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For a quality custom new home on Vashon Island, what is the range of cost per sq ft. for construction?
Total livable sqft not to exceed 4000, custom contemporary design and materials
Can you please delete a post which states false information? I would appreciate immediate attention to this matter.
this was a post of a parent and included my name. If you would like to discuss this matter, I can be reached at 845-223-7360. thank you
Does it pay to purchase a home with a pool or look for a home inside a community that has a pool within?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3092160443-3811-Village-Oaks-Dr-Kingwood-TX-77339
is it true, when you make an offer on a house in Sun City,SC regardless to the price, you got to leave a check of $5000.00 as earnestmoney which will
later be used as partial downpayment and not returned to the buyer? According to my agent the earnestmoney has to be included as a partial downpaymen in Sun City, South Carolinat, if you want to or not. I…
isn't calla way a trailer park? Are you buying the lot or just the mobile home?
I am actually looking for a ranch or mobile home in the vicinity, as I have a spouse in a wheelchair. I currently live in a cape with up and downstairs, and a bathroom that is inacessible.
Will the value of lottery 1bd co-op in East Harlem rise? Is it safe to buy knowing that in15 yrs my retirement will not be enough to pay 800mtn &?
mrtg buying vs.renting Should I keep renting for $1000 vs. buying for 10-15years ($1900/month) in East Harlem? Is this a good investment or simply to expensive? Winning the lottery sounds great but…
I have finalized a house I need to buy. I just need a real estate agent to use their name. All legwork is done.
The agent can keep 25% of the commission he gets. Let me know if any agent is interested.
should the sellers give closing cost concessions?
a cash buyer wants documentation be paid by the sellers
for closing cost concession
in a Co-op building, buyer wants closing cost to be paid by sellers
What are the average maintenance fees on these Bronxville coops that range around $150,000?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1087369431-1470-Midland-Ave-1O-Bronxville-NY-10708
Where on the internet can I find the listing price history on a residential real estate.?
I am looking at a residential property that I know has had a reduction in the list price. I would like to see what the history of list price reductions has been, and what the original list price was.
Broker Advice - Southern California
Hi - I'm planning on relocating to Southern California this year and looking to focus on some flip opportunities from Malibu to Dana Point. Looking for opportunities to refurbish condos or houses that…
What exactly does it mean when a house says "ATTENTION VETERANS AND ACTIVE MILITARY SERVICE PERSONNEL"? Never mentions needing VA lending, however I
am a public teacher in a public school setting. Already preapproved for a FHA loan. Just looking for the right house in Dunedin area. Waiting on Fannie Mae for one bid but feel I should keep looking. Found…
anyone familiar with this home the area the complex etc please 621 Yacht Harbor Drive, Las Vegas NV 89145?
anythign you can add tell me would be great thank you ps looking for a nice neighborhood safe sane clean well kept etc -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3…
What is the access pattern of SEO Services?
What is the access pattern of SEO Services?
does this property have gas andwater on it already or would I have to put it there my self?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3105313827--W-Buffalo-Ave-Casa-Grande-AZ-85194?ecampaign=con_day_propertysearchforsale_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property…
painting the interior of a home????
anyone know how much it will cost to paint the interior of a average 4 bed two story home ?????
looking for an agent who knows about foreclosures in the 15636 area
Looking on the site and notice a few forecloseres. Does anyone know an agent who has experience with these. Thanks -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/10723…
Does an FHA appraisal look at detached outbuildings?
Does an FHA appraisal look at detached outbuildings? I want to use an FHA loan, but a VERY detached garage on the property is a teardown. Would that be a section I seller repair item? They do not want…
How much are property taxes?
I am moving from Knoxville, TN, and I was wondering what property taxes run there.
how do i force seller to honor contract in new york. they received a higher offer
i entered into a contract on 4/14 with a contingency for the sale of my home. The sellers got a better offer on 5/1 and activated the recall clause. I had 480 hours to find a buyer, til 5/21. I removed…
Is buying a home listed at way under appraisal a good idea?
We are very new to the idea of buying a home. We looked at a home that is bank owned (has been bank owned for about a year and a half.) The bank bought it for $250,000, it is listed at $299,000. The appraised…
Should I contact either the seller or seller's agent directly?
I feel like I was poorly represented by my last agent on this one property -- we went through a few weeks of "negotiations" with the seller's agent but there was no progress in part, I'm…
How is area near Wilson Park in Mineola? I am looking at a house off Colonial Avenue next to the School by the dead end street.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3100478926-7-Capital-Pl-Mineola-NY-11501
Purchase contract for non Realtor but active agent.
