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There is this home that I really like in Homestead, FL. Is it possible to get the the home for the amount that I qualified for?
The home is on sale for $182,200. It is a regular sale. It has only been on the market for a week. I am interested in the home, BUT I only qualified for $150,000. With Zillow and eppraisal, $150k is a…
im trying to refinance an commercial property that had gone into a beginning forclosure 2 years ago but the mortgage was paid in full
before a judgement was filed the property was just appraised at 1,400.000 and has a 760,000 left how do i find a willing new lender ?
Two properties that looked ideal sold almost as soon as they were advertised. Is there any way to have advance notice of homes coming on the market?
Area is Columbia Station, OH 44028 which is a desirable neighborhood. Looking for 3 acres for single family home under $200,000
Placing offers in San Diego area
Is there a set rate how much sellers are willing to take on offers. or - the asking price?
Need a good Chimney inspector and lead paint inspector in the Chatham/Madison area
Hi, Any suggestions on a good inspector for a Level 2 inspection and also someone who does lead paint testing in and around Chatham?
my name is not on the loan but on the deed.I am not married
can i quit claim my part of the deed if house is going to be sold short sale? Will it affect my credit score or show up on it since my name is not on loan?
Beautiful 20 acre parcel with 2 homes 3 other buildings built 1996 Totally unpermitted in San Diego.
What are my liabilities? If I possibly get permits would the county of San Diego collect back property taxes from the year the dwelling were built?
how can i get the house history before i buy it?
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I would like to know of the square footage, or dimensions, of the homes at 52 Tudor Road, Hampton, Middlesex.
I am in America and we measure by square footage not room numbers. this home not currently for sale, has 2 up, 2 down and a kitchen. thank you very much.
I have made multiple offers on a Fannie Mae property, some over the asking price. I continue to be told that the offers were rejected. No reason.
The price was recently reduced, just hours after my over full price offer was rejected. The listing agent refuses to answer any questions. What do I do and who can I talk to?????
Down percent of what?
Okay I see everyone saying a certain percentage down payment. Is the percentage of of the total amount of the house
Is it pretty common to list under comp (psf) to get more offers? How much can one go over?
Is it pretty common to list under comp (psf) to get more offers? We are seeing a home at Parkmont school district and it seems to be listed well below market. Is this to attract more bids. Is it Ok to…
Is there a difference between Realtor and Broker Associate? Who do I go with?
I read about their differences. Some say they are the same and some say different. How do I know if one is knowledgeable compared to another?
How can I find an investor to co-sign a refinance on a home I inherited?
Large home in Lake Forest, Orange County. No debt on home except for a reverse mortgage. $303k owed to pay off. House is appraised at approx $550k, but once remodeled similar models are selling for $645-$675k.…
will mohave state bank finance with a 580 credit score?
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HOA fees in Wilmette
I am from out of state, but looking at condo's in Wilmette, IL. I have a question; the cost of the condo's is cheap (less then $200K for a 3 Bds), but the HOA fees are HIGH (I know taxes are included)…
Can't get approved with builders lender, but have approval from my bank. Can the builder refuse to accept my contract?
This is a question on behalf of one of my clients. They have agreed to terms on the purchase of a new home with the builder but the builder would not execute the contract until they had an preapproval…
SolanoCty used appraised value not purch price of fixer in Vallejo -on MLS for 90 days . Can they do that for arm's length transaction? Feels unjust.
Bought 616 Sheridan for $68K. They're trying to tell me comps went for higher so they're setting my base value at $117K, not $68K. Feels like a violation of Prop 13 since this was not a distressed sale…
When should I start looking for a new coop?
My lease will be ended in next June and want to buy a coop and move in June. Thank you for your help.
How Long Do I Have To Wait After My Short Sale To Buy A House Again In Texas?
my credit shows last activity 09/01/2009 for my short sale the HUD shows settlement date:01/26/2011 my credit score is 660 I have 10% down.
Renting an apartment with many people
Is it possible to rent an apartment around $4500 or under for 5 people? The amount of bedrooms doesn't matter as long as it is spacious for us to live in.
I am wondering how many buyers are interested in buying a home with the option of building a guest house so family members can have extended stays?
Luxury homes with quality guest houses on 1 acre lots under $700K? Are there buyers out there that are looking for this product? (does aging Mom and Dad have an interest in pitching in to buy the 'guest…
I recently was the winning bidder (via auction) on a foreclosure in Boca Raton. Can I still negotiate the price?
I'm a conventional finance buyer, and this property is contingent on inspection and financing. The property definitely needs some work on the inside. Can I still negotiate the price lower than what I…
Has the government "officially" decided to do away with the debt forgiveness act and moving forward that sellers will be 1099(taxed) after
Jan 1 2014? The sellers are supposed to be taxed the amount that is "shorted" between sales price and what's owed to bank.... ? Thank you,
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