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what is consumer dispute after resulotion mean?
I have this comment in my credit report and i don't know how to remove or delete it out in my account.
Why don't Real Estate Agents charge by the hour?
As a potential FTB, I'm beginning see a strong correlation between Real Estate Agents and other highly qualified professionals, such as CPA's and Attorneys. Both are paid by the hour and... -- Both…
Closing cost?????
my husband an me would like to buy our 1st home. He does have the best credit. Is there away to buy a home with no closing cost? And does anyone know a great real estate agent Willing to help us.
How did you find a Real Estate Agent?
With so many websites and ads how do you the home buyer or seller find an agent? What has been most successful?
Are there any real estate agents in the Heights area that actually don't mind working a bit to help a buyer?
I am so frustrated. The agents I've spoken with have seriously let me down. No return phone calls or email replies. It seems the agents I've dealt with want only to sign me up to their search listing emails…
Will a new car loan/lease really affect new mortgage??
Hi! We're in the process of searching for a home. We're renting now and lease ends January 1st, so we're hoping to be in the new house buy Nov/Dec. We're first time home buyers and…
Are there any bad credit home loans still available?
600 credit score, 90k salary and 15% down payment, can anyone help?!
How is 1131 Lakeshore Blvd, Incline, NV listed at $49,900,000.00, worth that when it's total assessed value in 2012 was $4,271,296.00? Type-o?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3060622002-1131-Lakeshore-Blvd-Incline-Village-NV-89451
Where are the best area to live in New Jersey for NYC commuters?
I am working near Princeton/Hopewell area and my wife is working at NYC, Which town is best fit for both of us in terms of commute. we are looking for single family home with 3 bedroom, new/renovated…
We might be re-locating to the Eagle area in the near future. What are the "best" neighborhoods in Eagle or surrounding communities?
We're looking for high end quality and room for our family to grow in. (As an approximate our existing house is 5k square foot of living space with a 1.2k square foot garage.) What are some of the…
Dual Agent question
.We were planning on buying a property from a family member through a private transaction so while we have a listing agent to sell our place we did not sign anything on the buyer agent side. However, another…
I know when you find a home there is an appraise done to see if the property is worth the value of your loan ? What is that cost? And Inspection ?
Is a Complete home Inspection done to check for the long term problems. And is it always done or do you have to demand one ? What is the cost for something like this??
Mayfield community warmspring area fremont "defect investigation"?
Recently came to know that mayfield community houses are doing a defect investigation to see if there is builder defect as they are reaching 10 years anniversary. After 10 years builder may not be responsible…
Gift guidelines for down payment/closing costs
What are they? How should I prepare? We will be using a combination of proceeds from the sale of our current home, a gift from a relative, and savings. How can I make sure this goes smoothly?.
Are tax assessment values a good tool for assessment? As a guideline, not actual. ex: homes seem to sell at 1.4x tax assessed value in central FL.
Example: Tax assessed Value = 120k, sold for 170k Tax assessed Value = 175k, sold for 245k A home I am looking at is short sale with some TLC so I am assuming selling price is below actual marked…
Should I find a real estate agent who can help me PREPARE to buy my home, or wait?
I am hoping to qualify for a mortgage by the end of this year and would like to complete the buying process by the end of my current rental lease, Mar 2015. Although I filed bk Ch. 7 in May of 2013 (discharged…
I'd like to buy a condo/town home in the $100,000 on my own without my wife involved so property will be mine once we divorce. can i do that?
my credit score is 940 and both of us own a property that is underwater. We will be divorcing in the next 6 months and I want to take advantage of the market and my high credit score to get a condo around…
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First time home buyers. Mortgage broker heard about the house we liked and dumped us. Wanted us to buy a way higher priced home.
I thought he was supposed to represent our best interests. We dont have an agent. Are dealing with a management co. How do we proceed if we like the property?
Is it even possible with my salary that I can buy a house on my own?
I'm only 20 and would love some basic advice on what type of home I would be able to afford. With a monthly salary of about 1200 a month, if I'm lucky. Therefore the mortage payment would have to be around…
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Mortgage for a foreclosure
We found a house we're interested in but it's a foreclosure. We have more that 20% down payment so we do not have to pay PMI. I was told that the seller only accepts offers if we do a 203-k loan which…
Which is the best builders and developers in Kerala???
Hi I am looking for an Interior designer cum contractor who can help me renovate my new place. I am looking at redesigning and part furnishing the living room, budget 10k. Pls pass me any good recommendations
Which is the best builders and developers in Kerala??
Hi I am looking for an Interior designer cum contractor who can help me renovate my new place. I am looking at redesigning and part furnishing the living room, budget 10k. Pls pass me any good recommendations???
Just moved to NY & would like to purchase a coop in Forest Hills, NY. I am a senior citizen so must be very close to stores, restaurants etc..
I am unfamiliar as to which coop bldgs are financially sound and no physical problems in the past. I am in search of an ethical agent who is familiar w/senior programs/or other programs to maximize my…
I recently got a big raise at work so I was wondering how long should I wait before applying for a loan? I always hear you have to show 2 years of tax
Does that mean I have to have been working with my new income for 2 more years of doing taxes ?I've been working for this company for 3 years.
Purchased a new construction closing in 3weeks. Financing it through builder owned mortgage company and they sent me appraisal waiver form to sign.
Why are they asking for this? And should I sign it? I asked the rep and was told it's only for in case appraisal comes back later than 3-days prior to the closing so it doesn't delay the closing.
Will I be unable to get a home loan if I get loans to pay for a house down payment?
My credit rating is about 690. I have a great full-time job.
Guys, I just did a little spot checking and it every radius of 3 miles in Southern California a house is sold every other day .
In a block defined 1,5 by 1,5 miles there is in a month 15 houses sold every months. Something like 2 per street each month. 10% are legitimate- they moved or could not resist the offered price- by…
Why is the listed price shown less than one half of the price for same home when I click open to view details? Is Trulia engaged in a "bait?
switch? Am I wasting my precious time even signing up with Trulia if all I'm going to get a two different prices for the same houses listed?
I bought one house in Inverness a couple years ago as an investment and I am looking for another. I am looking for a house that will appreciate (good
I bought one house in Inverness a couple years ago as an investment and I am looking for another. I am looking for a house that will appreciate (good neighborhood) and provide cash flow (price). The price…
Are ham radio antennas allowed in CCR's?
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