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I am looking for an owner finance
around Clarksville area. I can make monthly payments under $400 (on fixed income), but don't have down payment money. 3bed 2 bath.
How do I estimate the cost of homeowner's insurance in Nassau County or Queens County?
I'm trying to determine what I will be able to afford when I buy later this year. The only variable I am having difficulty with is the cost of homeowner's insurance. I've been using a figure of $1500,…
Is there any house for rent to own that are Pet friendly in Libertyville, Iowa?
I am looking for a home that is Possibly 2 bedrooms 1 bath and is Pet friendly
Are there any 'mother/daughter' or 2 family homes in my preferred area for @ $400,000?
We want 3 br over 2br or really great finished basement & driveway
1114 Washington Blvd #2905 Has this unit been sold? It's been listed for 1 mill. It couldn't have sold for that much after 5 years! Could it?
1114 Washington Blvd #2905 Is this condo sold? -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1081113080-1114-Washington-Blvd-2905-Detroit-MI-48226
Hi, I'm thinking of relocating to Florida, possibly the Miami area. What are the safe neighborhoods to live in?
Waterfront would be great, but not required. I also like to mountain bike, so if there are trails around the area, that would be a plus. I'm looking to raise a family, so safety and good schools are very…
Is a RedFin Agent or Discount Broker a Good Choice for the Savings?
I will be relocating with my family from Boston to the SF Peninsula for a new job at Google (Mountain View campus) in late August. We want to BUY (not rent) a home in Palo Alto or Los Altos. Our budget…
We are looking to rent a unique SF space that has creative energy. Conversion loft or work/live space is ideal
My Husband and I are relocating from Venice, CA to San Francisco due to a job opportunity. Unfortunately, we have no knowledge about the many different neighborhoods and what they offer. We are both creative,…
If a seller refuses to move at closing dates, what is the buyers rights?
The seller and I signed a contract saying the closing date was a certain day. I was paying cash for the property. When my money arrived from my retirement and we approached closing dates, the seller says…
Water leakage under ac unit in house hallway
I bought my home 2 months ago clovis nm i just found my hall carpet wet and thevwood laminate flooring in bedroom squishy with water i opened vent cover under water heater/ac closet and found storage bucket…
can a owner of a house rent it out if they are in default on there loan?
i am renting a house in san diego california,i recieved a letter of default for the home i am renting showing the second morgage is almost $29000.00 behind and in default.
Short sale house
If the house for sale and I make an offer to the bank $15,000 less then the price of house will the bank take it?
Any rent to own homes?
Are there any 3 bedroom rent to own/lease option in west Lafayette or Lafayette, Indiana? Where the rent isn't too expensive? Say around $600?? Any with basement?
Anything we can do against the previous owners of our home if it was not as advertised?
...house was specifically advertised as having a "heated pool". We found out later (this summer) the heater is broken, and will cost nearly $3k to fix! Also, after talking w/ various people,…
Can anyone recommend a home inspector in Fort Wayne, IN?
Can anyone recommend a home inspector in Fort Wayne, IN?
I am looking into buy at Treviso bay naples fl. Should I be concerned about value for my money considering many lots still for sale?
I am not looking to move in full time for years but want to make sure I am buying in a good location.
Selling a home "AS-IS" & Disclosure
Home marketed with disclosure and listing errors. Inspection completed and defects found (some potentially dangerous). Answer to defects was that the home was being sold AS-IS but it was not in any of…
Is there a agent?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3063998257-1619-64th-St-Brooklyn-NY-11204
for two hundred thousand dollars one ought to have pictures of the place, don't you agree?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3121504635-809-Washington-Ave-Sellersville-PA-18960?ecampaign=con_day_propertysearchforsale_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/pro…
Nosy Relatives - I don't want them simply looking for the address online and finding out the amount the house was sold for.
I am planning on purchasing a Short Sale property in Perkasie, PA. I don't want my nosy relatives simply looking for the address online and finding out the amount the house was sold for. I was told by…
How long does it usually take for short sale approval once the BPO has been ordered?
Contract was signed in March and the BPO was just scheduled for next week. The bank is Wells Fargo
Aside from structural, home, termite and chimney inspection, should we ordered lead inspection?
we're buying a house built in 30s which's been updated well maintained. We ordered structural, home, termite and chimney inspections. Is lead inspection needed? What other inspections should…
I am in South Bay own home in santa clara and looking to move to San Ramon/Pleasanton area for good schools [elementary, middle, high] for my 2 kids
Primary objective is good public schools and flexible on condo/townhouse/sq.ft .. as currently in s.bay would have to put them in private. Suggestions welcome
Looking for home in Santa Clara - budget 750K
I am looking to buy a home in SC/95051/0. have 2 year old twin girls, public schools are important. spacious family and living rooms a must w nice backyard (no swimming pool). Is it possible? Email…
Can I connect two adjacent homes in Los Angeles (zip code 90045)?
I live in one of the houses (3 BR 10K sq. ft) and the adjacent property (also 3BR, 11K sq. ft) has come on the market. I am not sure if we can buy it and connect it to our existing structure - we do need…
Is this a safe neighbourhood? Do new families move in here?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3058222925-21-11th-Ave-NE-Rochester-MN-55906
Are home sales (i.e. public records) available on the internet?
I'm trying to find out when a home last sold and what the sale price was.
Q: How does one begin to search for the owner of an abandoned property; who owns it now? (Ie: Bank)
Q: How does one begin to search for the owner of an abandoned property, who owns it now (which banking institution) and more importantly, is this house for sale? I’ve spent a better part of the…
HELP! Picky couple needs a 5 bedroom home in or near Greenbriar area by August. (Poor credit, good salary with proof) losing all hope...
We are looking to move in the Greenbriar area or near it. We have a 2500 a month limit, a low credit score of around 630's and only 20,000 to put as a down payment (the only interest rate we get offered…
Any Rent-to-own/owner financing agents out there?
My husband and I are currently looking for realtors to help us find a home with rent-to-own/owner financing options. Is anyone an agent that could help us or knows of anyone that could help?
Is this property for sale or am I only buying/leasing the business?
What are the monthly HOA's and what do they include?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3100404928-690-Osceola-Ave-303-Winter-Park-FL-32789
i would like to buy the house at 320 weaver lane ray city ga.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3113584646-320-Weaver-Ln-Ray-City-GA-31645
I have always rented and now I'm at a point where I want to purchase my own home. I am a single mother of a special needs child that receives
SSI. The rules with SSI is that you can't make over $2000 a month. With my job and my son's SSI I pretty much bring in that amount. I know I don't have the largest income compared to other…
Can I sue a real estate company for a house that was on the market that turns out to be unsaleable ?
We made an offer on a house and put 1000 down in earnest money, and the day before closing the seller informs everyone that he ows his ex 15,000 from the sale (there was not that much profit) so there…
Is it okay for the buyer to contact the sellers agent to find out the status of a short sale?
We have been under contract since early March and 3 weeks ago the bank finally came back with a counter offer. We accepted this offer and our agent has been trying to contact buyers agent and she does…
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