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Appraisal comes in lower
Can I borrow cash from family or friend to pay a difference? I thought that money needs to sit in the bank for 90 days or it does not apply to this situation. Please advice. Thank you
I had an appraisal don on 6/27/13 on two homes. she cashed my check on 7/5/13. it is now 8/17/13 and still haven't received them.
I text and email. always say they're done and ill send them later. but I never get them. what do I do??????
How much does square footage determine amount of taxes in Jackson NJ?
We are looking to sell our house in Howell to downsize to a much smaller home in Jackson. We hear that Jackson has high taxes but the homes we are looking at seem to have much lower taxes than we pay in…
, Home Buyer in Staten Island, NY are insurance companies withdrawing from insuring homes near the water? i am intersted in a new construction in t
Please give me some truthfull answers. Also insurers are adding 5 % hurricane deductible of $27000 before they pay anything
Getting a mortgage with a 626 fico
I live in Massachusetts and recently got my fico up to a 626, can I qualify for a home now my income is 75k?
Building a home in our land
Hello I am looking for buying a home and I was checking 1950's home and kind of frustrated for the price and the budget. Buying a land and ask some builder to build a home is cheap? Do you have any suggestion…
Is there a local lender that will wrap up the closing costs in the mortgage?
We live in Midland, but are using a lender out of Dallas. We have been told not to worry about closing costs. When we made an offer on a house, all the sudden we have to come up with 9k up front for closing…
Preliminary Research - When to Start?
My husband and I are seriously thinking of moving to Palm Coast in 18-24 months. We are just entering our fifties and want to get "rooted" before retirement in a nice community near the beach...Palm Coast…
Anyone looking for a home in the Austin Square are of Lynn, MA?
Fico 626 can I get approved for a house in Massachusetts
I have a 626 fico with an income of 75k a year I was denied 4 months ago but score was 586 I have since removed a false judgement against me and paid down most debts so today I am a 626 do I have a shot…
Vacation Condo for myself with flexibility to rent direct to family and friends
I'm looking to buy a condo near Disney World for myself and my family to use a total of probably 3 months out of the year. I'd like to be able to rent it directly to friends and extended family as well…
Did gas furnace exist in Montville back in the late 1970s?
We are looking at a house and was told that this late 70s built house never used oil tank before. And there is no permit on this house in the township. Since we were misled before on this oil tank issue,…
If the VA loan is declined can the seller keep the deposit?
The loan company took more than 21 days to issue it's decision.
First time home buyer!
My husband filed for bankruptcy 5 years ago, his credit scores are good now. We got approved for FHA $220000, at 4.250% APR but I will put a large down payment on the of $60 k does it worth it to get…
The prospective buyers accepted the asking price 0f $167000. Mu agents want 6%, the buyers want me to pay their agent's commission of 6%.
Is this common practice and legal? I'm a first time seller of my home and clearly gullible.
I am working with OHFA for the purchasing of a home.
My loan officer says she wants my kids (ages 13 and 10) social security numbers because its required to give them to OHFA. I've looked high and low through the OHFA website and see nothing anywhere that…
I have an issue in reference to items that were requested in the contract and the mortgage company is not trying to abide by the contract. On June
1, 2010 I sent in a contract for the purchase of a house. I, with the realtor and my fiancée called the listing agent and asked for a refrigerator, stove and dishwasher; while viewing the house. The…
Looking for a construction loan between 6-700,000.my credit score is bad 575-607 . My co borrower has 720 and up on hers . Our income is 230,000 a yr
We have no debt except car payments. Have no bankruptcy , no foreclosures nothing bad like that.have taken care of prior debt score just slow to move.credit cards have zero balance. Would lenders take…
Avoid Tax Shock?
Bought a house for $561K-seller paying tax on appraised value of 300K.Tax man knew what I paid and tax went up another 6K.Shopping for new house now.Any way to avoid this in the future?I will be 65 soon.Will…
Down payments on a house
How do down payments work? Say I am approved for 215,000 with a 3.5% down payment. Does the total purchase price of the house have to be 215,000 or can I buy one that is 220,000 because of my down payment?
Loan Above and Below $417K
Hello, My mortgage advisor says that if I have my mortgage amount of $417K or less, I will get a better rate than the mortgage amount above that. I know that somerset county is one of the high cost areas…
where can I find no income verification mortgages in NJ, PA or NY?
I'm an uni student have $120000 cash in hand, credit score over 700, plus my partner has self-employed for 2 years, annual income at $60000-80000, score over 700, can we get no income verification mortgage…
Looking for property at Lake Como? its best time to buy property at Lake Como.
A good news for real estate investors, average Italian property price fall in 2013, its best time to buy Italian property, If you going to buy Italian real estate like to recommend lake Como property,…
Searching for red tagged homes
How do I find a list of homes that have been red tagged? I'm looking in the SF Valley.
Should I get an inspection on a new construction?
I'm currently in the progress of closing on my new home and I'm curious if I should get an inspection even if the house is under warrany for 10 years?
Can I get financing with an IRS Tax Lien?
I currently have a tax lien from the IRS and am working with them now on it. I am waiting to hear back from them on a payment plan. The question is can I get financing during this stage?
Looking for Dec1 rental in 30339 or 30082. Lived in Paces Mills 2 yrs.ago a few yrs. Can negotiate with owner to hold property.?
Condo, Townhouse, or Home 2-3 Bed and Bath Upgrades specifically in the kitchen and bath Preference 30339 but 30080 is good. 2 year lease option offer I am particularly interested in Glennridge Point,…
How long to get your earnest money back in PA?
We had a deal fall through because the FHA found an issue with the house, so they wouldn't finance. We had the contingency in the offer for financing. Our agent had me send him a turn down letter from…
I'm looking for the most recent "sold comps" for a 3 bed/ 3 bath home in Spring Hill. I have my eye on a particular property.
Can anyone help me? I'd like as much info as possible before I fly down there. Thanks!
Is it possible to obtain a loan to purchase a foreclosure?
I'm considering buying a foreclosure and have enough cash on hand to place a bid, but not enough to pay for it entirely in cash. My concern is that my county Wake, North Carolina requires bidders to satisfy…
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