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Hi- I am a former Buffalo resident who currently lives out of state. I am interested in buy a minimum 2 unit (upper/lower) rental property
I am interested in the Elmwood area from buffalo state all the way down to the medical campus area. I am planning on this property being a rental and possibly occupying it in a few years. Do any of your…
Hud foreclosure...
I am interested in a HUD foreclosure that is priced at 60K. It needs repairs and cannot be mortgaged (UI-Uninsured). The property is landlocked (1 acre in the middle of 400 acres) and will require an "easement"…
Nichole, homebuyer in IL. Can I get a mortgage loan for 25,000 house with a credit score of 575. I make for 23,000 a year.
Nichole, homebuyer in IL. Can I get a mortgage loan for 25,000 house with a credit score of 575. I make for 23,000 a year.
Looking to buy a 3/2 in Delray Beach under $125,000
Hello my name is Madeline I'm looking to buy a 3/2 under $125,000 in Delray but I would like to close and finish the whole process by March 2014 . Is it better to look for a foreclosure or short sale ?
Looks like 88th street, and the Yorkville area of the Upper East Side is about to take a housing hit due to the approved Garbage transfer station.
Here is an article on it. What chance does an owner have on getting a fair value? Does anyone know what impact this will have on values? How far-reaching will it be? http://therealdeal.com/blog/2013/0…
Can I buy a home??
I make 32K a year with a mid credit score of 628 and my Fiance 30K with a mid credit score of 592. She filed for bankruptcy a few months ago due to a previous marriage. We are tired of renting and we would…
Anyone near Ravine Dr in Matawan have Natural Gas Heat????
Looking at a house there which currently has oil heat, but looking into possibilty of converting to NatGas.
If a realtor shows you a house
that you found and asked them to show you, then you signed a contract on that house but due to some bad information from them on the time you need to take the contract to the bank, the deal fell through…
construction FHA loan
.Lookng for a true FHA const to perm loan. Past bk/foreclosure>4yrs. 710 beacon,150 k down,debt ratio <20%. please reply as seasoned broker,sarasosota
I am looking for an agent
I am an overseas investor looking to buy property in Chicago, and need an agent who will locate properties with the ability to quote on rehab and manage the properties thanks. -- This question was asked…
Please explain sewer and other assessment exposure to buyers?
What are the possible monetary pitfalls that buyers must be aware of?
Hi Trulia! First time buyer with an offer accepted on a Coop in brooklyn. The issue is that I am agentless and I was wondering what I should be doing?
I already have contacted my lawyer and the seller's agent, however, should I reach out to the management agency? What else should I be doing? Thanks! -Dan
Hi, we just moved immigrants to south tampa, we want to buy a house, but no credit history. Is there a way?
We are at 33609, and kids will be enrolled at schools here. Steady income, down can be higher.
New listing at 2857 Dakota Ave South in Saint Louis Park (thoughts/HELP)?
There is a brand new listing at 2857 Dakota Ave South in Saint Louis Park. It just went on today, and it is larger than most in it's price range. It is a 4 bedroom, 2 bath at $234,900. It is very updated…
Would a home lose its tax exemption status once it is sold?
My family is interested in a home for sale in Plattsmouth, and we noticed that on the sales flyer it states that the home is currently tax exempt. Would that all change with the sale of the home?
Are there any 3 or 4 bedroom 2 or more bath in my area that are rent to own?
Like to have a place in the country with about 10 acres or so.
Is there a way to see if someone took their home off the market then put it back on the market?
Meaning, they put in on the market, it didn't sell so they took it off. Maybe they updated it, made needed changes, the market changed, whatever the reason, then they decided to put it back on the market.…
Section 5. (Buyer Rep) of Form 2-T ... can i change it once seller signs off?
So, I said I would put down $26,000 on a home we are purchasing. But I really don't have to put down that much, I now want to change the amount of the downpayment to lets say $7500. I will still…
Do mortgage lenders base pre-approvals on purchase price or loan amounts?
