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How do I find out if short sales are available in a new condo building I would like to buy in?
There seem to be many apartments that move from ïn contract¨to ¨for sale.¨ Who would I ask about short sale apartments
Thanks to all for your response to my attorney question. I have change attorney, cost $1500. Next question. I sat down with mortgage broker
yesterday and fill out the mortgage application , at the end he said the application would not be submitted until I pay out of pocket $450 for and inspection. I questioned this request seeing that 6% sellers…
Can the buyer sue the seller and have any time limit to sue the seller?
How if the seller refuse to closing the house after both buyer and seller have signed the contract and the seller has get the approval from the bank
Refinancing in NYC/Brooklyn
Hi, Do I necessarily need to have a lawyer when I am refinancing the condo in Brooklyn? What is the lawyer for? Also, Do I need to have a tittle at hands for refinancing?
Can we move the approved loan to a different house since seller issues are going on 2 months.?
The road that runs in front of our rural home is in question by lender. The seller has deed issues to prove she owns the road. Can we move our loan to a different home? After 2 months we are just annoyed…
I'm looking to buy 1bed apartment for investment and lease it out in Brooklyn?
Please let me know if it must be a condo or I can buy a co-op as well?
Student looking to purchase Multifamily house in Crown Heights, Brooklyn or Sunset Park, Brooklyn
Hello, I am currently a senior graduating Baruch College with over two years of internship experience (although it was not full-time, I have income from the experiences). I have signed a contract to…
2 family in Jersey City-Oil tank (online auction website)
was in contract after being a winning bidder through an online auction website. I insisted on doing a oil tank sweep and found an oil tank and worse oil spill with possible contamination that would require…
Do we need to put a down payment if we want to buy or rent a home for $465-$500 in the Springdale and/or Siloam Springs?
My fiance has a a credit score between 630-700 and my credit score is 674, would we qualify for a big loan?
30-yr. male walks home late from office near Boston Library to 137 Warren Ave. Should he worry about him being assulted?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3117169779-137-Warren-Ave-Boston-MA-02116
Are you looking for a home in the highly ranked Dublin School district, but want to pay lower Union County taxes?
JEROME VILLAGE IS THE PERFECT COMMUNITY FOR YOU! Jerome Village will include the perfect blend of diverse residential housing, schools, a community center, a collection of local shops, amphitheater,…
I did not remove loan contingency. The sellers are demanding that I perform even though I have been informed that I do not qualify for a loan.
Sellers are now threatening to sue me for the good faith deposit in small claims. What can I do? My agent sucks.
? About purchase of a home?
What do I need to do to meet the requirements to purchase a home. My husband I do not have perfect credit but are both employed full time. We have been living in our town house for four years but with…
Looking for a family-oriented, safe, progressive neighborhood (kids 12,13) that is in or within 15 minutes from Madison city lines....
Currently live in Fitchburg on a street where neighbors are not social and there aren't any kids. Perhaps looking for something non-existent, but woud like a neighborhood where neighbors are friendly and…
I need help!! I'm looking to own a 3bdrm townhome in a family friendly area.
I have a credit score of 523. I make 50k a yr. I have about 30k in student loans. I don't have any credit cards. Besides the loans, I have a car note which is always paid on time and I have 3 accounts…
Made offer was accepted; appraisal came back $22K less; disputed appraisal to get more $$ from lender; seller won't budge.
Seller overpriced house (based on current comps and difference paid originally for home compared to others in area. Seller insulted because his agent supported the original selling price. No upgrades…
Best Cities in Texas for Investing?
We're looking to develop a portfolio of properties by buying and rehabbing, holding some as rental properties and flipping others to increase capital. We like Austin for population growth, Houston for…
Any investors willing to purchase a home for me in the Villa Park area and are willing to " Rent to own back to me " ?
I'm a single mother with 2 big dogs and to rent is impossible, I have recently separated and my credit is NOT good enough for a home purchase. Any investors interested in helping me out, Let me know??
Our current mortgage is in my wife's name. She has allowed the house to go to foreclosure proceedings 3 times as recently as last summer.
She makes 120k. Her credit score is 584. My crdit score is 670. I left my job as we are relocating because of her job. Last year I w2'ed 76k. Cam we get a loan? 25% down
Level 2 Chimney Inspection for a home built in the 60s
All, My husband and I have put in an offer on a home and the offer has been accepted. The home inspection has brought up a few issues, but nothing major.My husband and I are wondering if we should get…
Is the square footage for a duplex listed shown as the entire duplex (both sides) or just for one side of the duplex?
ex. Duplex listed states 1800 sq ft for a 3 bedroom. Is it 1800 sq ft for that part or 900 sq ft?
Can I cancel purchase agreement on foreclosure property with bank without losing my deposit money?
We bought a town home from Bank as foreclosure. The closing date Sep 10, the problem that the bank keep on delaying the closing date. I get extension to sign on every 2 weeks, because apparently some legal…
How is the management at Charlestowne Townhouses/Condominiums on Darren Cir.?
The prices for the units for sale seem awfully low. I saw an article in the Pilot awhile back about water being turned off because people weren't paying their HOA fees. Is this a poorly managed community?
Why do I consider buying new construction generally better than buying existing??
Do new homes have a greater amount of appreciation then existing homes over a 2 year, 4 year, 10 year period?
They have the school district listed in the wrong county. The home is in Hancock county and is in the Mt Vernon Township School district.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3012965531-7262-W-500-N-McCordsville-IN-46055
Can I withdraw $ from my IRA to give to son for his first time home purchase if I purchase home and sell to him on a land contract?
I have owned multiple homes. For my son, this will be his first time buying. I know that I can withdraw IRA $, up to $20K from me and my wife, to give to my son for a first time purchase. The question…
Ceiling was peeling and was covered by drop ceiling. Need to get a Lead Paint inspection. Any recommendations? Prices?
In the process on purchasing a a 3 unit multi-family property. When I went to the home, I observed that the original ceiling was being covered by drop ceiling. The ceiling paint was peeling so I think…
Lexington neighborhood charlotte
Can I get details of HOA for lexington neighborhood to review before considering buying a home there?
can you have power of attorney over an estate if you got 7 siblings?
I have 7 brothers and the home is up for sell and I was asked if I had a will. is power of attorney enough or will I need their signature
why would a need a will if I already have power of attorney before I go to closing?
I company wants to my me sell as home and we were suppose to go to closing but the decided to put it back.
I am searching for a home in Surprise, AZ and I need help with the customized suggestions feature...
I keep getting suggestions near my current residence. How do I get it to give me suggestions for the location we are moving to?
want house on lagoon
Add some detail about your question
If there is a verbal acceptance on a property I like, should I request a showing?
I would like to see a property in Mandeville but an agents states there is a verbal acceptance?
Does anyone know of any solid, firm plans to build more shopping in the Reunion area?
We have looked around at homes in Reunion but are unimpressed with shops. Other than a King Soopers and Starbucks, not much else to offer up there. No library? Have to drive to Green Valley Ranch for…
Can I use equity on my fha owner occupied multi family home towards a down payment for a single family home?
I purchased a four unit multi family home two years ago in a desirable area. I purchased it with an FHA owner occupied and live in the smallest unit. The three other units rents still pull in a monthly…
What does special account receivable mean in the HOA documents financial statement ? Does this mean association is collection special assessment?
What does special account receivable mean in the HOA documents financial statement ? Does this mean association is collection special assessment
How do you respond to an add.?
I hit reply I then login to my triula account and it does not have an area with the message nor can I respond. So far I am not impressed with your company, can you tell me what is going on.
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