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Complex situation making it difficult to finance our manufactured home and land. Any help or guidance is much appreciated.?
We have ernest deposits put down for Manufactured home and some land. We are searching for a land/home package. My husbands credit scores are at 660 high 600's and my credit scores are at 590-600 (I've…
TREC 20-7 - Termination of Contract due to Lender Underwriting Requirements and Refund of Earenst Money
My questions is regarding 4(A)(1) of TREC 20-7 (TEXAS). If a buyer has gone through a local mortgage broker, been approved for financing, but the lender refuses to finance the purcahse becasue the home…
How would I report fraud on your website?
there is someone on here committing fraud
I am considering living in the Atlanta Metro area or in Newnan. Would I need to work with 2 Realtors being the good distance between the areas?
I am moving to the Atlanta area in June of next year and will be working in Downtown Atlanta.
do you have listings that qulifiy for a usda loan?
Add some detail about your question
We are going to litigate a purchase than cancelled after buyer signed escrow instructions, signed off on contingencies, and we were ready to close on
11-12-13. However, escrow was about 6 days late in notifying us that the escrow deposit had NSF on 11-7 (should have had a cashier's check/not a personal ck). And we received the Cancellation Notice…
Potential buyers cancelled because of extensive termite work that needs to be done. Must we disclose this report if all repairs have been made?
One termite company gave us a huge quote to repair and tent. Another company gave us a more reasonable quote and we are making repairs and will get a new report. Do we have to disclose both termite reports…
What is the best way to find a good buyer's agent?
Besides asking friends or family. The few people that I have asked have not recommended the agents they have worked with in the past. I'm trying to find an agent to help me relatively quickly.
Hi there! Currently my husband and I are in the Clifton neighborhood of Cincinnati. We are expecting our first child and are ready to find a
family town that's affordable and has that warm family vibe to it. It would be great to get some help. Thanks!
What are your thoughts about a magnetic advertisement on your car door?
I've been contemplating designing an magnetic advertisement for my car door stating that I am a Realtor,, my company & contact info. Does anyone (in any business) use this method of advertisement? Opinions…
Condo market in Ft. Collins?
Hi, I am an agent in Denver but am looking for a condo for my friend in Ft. Collins in the $150k-$180k range. Just wondering what the market is like up there because in Denver properties in that price…
Looking for a few new referral sources for my clients for home owners insurance. I want to get in touch with agents that concentrate on homeowners ins
Please advise if you are in the Omaha area and want to do a meet and greet. I have a few clients that do not want someone for homeowners insurance that is also doing financial advising. Contact me debradodge@leader1.com…
ST. John's Military School
How about the school?
Why is this one property I have saved on my phone keep getting saved even if I unsave it. I will unsave it close the app or go to a different screen,
on the app and go back to my saves and it is back. It is getting really annoying since I am getting emails about properties that are like this one and the one I saved was just a joke save to show the…
Verifying Closing numbers
I recently closed on a property; but wonder the Lawyer making up some of the numbers as he did not provide proof behind each numbers. How legitimate are those ? Who can verify if some of the HUD numbers…
what do i have to pay for Co-op vs Condo?
What do I need to pay if I buy co-op except mortgage? Such as property tax or something.. How about condo? Thank you for your info.
We had an "all cash" offer to purchase our home on a 14 day escrow. Put pers. ck for $25K in esc. (NSF on 11-7), but signed off on contingencies on
that same day (but our agent rec'd it on 11-8) and had previously signed & returned escrow instructions. We have no deposit due to NSF, but feel we are entitled to up to 3% (full $25K). We rec'd their…
do you need a license to buy and sell houses yourself?
I am starting to buy and sell homes I find, (Flip), and was wanting to know if I needed a real estate license.
Is price negotiable in a land contract?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3060387128-2084-Pinebrook-Trl-Cuyahoga-Falls-OH-44223
Im waiting on an approval of a loan to go through sometime next week. The problem is the sheriffs sale is friday. I only need a couple days and i was told by the realtor if an offer is submited they…
Recent sales on Quarry Dr Berlin Ct
Sales in last 2 years on Quarry Dr Berlin Ct
The realtor told me the date of the sheriffs sale can b pushed back with an offer. I was wondering if i made a non serious offer if it would still delay the sheriffs sale a loan for the remaining amount…
If I buy an old house, how can I rebuild it into a totally new house?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3073951231-490-Waltham-St-Lexington-MA-02421
Anyone out there please give me your opinion on the housing market in the Antelope Valley.?
Will the inventory and prices remain this low for another 1-2 years? I'm about a year away from being in a position to purchase. My previous questions were in an attempt to find a easy way into a…
Appraisal vs Offer Price
Why would an appraisal for an FHA loan come back EXACTLY the same as the offer price? Why did I pay a fee for an appraisal to go and say "yes" it's worth the offer price (not sales price). This doesn't…
Less than a year old credit history but with high Income
My credit score is 633 and an Income of 94600 yearly and a credit history of less than one year. My wife has a credit history of over 4 years but no income and a credit score of 655. Will I get approved…
Buying an apartment in LA for rent purpose. What is the best solution?
Hello! I'm looking for an apartment in LA or nearest 30 km. For the first 1-3 years I planned to buy it as investment (for rental purpose), not live there myself. What could you reccomend me? I need: 1-2…
Want to buy raw land that is next to my raw land I acquired. I can NOT find it on the Property Tax Assessment.
Or anywhere else, the properties go like this: 914(house on .25 acres) 916 (my .25 acres), LARGE SPACE of RAW LAND, 930 (another house with land)
If I am buying a house on my own, how do I arrange for the appraiser and the home inspector to gain entry?
Do I contact the listing agent to get authorization? How do I get the keys?
Sholan Farms - Town buying? Leominster MA
I'm very interested in 1066 Pleasant Street Leominster, MA; but rumor has it that Sholan Farms is going to be sold if the casino is built in Leominster. I know there is an organization, Friends of Sholan…
Hi my name is Jorden, I'm 21 years old. I'll be moving to the Amarillo (near Hereford),Texas area from Corpus Christi in June of next year.
I am super interested in a career as a real estate agent! I would love to get some tips on where I should start in the area, and also looking for somewhat of a mentor to help me only journey! Thank you!
$1,500 /mo 641 Eden Ave, San Jose, CA 95117 posting is a scam.
Always be wary when the keys are in Kuala lumpur and no way to show the house. Just sent him all your identity and he'll take care of the rest.
Seller appears to have been deceptive on disclosure and as to renovations done to home
We purchased what we were told was a totally renovated 1950's home in Dec. 2012. We had to call out a plumber today when dirt was coming up the "new" bathtub drain and having an issue with the kitchen…
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