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I would like to speak to a lender who won't run my credit yet. I have my own copies of my credit report. I just need some feedback.
thank you for all of your answers that helped very much. here is my next question. My husband and I are cleaning up our credit and saving for our down we are looking to go FHA and we will have the down…
How is the property tax figured into the mortgage amount?
When I do the estimates the calculators only seem to want to add about $100 on top of the mortgage amount, but they can't be right b/c the avg taxes in the area I am looking at is about $2700/yr.
Hello, Im looking for a rent to own or c4d house in or close to Benson.
I will be able to get a loan in 5 yrs or less, just need to get some things on credit report cleaned up. 2000.00 down, 450.00 a month 6 percent interest. Thanks!
Any advice for two couples looking to buy some land together? Should we co-op? joint ownership? How do we handle the legal portion & deeds, etc?
We're looking for 5 acres more like 10 that we can live on, have some livestock (alpacas, horses, goats, sheep maybe a couple of cows). Also will be doing above ground hydroponic organic farming. We would…
I am first time buyer, knowing the listed price of a house, I need to know the best way to determine the offer price?
I am interested in a pre owned house, listed price is 230k, I want to make an offer, I am first time buyer then I need to know how to determine a fair offer -- This question was asked from this property:…
My partner and I are looking to buy in the 300k to 400k. In process of getting a VA loan but not sure whether he can be on the loan with me.
I have been told yes and no. We are not married but could do so in DC or MD since it is not allowed here -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3117380068-2100-…
please remove my picture from my address 309 Vanette Drive 23322
Please remove my picture from 309 Vanette Drive 23322 thanks
looking for land ten plus acres to put 12 cows on asap. Eldorado /Placer county Ca is this possible?
looking for agriculture land 5 acres or more with possibilities to put a modular on it later would like water, sewer/septic, electric to the land done have RV to park there for now would like year…
Looking for a buyer's agent in the Bay Ridge, Brooklyn (11209) area.
How does one go about finding an exclusive buyer's agent, particularly one that is knowledgeable about the Bay Ridge, Brooklyn (11209) area? Thank you.
any mortgage lenders with access to non-traditional lenders?
i want to put in an offer for a home that is $1.1m. i plan to put 20% down. I have plenty of liquid assets ($800k) and make good money but a good portion of our income is self employed. self employment…
Bought a short sale but renting it
I moved to Seattle 6 months back and was planning to buy a condo, did not get it at that time so took a 12 month lease. Now I recently got a short sale after 5 months of applying. I am obliged to complete…
how dp you send this to a friend via e mail?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3102775435-167-B-St-Vallejo-CA-94590
Do I qualify for a mortgage with a 662 credit score? My former spouse is responsible for a $70,000 IRS tax lien that is also in my name.
I have a steady, provable income and have not used credit cards for many years. I have no debt with the exception of the enormous tax lien that appears on my credit report. I want to purchase a house…
trulia your information is wrong..wrong house wrong everything you should be sued for false information
the house at 1579 pennwood circle south clearwater, fl shows the house on peaceful lane.....and information on that house...get things right before you put them on the internet...people should not use…
Is there any repair situation where we have recourse after closing on a house? Finding faulty structure and huge well problem in our first month.
30 year old master bedroom addition was permitted but no CO until we made it condition of sale. Town issued CO to seller based on inspection report from electrician and plumber, but no open walls or structural…
could you recommend contractors for a new home in Dickson County? 1992 sqft...
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3096077983-461-Sylvis-Rd-Dickson-TN-37055
Compensate of delay of escrow closing
Seller is asking the compensate due to delay of escrow closing. Escrow close date is March 30 and today is may 5th. The delay is mostly bought on by the seller's title company, appraiser making several…
I want to know if this property is still for sale and if I can buy it with the FHA program, thank you 33 NW 27th Ct Miami, FL 33125
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3097427249-33-NW-27th-Ct-Miami-FL-33125
Can I get a appointment to see the properie and talk with the agent please?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3081465010-2415-NW-16th-Street-Rd-8-Miami-FL-33125
signed a new home purchase contract but now want to purchase a different home with the same builder.
