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hi.if i have a599 score make 58.000 a yr and looking in buying a 95.000 house but my credit cards are 12.000 all to the limit ,can i get a motrgage?
i do'nt want to apply knowing it imposible to get a home loan ,what about those bad mortgage loans are they good co.thankyou
I am interested in purchasing a condo from Toll Brothers at Van Wyck Mews in Fishkill, NY. Should I get a Buyer's agent. Do I pay a commission?
to them? If so how much? Also, TB wants $15,000 in a week. The sale price is $297,000. $15,000 is 5%. Their advertisement said I only need to give them 3.5%. (?) What is that for? Is that the downpayment?…
Is there such a thing as a real estate commission that decreases wtih price?
I'm facing the first sale of my home in the Austin area. I'm an attorney, and so I really feel like I could figure out the FSBO process if I put my mind to it. The bottom line though, is that I want…
Can my husband transfer a home to me he had before we were married using an Interspousal Grant Deed?
We have divorced and he does not want the house. My name is not on the house however I have been staying in the house and paying the mortage for over a year.
Is it common for buyer to pay commission in Phoenix area ? Also how is Cooper Commons as an area for Commute and accessibility to jobs ?
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Are the MCSA are effective?
Are the MCSA are effective?
What type of state report card do the Old Brooklyn schools have.?
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Retiring and vacationing in the mountains of Tennessee. Thoughts?
I am looking to find a vacation home (which I may retire in as well) somewhere in the Southeast US - I love that weather!! I have recently started looking at the Eastern TN area. Anyone know of good…
what is the reason so many homes are vacant in that neighborhood? Is it because of the high crime rate?
I also heard that the hoa costs more than some of the poeple pay for their mortgage payment, is that true??
iam looking to buy apertment in 33186 up 40000
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I recorded a littel red brick house for sale at 402 s spruce st, no town, does anyone know where it is?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1064692258-401-S-Morrison-Ave-Collinsville-IL-62234?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property/106…
I am buying a condo that is 32 units and 6 condo's are delinquent in HOA. The association is trying to hard to collect backlog HOA.
My condo is one of the delinquent unit which at closing will bring down the 5 condos out of 32. The Fannie mae rule is no more than 15% delinquency is allowed. At closing 5/32 is 15.625, do you think fannie…
Is there any good houses left in Las Vegas for sale? We have been looking now for couple of months but no luck so far:-(
Excellent credit! High income! Pre approved 400k! Is there anything out there?
Why would a unit in the condo/town home complex be selling for a lot less than others in same complex?
In my search for a condo/town home, I came across one that is being sold for $90,000, where a few others in the same complex are selling for $25-35,000 more. Some even have less number of bedrooms than…
We are considering a move to the South Carolina coast and are looking at condos. What would be some good questions to ask when I inquire about one?
Considering Pawley's Island, Mt. Pleasant or Hilton Head Island, SC. Not on the beach but maybe a short drive / golf cart ride.
I have found a place. Need to find the financing.
Broke my back 2 yrs ago, have not been able to work since. I have been approved for disability, just waiting for it to hit my acct. The place I found is $30,000, but I want to get $40,000 so I can furnish…
i hsve see live quetta
i have see the world map online -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3097800409-715-Quetta-Ave-Sunnyvale-CA-94087
When a mortgage application asks for monthly debt, how do I include my credit cards if I pay the balance in full each month?
I assume they will want me to include the minimum payment (since that is what appears on credit reports), but I am not sure if that is understating or not.
How much is a referral fee when you change realtors?
My current realtor just showed me 1 house about 6 months ago, then we met 1 additional time after that, and we have been in contact via email only and have emailed each other about 12-13 times, also, this…
can someone with a 597 credit and a 21k income buy a home in elizabeth?
can someone with a 597 credit and a 21k income buy a home in elizabeth? how could it be when u cant even get a credit card with that kind of cretdit
Why aren't the homes selling in Fort Bragg?
I saw this question on your Q&A
I bought a house in Cheyenne in 2007 and I now think I got a bad deal and the seller got a good deal? Any thoughts?
The seller got their asking price with no closing costs or concessions. There were no realtors/fees involved. The house was in average condition with no landscaping or appliances. The area is east and…
2bedrooms Mediterranean North/South Tower Monthly Maintenance Fees
I am doing some house hunting research on Fort Lee CoOp. 2100/2000 Linwood Ave is on top of our list. My husband and I are planning to move to Fort Lee with our 1 year old daughter. Sounds like this…
Question on an empty lot on Kinney Rd in Glastonbury (Glastonbury Heights neighborhood.
Does any one know why toll brothers did not complete a home here? Catarino owns it now.
Bellevue, Northern Barton Heights, Forest Hill, or ???
I'm looking to buy a small home in a walkable historic neighborhood in Richmond with a great community feel. So far, I've narrowed my search to Bellevue, Northern Barton Heights, or Forest Hill,…
What are minimums for a 1st time buyer for credit and down?
