Which is easier to sell and retains value…
How many want to buy a home in Ave Maria, Florida, where the new university and new hometown are located? I have one For Sale.
Due to health issues house has to be sold to move back near children up north and have to sell my house. Excellent price for nearly new house.
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