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i am trying to get help about buying a home
i am rebuilding my credit from a divorce in 07 i have found a cosigner that will cosign for me for a home loan but i cant find any finanical companies that will do it i dont have any repos or never filed…
Do most people get used to the noise? Is this a good a good bargaining chip?
Is it possible to get a train schedule to learn just how often a train passes by before buying into the home? Most of the homes we can afford are located within a half mile of the railroad tracks
Who knows a decent agent for the Mayfair area? I have been working with a few agent and I am very disappointed.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3106675526-2933-Robbins-Ave-Philadelphia-PA-19149
Does PMI insurance now require you pay 10 percent down.?
My son is getting loan pre-approval for a conventional loan. In January they told him he could get a loan for 3-5 percent downpayment. Now when he finally does the paper work to get his pre-approval…
Can I qualify for FHA loan or am I out of luck??
I am a 53 year old divorced woman. Filed for bankruptcy which included home, discharged Feb 2011. For many reasons which included separation and then ultimately divorce I chose not to reaffirm mortgage.…
Why is there such a huge fluctuation in home prices in Brooklyn Park, MN, compared to those in Texas?
I an thinking of relocating my family to Brooklyn Park to be near relatives, but am somewhat (very) offput by homes selling for $100,000 that aren't comparable to similar priced homes (in size, style,…
can i get a mortgage with a 638 credit score. i would be a first time home buyer. i am a divorced and i have been cleaning up my credit 3yrs.
there are 18 inquiries on my report. any suggestions would be great. a loan officer said i needed 3 buy lines. so i have a car payment and its only 5000. i got a credit card and some store cards.
Why aren't developers coming to Tracy to build new homes?
My parents are looking into purchasing a much larger NEW home for our growing family, but there's no new housing developments in the area to accommodate our wants and needs. We took a drive out to Manteca…
How much are the closing costs in San Diego?
How much are the closing costs for a 160k-200k loan in the San Diego area? Is this being split between the seller and buyer or is this being shouldered by the buyer alone?
I'm considering renting out my home in Gilbert and would like to purchase another home that is larger in Gilbert. How Challenging is it?
I also have a property that we are renting in Phoenix. When you apply for a loan do they consider all of the mortgages against you? I'm assuming there will be a gap before I have a renter in my current…
Lease Option / Rent-to-own in Mira Mesa / PQ - help
Looking for rent-to-own and lease option info for the Mira Mesa / PQ area. Do these even exist? My wife and I make enough to afford a home, but past credit issues and not a big down payment prevents us…
Why does the school gives 430 pages homework at summer to my child?
Every student in al madinah deserve to get a vacation and its Ramadan they get only two or three weeks day of a year but other school gets more. It's not fair for the students.
Considering purchasing a condo to rent out near Vandy. How strong is the rental market? Any suggestions?
Considering investing in a property that would have a strong potential to rent and be cash flow positive immediately with about 25% -35% down. Can furnish it and rent it as an executive rental if that…
How to get inspection and appraisal money back?
We are in the process of purchasing a home that was suppose to be a short sale. We put the offer in before it went to short sale status. we have an agreed upon price got funapproved and are fixing to close…
Are buyer's agents willing to represent someone looking for an inexpensive house?
I am at the very start of the home buying process and will be looking for a small starter home that will be easily afforded. I've heard that sometimes agents are not willing to work with someone who…
i want to see water front property
Add some detail about your question
homes for sale on contract in bedford indiana
Add some detail about your question
Holding people that post properties accountable.
It is so annoying to look for homes and have them be; room for rent, or tied to a foreclosure, or actually for sale, or not even real, or a rental property. If it is not a HOME for RENT do not post it…
I have a new home in Akumal, Mexico and want to sell it soon due to health reasons. What do I do to sell it?
It is a 3 Bedroom 3 bath home in the taoinspiredliving.com resort. It is the only one left of its kind.
How to convert a single family to multi family property?
What exactly needs to be done to make this happen?
Is 3004 Nathan Drive, Wylie, TX actually for sale?
It is not listed on any other site, and does not appear to be for sale on sight. Is this listing erroneous?
Thinking about buying a short sale home. Any advice?
Bank says will not respond on bid for aleast 120 days after being submitted.
who is to verify that a property meets usda guidelines (location, etc.)? buyer, mortgage broker, real estate agent, or someone else?
usda loan denied because of water well guidelines. it states 4 to a well, this property had 5 to the well. i recieved the well agreement after my offer was accepted. earnest deposit, appraisal fee, inspection…
We are new Windemere, San Ramon, residents and our 1st grade son cannot enroll in the school within 500 feet from our house.
We are paying the highest property taxes % than others in the surrounding area due to our 'Windemere' location, yet it seems that the school district allows anyone to enroll and put the school…
Seller doesn't want to pay closing costs after they already agreed to it? Do I still have to buy?
I signed papers to buy a house and the seller agreed to pay closing costs. They screwed up with the paper work and put the house is being paid for through a loan when it is cash. Now that its a cash…
I am wondering about FHA appraisal
I got per-approved for an FHA loan, paid for the appraisal, and was in the middle of closing when the UW decided that I am not able to get the loan. Now I paid $350 for an estimate of how much someone…
Graph covering June 30th, 2010 to June 30th, 2012 showing realestate trends in the average price of realestate in zip code 81623
To determine if the value of realestate has appreciated or depreciated in this zip code for the this specific period of time.
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