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What is a crawl partial full basement??
Im looking a house and its say the basement is a crawl, partial,full can some one explains it to me??
Relocating to the Tampa Bay area from NYC and looking for a family-friendly community with homes that have character, pool and good schools
I grew up in Florida but haven't lived here in 20 years. While I am familiar with many areas that my husband & I would love if it were just us, we have a toddler and really want an active family area where…
First time buyer.
A few details first. 75k yearly income, 2 years nursing school 2010-2012 then 1 year of nursing work starting immediately after 2012-2013 , credit score of 863, fico score of 763. What are my chances…
Is there an overriding opinion on whether it's better to go with a local lender vs. a big company like Wells Fargo?
In addition, is it a good idea to stick with the same lender when purchasing a second home?
Is it seller's contingency?
Here is RPA. 11. Seller Disclosure; Addenda; Advisories; Other Terms D. Buyer accepts seller request to close escrow concurrent w/ seller's replacement home. Before escrow open, realtor told me…
Can I send someone with a realtor in my stead to property viewings while I am purchasing out of state?
Within some months I am looking to relocate to be near family and new job, and thus desire to purchase my first home. This is a 5 hour drive for me and one I cannot make every few days, however both my…
Can I send someone with a realtor in my stead to property viewings if I am buying out of state?
Within some months I am looking to relocate near family and purchase my first home and desire to get a jump on the market, having already missed opportunities. While I am 5 hours away and cannot make this…
Can a fence dividing two towns be grandfathered in?
What if this fence has been there for over 50 years and the neighborhood that would be affected by its removal does not want it taken down, but the neighboring town wants it down to gain access to the…
what are some Job found in this state?
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I am in the middle of trying to purchase a new home, Through out the process I was lied to and told that my monthly payments would only be around
$1300 for a $233,000 loan, I was presured into signing papers to hurry up and get them in before the first of the year and told that I did not need to get a real estate agent, I gave them a $14,000 deposit…
What entertaining offers mean?
I found a house that I am interested. It said on the flyers entertaining offers at and above certain price. Does that mean they won't accept offer below that price?
Can a private lender (e.g. family trust fund) change the terms of a contract legally?
When I closed on my home, if you were to be late on a payment a quit claim deed would be filed in order to avoid foreclosure. Last year, I received the original copy of the quit claim deed that was listed…
Can I send a realtor with someone in my stead to property viewings while I am buying out of state?
Within some months I am looking to relocate to be near family and a new job, and thus desire to purchase my first home. This is a 5 hour drive for me and one I cannot make every few days, however both…
looking for home loan
Hello my name is Kesha im a first time home buyer i have never owned a home before im looking for lenders that work with lower fico scores and challenged credit I have had many brokers run my credit saying…
I am a 100% Service Connected USAF veteran, I am working on a $190k VA loan, I'v been informed by TCU I qualify. Problem is that avg. home cost $300k
near Travis AFB. Thanks to our fearless leader and DOD budget cuts, we need a home within 40 miles from Travis AFB, CA. 94535. Any helpful suggestions would be great. Only need 3bd/2ba (1250 ) house circa…
Has Seattle/BRISK median house price has peaked?
I predict Seattle/BRISK median house price has peaked and will start to drop. What is your opinion?
Gulf Breeze FHA Construction Loan
Looking for someone knowledgeable in a FHA Construction to Permanent loan in Gulf Breeze/Navarre area. What do I need to know?
My husband and I are trying to condense homes and move halfway between his business (owned in NYC) and my job (southeastern Rhode Island). I live in
a small, ocean-front community, and would like something similar. He would like some land (1/2 acre or more). We've been looking online at east haven and west haven. Any pros/cons from people who…
Deed in lieu of foreclosure process?
I am looking at placing an offer on a home that is listed as a foreclosure by the selling agent, but my Realtor says it is a deed in lieu of foreclosure. I was also told that the owners that handed the…
Lease to own question...
I have a poor credit score but I am looking for a lease to own house in the 89166 or 89149 zip code. I will have a big chunk of cash to put down, is this possible?
We are looking at buying a home for around $100K. We have $50K to put down. Our credit scores aren't good though. They are around 540 or so.
We have steady income (husband: $6K/mo. and me $2500/mo). We have two judgements on our credit for $2K for medical bills which we will pay off this month. (They were on hold for other reasons). Will…
How does one proceed with foreclosures?
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Seeking experienced agent to assist foreign buyer in purchasing condo in the South Hills; any recommendations, referrals, or qualifications?
Mandarin skills would be helpful, though not necessary; familiarity with specificities for foreign buyers much more important than language consideration. Buyer is hoping for a smooth and relatively quick…
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When buying a home from an online auction, why does the seller prefer to use their title company?...?
...and even offers the buyer an incentive to use the sellers title company. Is this common for non auction sales too? And does it matter which title company is used ?
i am very interested in this property and would like to speak with someone about it.
please call me at 352-870-5491 asap. my name is heather. Thank you.
Is there a big project for properties in hemphill texas?
I own property by hemphill and I have heard someone is buying?
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