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Is there any way to search for homes with in-laws?
We're a multi-generational family looking for a home with some separation if possible. A duplex would be fine as my parents wouldn't live here most of the year for a while we could rent it out possibly,…
Can I rent a FHA financed home if it's less than one year?
I bought an FHA financed house in Texas in Dec 2012, but now due to job relocation (about 200 miles away), I have to move to different city. Will I qualify to rent my FHA house and will I be eligible to…
should I rent or sell my house now 3/2/2?
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Why the large disparity in prices of comparable Ellenwood homes within a couple mile radius ?
I'm looking at a home on 5400 Peachtree Landing Dr which is going for $72k. Could perhaps use a paintjob, but is otherwise in good condition and shows pretty well. 4Br/2Ba, 2033 sq ft built in 2003. Is…
Repairs needed for closing
Our bank has required about 9K worth of repairs. The seller is offering to cover 5k - and we can put up money to cover the rest. I don't feel comfortable making reparis (and paying for it) on the house…
Will owing taxes from my most recent filings (2011) be an issue to finalize closing?
I am conditionally approved for a loan for $335 K, using a gift equity of $90K for the deposit and I am bringing $13 K for closing costs at time of close. However, I owe about $4K to the fed and $5 K…
Townhomes vs Single Family Homes
I have been looking at Townhomes vs Single Family homes to purchase in the Plano-Frisco-Allen area. The townhomes that I am looking for are in $200-$250K range and SFH are mostly in the $300-$350 range…
What is a reasonable amount of time to expect a bank to respond to a bid on a short sale?
We placed a bid over 1 month ago and the bank hasn't responded yet. In the mean time houses within my budget are quickly disappearing. How long should I wait before I pull the offer?
What is the normal length of time after a house is posted on homepath.com that it is listed on MLS and can be viewed?
The house I am interested in purchasing has been on Homepath.com for 3 days and the First Look days are counting down. However, the listing agent has not made the listing active on MLS and is not allowing…
Centex Homes (in Seattle) bad or good?
Below listings are both from Laurels Community in Sammamish which is developed by Centex Homes in 2003: http://www.redfin.com/WA/Sammamish/24102-SE-21st-St-98075/home/434026 http://www.redfin.com/W…
is anyone offering foreign national mortgages for property in Boston, MA?
I am a foreign national living in the UK looking to purchase property in Boston, MA with at least 40% deposit and good credit history, can anyone help or recommend a lender?
Need OWNER-OCCUPIED private mortgage of $365,000 DIR
Thank you all for your kind responses, but this is an owner occupied need.No lates in >36 months but foreclosure 18 months ago- EXTENUATING circumstances. I have been in this home 3 years and balloon is…
Need to rent a house in august
Need to rent a house in August in richardson/north dallas area near UT-Dallas. Looking for 2-3 bedrooms for under 1,100$ a month. Let me know if anyone can help me find this
Disabled vet with wife and small kids need nice home in Avondale and Goodyear.
I'm a 100% disabled veteran with a wife and three small children and we just moved to the area after being medically retired from the military. I have continuous reliable income(near $4,000 a month) but…
Do you have any information about Rivers Edge Company in St. Louis?
Do you have any information about Rivers Edge Company in St. Louis? I want to make sure they are a reputable company. Their contact info is: Rivers Edge Company, 46 Wild Rye, St. Louis MO 63368, (314)406-1720,…
How do I go about looking at homes for rent at least 3 bedrms & 2b with fenced in back yard?
wallk in closet and would like windows in bathrooms if possible also large master bdrm.
I see two ads for 727 Esplanade 303 #303, Redondo Beach, CA 90277 4bed/3ba at $4K/mon and 2bed/2ba at $1.2K/mon. What is correct??????
I have been texting with the person that is offering 1/2k/mon. How do I verify this is valid?
any contemporary homes or modern homes in the area?
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Is it smart to use your 401K to purchase a home?
If the person is 70, still working, and buying it for his granddaughter, is paying it in full with a 401K a good idea? Q
I have a contract on a house that appraised but according to the appraisal the --remaining economic life of the property is 40 years.
What is a average economic life on most appraisals and should I be concerned that its only 40 years?
Leaving home empty and vacant for a while...
Hello - I am considering buying a house but am based overseas until later this year. The trouble is, I found a house I like. I can appear for closing but plan to leave the house vacant until I return.…
Flood/Wind Damage Insurance
Can anyone give me a general idea of cost for flood/wind damage insurance? I want to buy close to the Gulf but am afraid the insurance costs may be prohibitive.
First time home buyers
My wife and I are potential first time home buyers after our complex decided to raise rents by $200 pm, everyone is moving out which is probably what they wanted. We would love to stay in the Belmont,…
California home loan needed my credit score 590 to 600 my husbands over 780
Hello, my credit score is between 590 and 615 and my husbands is over 780 we are looking for a home loan for around 200k or lower. We have about 10k in the bank, is there any agencies that will give us…
Any recommended Mortgage brokers in the Boca / Deerfield area? Asked by james82mckenna
Hey! After renting here in Deerfield beach for 10 years My wife and I are ready to buy our first home. Only problem is My middle credit score looks to be 620 due to a few 'derogatory' credit…
How do I get to the site for Saddlebrook River ?
I want to see pictures, info. on expences, and what it is
Ellicott City and Elkridge boarder, does the zip code really matters?
We are looking at the boarder area between Ellicott City and Elkridge, namely Woodland Villiage/Park area(w/ EC zipcode) and the SFH across 103 (w/ Elkridge zipcode). I feel the townhouses in Woodland…
What are the first steps?
Im really interested in Real estate but dont know where to start or how to go about it.
Does anyone have experience in filing suits against Bank of America or any other large banks over a residential lending issue? Who do I serve?
Hello - looking to name BoA in a small claims complaint in a short sale gone bad. I'm the Buyer, they're the lender to the seller. Does anyone know which department I specifically serve? Not…
General thoughts on Journal Square? Safe? Clean? A good investment property?
I'm looking there because it is near a path station, more space for my money, and I can afford a two bedroom condo. I was told that it may not actually be a great investment, as it seems to be reluctant…
Question about Memphis rental investment mkt
Hello, I am based in CA and looking to get some perspective on rental investments in Memphis mkt. What are the avg home prices as well as rates - could be a Condo/Townhome/SFH. What are the avg rents /…
is this house really 52890?
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