Hi,I signed a new home purchase contract on a spec home that's scheduled for release in Oct- I also put down 5% of the price. A few days ago, I saw a new home I really loved, in a different location,…
1 story house with 3 br and 2 baths w/garage
aroun $160,000 to $200,00 -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3115012129-547-Reed-Rd-Dalton-GA-30720
What is land lease ? Is it safe to buy and apartment Ina land lease building ? What is the downside ?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3113012814-303-E-57th-St-33G-New-York-NY-10022
my husband was pre approved for a loan, the loan officer said we got it and an appraisal was done, a week later she calls and says sorry but
cooperate denied you for lack of credit and poor credit history, we spent 1000 for downpayment and 330 for inspection now what do we do?
What is the best investment opportunity in Denver for a first time buyer who wants to fix up a place? Duplex? Quadplex? Single Family?
And in general what do the professionals believe is an inefficiency in the market right now?
What is the deal with rental income and buying a new home?
We own a condo in Arlington Village and would like to rent it out and buy something bigger. Our mortgage broker told us we do not qualify to use the rental income at this point. What should we do? Thanks.…
Is this clause common in normal residential home purchase P&S?
Buyer acknowledges that they are fully satisfied with the condition of the premises and are accepting the premises “as is” in its current condition, reasonable wear and tear between the date…
My husband, a physician, recently (12/12) changed from W-2 to 1099 and it is creating problems looking for a mortgage for a local move
a new company took over the contract to staff the ER where he works, so he is at the same hospital, doing the same job, just paid by a different company (of which he is a partner) using a 1099 not a W-2.…
What is the ground rent on this home and what development is it in?
35365 Sussex ln 351298 -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3060374834-35365-Sussex-Ln-51298-Millsboro-DE-19966
Hi all, I am looking for 2 bed and 2 bath in and around San Jose or Santa Clara or Sunnyvale. Looking for price range there.
Could anyone provide info on what could be the reasonable price-range? Will I be able to acquire a decent home between 150k to 250k?
I have a new lead and state that they saved some homes to search They expect me to be able to access that information but I cannot! Please help
I have a lead but I cannot figure out about those houses that they need help with. They say they saved some searches...What can I do???
Why are properties in Greystone subdivisoin (Boone NC) selling for so much less than other gated areas?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3089176318-Single-Family-Home-Boone-NC-28607
Are you a buyer agent for Homosassa, FL.?
Need special assistance from an experienced agent. Please call. Best of success to you, Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate Remax Realtec Group Palm Harbor, FL 727.420.4041 http://RealEstateMadeEZ.us
can i buy a house no down paymet?
i want a house but i don't have money?
FICO and home purchase
I checked my FICO score recently for one of the credit bureaus and it is around 660. I also have an S-corp that is the principal source of income for me. I paid myself roughly around 80k in salary last…
Why aren't realtors pricing homes for todays market? They price them high and then have to go back and reduce
the price ? I know everyone thinks their home is actually worth more than it is but why aren't the realtors advising them?
Home Inspection
I am buying my first house and have a home inspection tomorrow. The house is only 11 years old and is city sewer and water. And it is also heated by gas. With that said what should I be looking for when…
How much does it cost to remove/fill in a pool?
I'm looking at houses in the Westover area and some of them I've liked except for the fact it has a pool and in wanting to put a bid on the house I want to subtract the cost of removing the pool. Thanks
I am looking for a house in Stamford and I found a cute single family house for sale in Saint George Ave
Stamford CT 06905. Is that a good area? I need a good real estate agent who can help me.Any recommend?
Looking to buy a home
Looking to purchase my first home. My credit is about 625. And I dont make alot. My husband had a foreclosure 2 yrs ago. could he cosign if I needed one? Our lease is up in May 2011, so I have to get the…
My husband had a foreclosure 3 yrs ago. we are going to begin our process of looking for another home. Where should i start? is there anything I need?
to know when it comes to the banks nowadays? And should we shop around for the best mortgage as to settling with one? Will it hurt our credit scores?
2305 Bentley for sale??
Does anyone know what is going on with 2305 Bentley Ave in Merritt Island? It has been listed for a while?
Buying house after a foreclosure
Husband had a foreclosure. Trying to get a FHA Loan. We are legally free and clear from all obligations to foreclosed house.Sherriff sale was 03/09. end of redemption period was 09/09. House was sold in…
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