I am a new self-sponsered licensed managing broker but do not practice real estate actively. I am not a member of any Realtor association nor have MLS access. My question is 1) If I am eligible for Co-op…
Looking to purchase a 3 or 4 bedroom home in the Altoona or Hollidaysburg area.
Modern/Contemporary style would be a plus .prefer a level lot in the price range of $180.000 to $275.000. less if the home has potential and needs work and a little more if it's move in ready.
Getting a home loan
If i have bad credit can i get a 60k loan. I'm sure i can't but what would be and acceptable deposite to get a loan?
My son is currently renting in Altoona PA and has been offered to buy a house for $5000.He says the house
needs work and I advised him not to sign anything until an inspection can be done. He wants to go ahead regardless of what the inspection results are because he was told the house is worth $12,000 (appraised…
Conventional vs VHDA or FHA mortgage if I can qualify for all of them?
I have excellent credit and about a 5% downpayment saved up (and closing costs). I am a first time homebuyer looking for something in the 300-420K range in Fairfax county- is it better for me to find a…
What are the best Florida cities to buy investment residential real estate in the 100k-120k range?
Currently looking at Orlando but flexible. also looking for property management. Interested in talking with realtors/property managers to start the process. Please respond if you have deep experience you…
As a buyer in NJ that bid on a Short Sale & the owner accepted, can the realtor still show the property & accept another bid?
(Since seller's approval of my bid (cash offer), it's been 2 1/2 months and we're still waiting on the bank's approval.)
Lease to own housing information/or agent needed, for a 5 bedroom
in Rockwall, Fate, Royse City, Wylie or Rowlett. Priced under 160k. Our credit scores are were they need to be to buy a home, but we have some minor collections that's holding us back. If anyone…
Any information about The Trails HOA in Roselle?
I am seeing some negative comments online, but only from a couple of people but it still has me really nervous. We are considering buying a detached home in that division
I've been self employed for 6 months now. should I buy a home asap since my 2 yr tax returns will show work history?
I have worked for the same company for three years. I made 84,000 in 2011 but stoped working for the company to pursue self employment in july of 2012. Should i try to buy a home asap since my last 2…
Why is this home only being sold for 25,000?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3102866524-368-Owen-Hollow-Rd-Big-Flats-NY-14814
I just turned 21 years old and have never filed taxes before, can I still get approved for a loan?
I have never filed taxes before because I made less than 5 thousand a year until last year...I started a new job in April of last year and have made about 40,000 so far. I have good credit (around 680…
What is the best bank to go through for a VA or FHA Home Loan with a middle score of 588? Buying in Roseburg, Or.
This is one acre with an existing mobile on it. We want to remove the existing mobile and build a house.
Considering a move from CO (excellent public schools) to UT...
and am concerned about the public school ratings in SLC - can someone offer perspective on the quality of public schools in Park City? (3 elementary aged children). Thanks, Cam.
How can I buy a nice foreclosed single-family home near Casselberry, FL, for about 35,000? I want to be near the Orlando VA Clinic for medical care.
Could I get a buyer's agent to help me? How does that work? Should I buy a lot, and get a pre-fabricated house built, and have a well dug? What is my most economical way to buy myself a home, 3b/2ba?
Can I apply FHA 3.5% down payment loan?
I am going to move to USA to stay with my husband in San Francisco. He has been working in San Francisco for 1 year. We are going to buy a house or condo in san francisco or nearby cities. Do we qualify…
I'm looking at a condo that's been on the market for close to a month now. Right now the price is $69,000. What would be a fair asking?
price? I'm a first time home buyer and I am going to go through two government programs that will help with closing cost and the down payment. I have a few thousand dollars in savings but some are…
In short sale after the bank designate a BPO, normally how long it takes to the closing date? Being a buyer how important is to have my own attorney?
I have a realtor representing me but I don't want future problems after I buy the property as such violations, no permits, association fees, taxes etc.
Lakes and Birds - Neighborhood and Railroad Track Information Needed..
1. In the neighborhood of Falcon and Lark on Lowry Road, does anyone if it is hard to sell or get good price due to the railroad track nearby? 2. Where could I find the frequency of the trains on this…
Taxes on JC Condos?
I made an offer on a condo in the Portofino and then noticed that the taxes are $11,000 a year! The MLS for other buildings like the Mandalay and the Shore have taxes like 6000-8000 on a similar sq…
Are buyers really supposed to expect a "good deal" with short sales?
I am a buyer in the middle of a short sale, and I put in an offer just a few thousand below asking 7 months ago. Now, the bank has countered $75k more than my offer, saying that that price is what the…
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