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I was pre-approved and everything went through in the auto-underwrite - do I have any reason to think my loan will be denied in uw? HELP
I am a worrier by nature. I am very nervous about this process because I never thought I would be able to buy this nice of a home given my circumstances (single mother, only my income). My LO said my DTI…
Why is real estate so expensive. It is outrageous...why?
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can someone put a offer on a home that's been in redemption status for one year?
I am currently in the market for purchasing a new home and recently ran across one that I'm really interested in. What attracted me to this property is that it had a lock box but no for sale sign…
How many documents need to be signed before the final approval for a short sale property?
We've been waiting for 6 months for a short sale home and was told today that our offer (We accepted the bank's counter offer 3 months ago) has been sent to the investor for the final decision. Are our…
What do you think the price appreciation of Jersey City, Newport Condos will be over the next 3-4 yrs?
Is this a good short-term investment, over a 3-4 yr horizon? (Our plan is to live in the apartment, so it'll save us rent hoping for some price appreciation)
Who gets to choose the Title Company?
Our RE Agent in Vancouver, WA says, since we were sent to her by a Relocation Company (even though we aren't relocating), we have to use their Title Company. I have never heard of this before. We…
How long does it take to get permit for remodel (changes to external wall and lawn) in Alameda?
We need to remodel our house in Castro Valley. We want to get work done with permit. We got the quote from two contractors. One of the contractors told us that it will take up to three weeks to get permit…
I`m in `marital transition`.What are the pros and cons of alease with option to buy?
and....whats the best method of determining a contract price,with what amount of typical premium designated to the downstroke every month
I am an investor looking for buying properties in cash and rent them out. Where in Broward county is best to buy a house under $100k to rent?No apt.
No condo apartments, must be sitting on land. Could be single family home or condo townhome with low HOA and no restricton to rent. The area must be high in demand.
How do you delete a house that is listed for rent?
I have a home we were trying to rent out. We found a renter thanks to the site, but i can't find an obvious way to delete my post. I feel bad because I'm still getting calls and emails. PLEASE HELP!!!
Myself and my family are relocating from Germany to Denver next March 2014. I am UK citizen but will have a visa from next year.
Of course we want to buy a home but understand that I need a credit rating in the US for purchase. We will have a 40-50% deposit ($100K) to put down but will need a mortgage to fund the rest of the property…
When is it a good time to speak to a lender?
My lease is up in April 2014 and I have been working on my credit and its been on a positive up swing. If any one has any one they would like to refer me to that would be great.
Who is the "go to" for answering zoning questions?
Realtors that are knowledgeable will be able to give you an overview, but Charleston County Planning and Zoning will be able to give you the correct answers.
How would a mortgage lender view this?
Suppose I buy a home that is currently occupied by a renter. I would plan to move into the home perhaps 6-7 months after I purchase it, allowing the renter to stay for most of that time. Once I move…
What do I need to look for when purchasing a condo in Hawaii? It seems like a lot of the buildings are older.
What about special assessment fees? Maintenance fees increasing since the building is old. Is is best to try find a newer building?
Is 2300 SQFT house in Castello (Dublin) community worth 850K?
We have been looking for a SFH in Dublin - San Ramon area for the last 6 months. Now, we are at the top of waiting list in Castello and are offered a 2300 SQFT home for 850K. The prices have gone up by…
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