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Looking to buy a Condo in San Fransico - near Financial District area
I live overseas in Asia now but I am planning to buy a condo in San Francisco, rent it out and eventually move there in 2-3 years time. What is the best approach for me
Are HOA fees cheaper on a 1 bedroom vs a 2 bedroom?
Does size of the unit affect the HOA fee?
What to do if seller refuses to have the house roof inspected as he said there is curling problems.?
Hi everyone, we are about to buy a single house but the seller refuse to have the roof inspected as the roof have curling problem, we don't mind the currently curling problem, at worst we get a new…
Escrow Fees too high??
My escrow fees seem high. Sale price: 450k Here are just the escrow fees (Not including any title or lender fees) Escrow fee: 1100 Loan tie-in fee: 450 Messenger fee: 100 General Processing fee:…
Is homested a good place to invest in a property?
Hello, I am from argentina and want to invest in Real state in Miami or the area. Is homested a good area to buy and rent??
I'm looking for a house?
But i want one or more with a master bedroom on the first floor No carpet.
I am recently self-employed and looking for a lender. Can't qualify under traditional guidelines, but can under certain portfolio lenders?
I am looking to purchase a home this month (or at least have an offer in) in Illinois....HELP!?!
i was in the army and now i want to buy a house...i know the army pay for down payment an closing...
if a buy a 200,000.00 dollars home with an av loan..about how much are going to be the mortgage.?
Down Payment required for VA Loan??
I was told by a lender that because of new rules regarding VA loans that I would have to put 5% down for a home loan using my VA benefit. My score is 627 and my spouse has 611. Is he correct or do I need…
Can a seller accept other offers when they have opened escrow with me?
Can a seller accept other offers when they have opened escrow with me? We missed our closing date because of some complications the lender had which was not any fault of ours. The sellers sent a letter…
can i buy a home with a credit score of 654 and my spouse 662?
Our bankruptcy including our home we had was discharged two-plus years ago. We make 70,000/yr. We have $3000.00 down payment or slightly more. We have full-time jobs. He has been at his job for 18 years…
need multi generational home
mother/daughter living togethor but needs privacy. max 150k
how to bargain a in buying a new home which was in market over 1 yr?
We like the house. It is in the market for last 1 yr almost. Construction is good. But asking price seems high. But we would like to bargain. what is the best way to proceed. I do not want to upset the…
Are there any affordable places close to 164th Ave in Vancouver?
We don't have a lot of money, but our lease is almost up, I'm sure I won't get the deposit back and I need to move closer to my job. but I can't afford tons. I really need help and quick.
How do I find to homes with owner financing?
I want to see more homes with owner financing and close to the lake so I can walk there.
Would I be able to get a mortgage loan for a secondary home with 5% down and a credit score of 596?
Is there anyone that could help me with that? Your help is greatly appreciated!
how to increase credit scores?
trying to increase credit score approximately 40 pts. asap for mortgage loan.is there anything more i can do besides on-time payments,using secured card?
Why are Sun City Center Fl, prices 34 to 47% lower than any other place in the Florida Area? I really feel the Real Estate Agents low ball the prices
I feel it's because there are so many agents in sun city center? It's terrible what they do to the market here! Isn't that true?
We are buying a home with my husband, he's got better credit, so only he's on the mortgage. He's telling me I have to give up my
rights to the house for the loan to go through. We live in California. I feel uncomfortable not being on title.
Get advice on costs per square footage for single family homes sold 2013.
Looking at the Meadow Vista, California area for a single family home not more than 20-30 years old.
Made an offer of 85K on REO listed at 81,900. Seller pays 6% closing costs. Asked for Best and final deadline tonight at 5.
House is a 1400 sq ft tri level on 1.75 acres built in 1990. very clean needs paint and a few drywall patches. Just listed on the 21st made offer on 22nd. Two other offers have been made. Best an final…
How long do I need to wait before putting in a new offer on a property that I bid on before?
Are there any rules regarding (1) whether or not I can bid on a property that I bid on before, and (2) how long I should wait to do so?
is there listings on samson circle?
Add some detail about your question
Are there any great lenders in Gloucester, VA for people with fair to poor credit?
I'm a single mother looking to buy my first home, but I wanted to know if there are some poor credit lenders in the Gloucester, VA area that will grant me a home loan with a low interest rate. Thanks for…
Does anybody knows about a condominium development in Lake Forest or near by cities that would allow day care for up to 6 children.?
Budget is up to $320K. Looking to run a day care/tutoring out of condo. Is it possible to find a community that will allow to to that?
Local Shopping, Museums, LOW TAXES plus convenience to airports, trains might be a reason for YOU to contact me, as your trusted Real Estate Advisor.
Did you know that DE has no SALES TAX? That could be a big savings in your next investment living here. Plus our closeness to get to a shoreline quickly.
I need to sell my home, I currently have someone renting it and she has requested to stay in the home for the time being and will cooperate with
showings and world move out within 30 days of any future sale. I think it would be better to have the place empty. Any opinions?
Looking for an agent who specializes in Brooklyn Heights/Downtown Brooklyn/Park Slope
I'm looking to buy a starter apartmnet in Brooklyn Heights, Downtown Brooklyn or Park Slope area, and would like to work with an agent who specialize in these areas. It's a plus is you speak…
How do I find out if short sales are available in a new condo building I would like to buy in?
There seem to be many apartments that move from ïn contract¨to ¨for sale.¨ Who would I ask about short sale apartments
Thanks to all for your response to my attorney question. I have change attorney, cost $1500. Next question. I sat down with mortgage broker
yesterday and fill out the mortgage application , at the end he said the application would not be submitted until I pay out of pocket $450 for and inspection. I questioned this request seeing that 6% sellers…
Can the buyer sue the seller and have any time limit to sue the seller?
How if the seller refuse to closing the house after both buyer and seller have signed the contract and the seller has get the approval from the bank
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