Can a 1st time buyer still get no/low down deals, as well as current credits and such available for buyers with a lower credit score, but credit has just been cleaned up and working/waiting for creditors…
We are a foreign couple, both working with H1B visa's in Carson Valley, Nevada. Looking for a broker that can get us a lender.
We have a credit history of 11 years in the US and are looking to buy a house. We have inquired with mortgage brokers in our area before and were told that we could not get a mortgage as long as we were…
Both my husband & I have good credit over 725. Is it possible to buy a house in PH, WC area (No Concord), with small down pymt, like $6000..?
Currently renting a place with $1750/month. If we can keep monthly pymt around $1750 - 2000 after closing cost etc......, we thought we rather own a place. Or is it unrealistic....? Again, with good credit…
What is HomeSteps all about?
My short sale that fallen through. Now, there is a sign on the property that says it is for sale through HomeSteps. What does this mean? Has the property gone into foreclosure? Who owns the property…
FHA Loan on a mobile/manufactured home
I was interested in buying a mobile home and was wondering what type of loan I would have to apply for? -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/16858055-606-W-Wa…
I lost my job 3 days after moving in my new home
and have been unemployed for 3 months with no relief in sight. I called the bank and asked for a deferment since the loan was brand new and I had not yet made any payments. They sent me to loss mitigation…
Short Sale Question
I have a short sale offer in. The bank came back for more money and we offered more. This process has takenover 6 months! Isn't there anything we can do speed their decision. I need to find a house quick!
Looking for a 2 family house with a short commute to NYC (max 40 minutes) in Union City/Jersey City/Heights, etc.
Any recommendations for potential properties or other neighborhoods to consider? My girlfriend and I prefer a 2 family home for potential income but would consider a condo in nice building and neighborhood…
Seeing homes after dark
This is not so much an issue in summer. But in winter, daylight hours are short. Its dark by the time most people come back from work. This question is for Buyers, Sellers and agents. As Buyers, are you…
Who is the agent for 5411 Wadean Place. I was just told that the listed agency is no longer handling the house rental. I would like to see this house
I am looking to rent a house 3 bedroom/ 1 bathrooms. No more than $2000 with a yard. My email is obiettaetta@yahoo.com. My home phone is 510-395-7039. Work 510-238-3284. Thank you. Obietta Elizondo
Why are the average home prices so high in coalinga????Don't you people read or watch the national news. I
realize that you were expecting a large influx of families moving to coalinga to work at the st. hospital and prison, however that is not the case. I am a Dr. our dept has over 30 Dr.'s and only two of…
Does the neighbors homes look into the backyard of this home from their second storys?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/41814971-3344-E-Merlot-St-Gilbert-AZ-85298
house at 5 river st, no easton, is it for sale or not? any other houses for sale on that street? tks
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3092759126-64-Canton-St-North-Easton-MA-02356
what is the distance to the ocean in miles?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3012350566-928-Wesley-Ave-508-Ocean-City-NJ-08226
Can soil be tested many years after an oil tank was removed?
Tank was removed without proper documentation and so buyer is worried about potential liability from leakage.
how is all fees a month (mortgage rate,tax,and other fees)?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3092585395-533-S-Lakes-End-Dr-B2-Fort-Pierce-FL-34982?ecampaign=con_day_propertystatus_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property…
What are my rights under FHA loan guidelines in having repairs done to a problem that was present at time of purchase?
I just purchased a house in CA under an FHA loan. The pool light was broken and removed, and the wires held to the ground via a brick placed on top of them. When we moved in the light was still the same…
Looking for Condo in Lake Nona- maintenance free 3 bedrooms best options
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3069976688-13838-Walcott-Ave-Orlando-FL-32827
Looking to buy a home in San Antonio and finally found the one we want from a new home builder.
The sales person for the builder offer to give us $1500 back at closing if we work with his wife, that's an agent instead. I asked my agent if he would be willing to give the $1500 at closing and…
I just separated from the Marine Corps, how soon can I use my VA loan?
looking for 5 bedrooms as I will have family moving in with me. But as a young person I am looking for a decent price range that I can afford. -- This question was asked from this property: http://w…
Do a lot of homes come on the market in the spring in Chatham MA?
There seem to be few new listings these days, and I want to know when to start to expect to see new entrants and the market picking back up again - Feb? March? April?
I invested 20% of my total portfolio
I purchased foreclosed condo,located at 13003 Autumn field ct St. louis 63146. for $160.000. I want to know did i made right decision.
USDA Loans Villa Rica GA area - Seeking USDA Financing...
Moving from California to GA (early 2/2013). Like Villa Rica area. Anyone know of lender dealing with USDA for this area? I have been working on scores and pulled yesterday experian 670, eqifax 666b and…
I am interested in buying a tax deed at auction.
The bidding starts at $9,968. I had a title search done and it showed that there is a tax deed lien for $21,455.71 and a HOA lien of $209.51. I am confused about the difference in the starting bid and…
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