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Is it costly to buy a manufactured home and land in the inland empire?
;I looked at some beauties about 8 or 9 years ago before moving to the mid-west but never got around to the problem of finding and buying the land to go with the house?
Purchasing a home after Bankruptcy and waiting period?
I'm currently in a Chapter 13 plan and will finish in 5 months. During this time I was able to obtain 2 secured credit cards and work on reestablishing good credit and currently have a score of 728. I've…
Is it reasonable to ask for a repair or credit for improper flashing on windows and porches?
There is evidence the contractor-owner who renovated this summer improperly flashed windows and the porch. Is it reasonable to ask for a repair or credit for this potential major water issue? There are…
How do you decide how much the replacement cost of house is?
I have gotten several insurance quotes and the coverage amounts they recommend for replacement of dwelling go anywhere from 30% below the purchase price to 20% above. We are getting a short sale so the…
can a Realtor help with the TMP 79 or FHA paperwork or is it something that we need to do prior to getting a Realtor?
we are looking to relocate and purchase a house in SA. we are new to the process and came across this two programs online TMP 79 and FHA so we thought if we can get one of these loans it will be easier…
Rental homes in Carson, Gardena or Lakewood area of LA county
Hello, I am interested in seeking the best option for rental homes. With all the rental scams that are going on I'd prefer to deal with a realtor or property management office to help me through this process.…
Land Contract Home
I am looking for a land contract home in the Coopersville/Lamont/Nunica area. Are there any available?
I am considering buying a lot in yorba linda to build a custom. What are the drawbacks? How difficult is Yorba LInda to work with on building?
Home size would be 3500-4000 sq ft. Where is best to get info on contruction loan and building costs?
Can seller pay for closing costs if I'm using a USDA loan?
Basically, I'm trying to figure out all of the immediate expenses associated with buying a house (I'm a first-time buyer). I've been pre-approved for a USDA loan, and am planning to go this route. If…
What does Contngt-Escape mean?
What does Contngt-Escape mean?
We're first time homebuyers interested in owner financing. Are there any listings, I can't seem to locate any.?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3107160844-218-Colglazier-Ave-San-Antonio-TX-78223
Looking for a 2 bedroom home that is wheels chair accessible with garge and basment in Sedalia Mo.
Also looking for a person that would consider trading this home for one in Clinton Missouri.
1 year after foreclosure with only rental income
I'd like to know if financing is available under a portfolio loan, or otherwise, after a foreclosure. I had a foreclosure 1 year ago. I currently have 5 different properties that I own in CA. I rent out…
Should you buy a house when there are no permits/certificates of occupancy for changes that have been made to the original house?
I won a bidding war for a house my family really likes but have since found out there are no permits/certificates of occupancy for an approximately three foot lengthening of the garage (which is all brick…
price appreciation in NJ vs other locations?
i have a home in nj that's about 650K.. i see a number of people moving to low cost locations such as houston & raleigh to save dollars on mortgage... would i be right in thinking that the prices…
I would like to know if its a quiet and peacfull neighborhood
I would like an email on any upcoming shortsales and auction properties...My email is cjdaniels54@gmail.com...my name is Charles and i am looking to purchase something for my daughter.The sooner the better.Thanks…
Home inspection was lousy. Do I have to pay this?
I called and scheduled a home inspection. Inspector spent about 2 hours looking at the property (a 1300 sq ft townhome), but didn't evaluate the main components such as roof, plumbing, among other things.…
What is wrong with 41 Wolfpit Avenue units? I see too many apartments on sale in this building. Could someone please advise?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1080862566-41-Wolfpit-Ave-5-O-Norwalk-CT-06851
I will be moving into the Greensboro area on the 27th of this month.
I have two young sons in 2nd and 7th grades. I am really concerned about finding an apartment that will be near great schools. The school we are leaving here in Buffalo NY is a wonderful school and I would…
West somerville
How is the neighborhood? I know the area that is close to davis sq is pricy, but how about the area that is >=1miles to davis sq. I noticed that the condo there often can stay in the market for a while
Can I buy a house now even if I don't have any credit history yet since I just recently got my permanent?
resident status? I am currently employed and I have enough savings for a downpayment. Please help. Thanks
buying after a short sale. Been 2 years, have 20% down payment
I am looking for a Direct Lender who follows FNMA Guidelines. I am looking for 80% LTV purchase money financing. 2 year waiting period over in May 2013, have good with credit scores in the 700s, have job…
taxes per year on 500,000 home
what do taxes run per year
If the 1st lender negotiates with the 2nd lender before putting the home on an online auction, Is the 2nd lender not involved in the process anymore.?
....we put in an offer on a Short Sale about 3 months ago and as soon as we thought we were near the end of the process, the lender says that they will need to negotiate with the 2nd lender and also that…
When a co-op declines a person without ever interviewing them despite them having excellent credit, great down payment and was buying a fixer upper .?
Doesn't co-op board have obligation to tell shareholder why the person was denied. She put it in writing but it was never addressed. Rumors have it that board wants the unit for a friend.
I'm looking for rent to own option for purchasing a coop / apartment in the Yankee Stadium - Grand Concourse
vicinity. I have approximate $20K for a down payment plus closing costs but am looking for payments of no more than $1,100 per month including maintenance. My credit is so-so due to high leverage. Thank…
gov shutdown & closing delays...... anyone experience delays with closings, loan apps, & deadlines being expired?
have too closings that where suppose to close this month, docs will expire. any recourse to get same interest rate when underwriting approval expires?
2201 N. richland
What is the going rate in this neighborhood?
Can't find what we want in Sylva, NC area. Looking for small home w/a few acres... 2 or 3 acres & up.
small, low maintenance home w/small acreage with 'horses' allowed. The horses would only be there in summer & we can put up our own fence & barn IF there is none on the property.
Apartment rentals in south Sarasota that are not dependent on a credit check?
I have a friend who is recently separated, and is currently staying with his parents. The parents are moving out of the country in a few weeks. His problem is that his credit is not that great, but he…
I am looking to purchase a home, and am wondering about the $8,000 credit. I am going through a divorce. My
ex-husband, prior to us marrying, bought a home. I think i was added to the deed automatically when we married, but have not seen my name on paperwork, nor am i on the financial part of the mortgage. would…
Looking for a great realtor that is familiar with the Delaware, OH area.
We are looking for a great realtor that specializes in foreclosures and is familiar with the Delaware, OH area. We are moving to the area to be closer to our kids and want a realtor that will be able to…
If i have a 2 yr lease and the owner defaults and we put a bid on the property and he doesn't except it and submits someone else offer, can i
sue him for breach of contract and for the money we've invested into the home on repairs done to the home? Since we were to buy the property after the two yr lease was up
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