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Is Golden right for us?
We are looking to move our family (with 2 small children) to CO. We will be visiting this summer and are looking for some guidance on areas to focus on. We have lived our lives in Chicago and NYC and we…
I submitted an offer on a property without a buyer's agent. In this situation, does the listing agent's role change?
Does the listing agent go from "representing the seller's best interest" to now being a person who handles the transaction between us and tries to work out a fair deal for both involved?
Closing and issues with sellers!
We are scheduled to close on aug 30. We are buying a home that is a trust. The problem is the sellers are going on vacation out of the country during that date even though they signed the P&S with…
Trulia listing: Violet Dr. Mount Olive, AL .
This house is listed as a REO, $16,000. I am looking for a small home for one and am interested in the details. Please answer soon.
How can I secure a Property Detail Report; otherwise referred to as a Tax Report on a property I'm thinking of purchasing w/o paying a realtor?
for rpt When I started looking at foreclosed properties via mls listings I wanted to know the owner history, the lender name, the level of indebtedness; pretty much an audit trail on the property. I was…
My husband and I are looking at the Ryan homes located at the Preserve at Inniscrone in Avondale, and are concerned about the mushroom smell in the
area. Does anyone know how bad and how often the mushroom smell would be in that location? Thank you so very much!
Who is thinking of buying a home in 2014?
Camp Verde and the entire Verde Valley has great homes for sale... Want more information? Contact us!
my question is do I need to agree on a pmi on a mortgage loan
90000 thousand loan for 30 year fix -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3105789266-76-Mount-Vernon-Blvd-Pawtucket-RI-02861
Is 13 north gateway in toms river n.j 08753 a foreclosure property.
Iam interested in this property I will like more information about this place.THANK YOU.
First time home buyer- Dual agent
My sales agent just asked me to sign a disclosure form of understanding the fact he's a dual agent, meaning he's representing both the seller and the buyer(me). I read that I'd lose the "undivided royalty"…
Do you know some of the best plant that can be grown within home to clean up the air?
House plants not only add flair to your interior decoration scheme, but they can have actual health benefits as well. Did you know that some of plants that can clean up the polluted air?
Can someone tell me about the Gold Key Lakes Community in Milford?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3011123629-105-Hummingbird-Ct-Milford-PA-18337
Is it just me, or is the SE FL real estate market beginning to cool off a bit?
It seems like there isn't as much buyer competition out there and I'm not up against a ton of cash buyers when looking at homes. If it is cooling off, any idea why?
I need properties that are FHA approved. The problem is no agents seem to know what properties qualify; I was
under the impression that this was their job. What's the best way to find an FHA approved property?
REO/Foreclosed Homes?
Hello , I found homes being sold by realtors that are either REO or foreclosed for attractive prices (150K-200,000) Is there any catch or anything I should look out far? Are these types of homes good deals?…
Need help selling a home in Ocala, FL
Since there are no standard Realtor fees, what is the best way to find out what a particular Realtor charges to list and sell my house, without calling hundreds of Realtors? Realtors do not advertise their…
First time home buyers, worried about credit score/mortgage loan, please advice!
My husband and I are first time homebuyers. We went house shopping just to see what is out there, and came across some lovely homes. We would like to go get pre-approved but worried that our credit scores…
Can I get a home loan with 640-680 credit score and $175,000 in student loans that are in deferment?
I have been an RN for almost 20 years. My current yearly income is $115,000 per year but I have only been with my current employer since July 2013. I am a PhD student with deferred student loans until…
Please, tell me if 280000 is a good price for 2 bedroom condo in Woodside. New constraction building. Really small - 621 sqft. No elevator, no basemen
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3001742191-4135-67th-St-2C-Queens-NY-11377?ecampaign=con_wknd_openhmsrch_bk
Do I need to do a city inspection during escrow if I agreed to a Pasadena Occupancy Inspection waiver?
If I agreed to sign a Pasadena Occupancy Inspection waiver and agreed to pay any inspections, etc. from 4B(2) in the CAR purchase agreement, do I need to complete the inspection before the close of escrow,…
Horse boarding a contingency to sale?
I am in the market to buy a home and have an offer on a short sale farmette. The seller has countered my offer with the contingency that their horses be allowed to remain on the property (seller to provide…
Where do I begin? First time homebuyers
My fiance and I are seriously looking into buying a home in the near future, and I want to know how to get the process started financially as well as some advice on what neighborhoods to look into. I'm…
Are the home best deals in McHenry County gone?
I have been asked this often, usually in reference to short sales and foreclosures. This is a question that 'beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder' answers. There are still opportunities for short sales…
Mortgage with median fico score 650ish
I have a median fico score of around 650 (other two are 620 and 680) and am wondering if I can qualify for a mortgage. I should be able to do a down payment of 60-80k and my income is around 125k with…
Report Fraud:: Your department had sent me a rental list, address is 5603 Robinhood Ave, Temple City, Ca 91780. Original owner ask for $2500 monthly
rent, the name called Collin use the same address and photo and put on trulia, ask for $1200 monthly rent. THis Collin ask me for all details and ask for deposit $1000 n monthly rent. Please take care…
SFH in CSD 203 NNHS under $225K?
Hi, I am looking to purchase my first home in Naperville CSD 203. My daughter will be going to NNHS next year. We are currently renting and ready to move to our own house. I am wondering if purchasing…
Hi, I live in france and I want buy a property in Ponce inlet or near.
i search a apartment with: 2 or 3 bds,1400 sq fts mini. Oceanview. price 100 000 to 250 000 dollars thank you.
When to buy if I know I won't be working later on?
I'm employed and have been given pre-approval, but we want to move over an hour away from my job and won't be able to work there anymore. We hope to start a family and I will be a stay at home…
How to get out of Dual Agency?
My wife and I found a home online ourselves and asked to be shown it by the listing agent. Long story short, we ended up making an offer on this house with the listing agent acting as a dual agent. It…
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