Looking to put an offer on a house belonging to a HOA. Lender wants to take $35K off her original pre-approval quote because of the $2K/yr HOA fee. Original quote on a purchase price of $400K went to $365K.…
I would like to invest in housing market, but I am a newbie so should I have a business partner?
Do I need to get an attorney to establish a partnership agreement?
The Estates at Sunnyvale -- why do the prices keep increasing?
Based on the info on Trulia, the prices have increased 8 times since the beginning of the year...was listing in the high 1.3's...now listing in the high 1.6's http://www.trulia.com/property/3099489…
Hello...If the utilities are turned off, how (during an inspection) can you certify everything works?
I will be relocating to the Burleson area. I will be purchasing a home via 100% cash. However, I want to ensure it is not only in good condition but top notch condition. That is why I will require a home…
Ideas on turnkey short term rental while we look to buy a home.
Glad to have your thoughts on this. Will be purchasing a single family home in Hernando County. Also your advice on which neighborhoods to search for a safe, quiet, single family neighborhood. Wants:…
I am seeing if it is too soon to get pre-qualified for a VA Loan. I am debt free, even though I have about 10 credit cards all of which have 0 balance
I am a service-connected disabled Vet and get 40% comp from VA & 20% Army. I also have been employed fulltime since March 2013. Will a lender even look at my demographics. I have two outstanding loans.…
Buying a home that your buyer's agent has listed?
I have been working with an agent for a couple of months, and we are going to see a property that she is a listing agent on. I know there are obvious conflicts of interest here, but he has assured me he…
Allview at Greentrail
we have recently visited the open house -19203 Allview Ln, Houston, TX 77094. it seems to be a nice place ..good neighbourhood but we feel that the list price is more that actual market price....$395000…
Garden bay manor condominium in East Elmhurst
Is anyone familiar with Garden Bay Manor condos in East Elmhurst? I have a client trying to get financing for a one bedroom and Chase and a few other banks are not doing mortgages for this complex. Does…
is the area secure?is there security???
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3094103345-Single-Family-Home-Doral-FL-33178
I've posted property at 2597 Dudley Ter in the Villages, FL and the information I provided does not match (in a few cases), the information I
see. I have also changed the asking price but don't know how to edit this to reflect the new price of $359,900
I want to do a comp listings sold in 32162
Want to find out how much 3 bedroom, 2 bath rancher style homes with 1572 sq feet have sold for in The Villages
what is the lot rent at 2560 Bayview St., Sebring, Fl 33870
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3104835842-2560-Bayview-St-Sebring-FL-33870
I'm planning to buy a house in MV. I stopped working since 2011 as licensed vocational nurse for my Rn. I dont have job yet but can put 90k down.
My husband has a annual salary of 150k. But we short sale our home on 2011. He's the primary owner. His credit score now is 680. I have good credit score too. Is it possible to buy a house now?
How to find the right agent?
I'm planning a move to Denver next July(aprox) (currently live in upstate NY and am preparing my house for sale here). I'm planning a trip out there the end of October for a few days (thurs-tues) and am…
What is the condition of your House and the final price.?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3084906962-1045-Rosalind-Rd-San-Marino-CA-91108
We are searching for a home for sale in or around Douglasville, Ga. area with at least 3 bedroom and 2 baths.
This home would need to have an in-law apartment in the basement with an inside and outdoor door.
How easy is it to get a home equity loan for repairs/updates right after closing on an FHA mortgage, and is there a specified waiting period?
I was trying to purchase a HUD home and get an FHA 203(k) loan for repairs and updates. The whole process was confusing and not going well, so I walked away from the deal early in. Now I want to purchase…
How many offers?
My real estate agent informed me there are multiple offers on this home, is there a way to find out how many offers there are? http://www.trulia.com/property/3126041067-11248-Clyde-Rd-Fenton-MI-48430
Does this house have a basement and is it finished and why no pictures of it?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1071299610-529-W-4th-St-Loveland-CO-80537
What do you think? Let my current agent work on the last 2 homes while I work with a new agent?
I have been working with my current agent team for 9 months now, and I had an offer accepted about 34 days ago on a fixer upper 6 bedroom house. The thing is we had our contract expire last Friday and…
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