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I am looking to buy a property in Central Florida under $100,000 usd.
i am looking to buy a property under $100,000...using Canadian home equity. My main concern is to rent it long term and possibly break even with expenses. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you!
an extension was signed to buy an apartment the date of the extension has passed can i walk out of that contract?
i have been threaten that they will keep the escrow,can they do that?the extension passed trying to get an interview from the board of directors of the complex association in an hour that i can get permission…
Home loan for first time home buyer with low credit score
Can you get a home loan with a credit score of less than 600 in wisconsin? If so names of lenders please.
Moving to Lawrence in June, will be there three years. Should we rent or buy?
I am a military officer who is contracted to teach at KU for three years starting in June. We are first-time buyers interested in a single family home of three bedrooms that is within 30 minutes' drive…
Buying a home with less than stellar credit - should we even bother?
Hello. My husband and I are interested in buying a home while prices are still low, but we don't have great credit. He's around 580 and I'm at 600. We make a combined 60,000 /year and are…
is property available?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3096067394--Mix-Canyon-Rd-Vacaville-CA-95688
What is the likelihood of a seller covering all closing costs? Is this common place?
Have a little more than what FHA requires for down payment and by the end of the year we will have enough for even closing costs, but if this can be done i would rather not wait until late year to move,…
Can some one publish data on home purchases in Los Altos by investors vs. individual families?
More articles were written recently regarding all-cash offers to buy homes by investors/hedge funds, such as the link below. http://www.cnbc.com/id/100627586 Similarly, there are also many all-cash…
6645 Upper 28th st. In Oakdale
It's listed for $299, 000. And it's a new listing. Is it priced too high? I saw a couple comparables and they were lower in price.
swing structure in front yard?
Hi, We have a large tree in the front yard. We are thinking of putting a swing structure there - typical metal A-shaped pipe one with one baby and 2 kids swings. Some people said it is not common but…
investment property around San Jose
Hi, I am thinking of buying a second home as investment in or around San Jose. I guess the prices have already gone up a lot. But are there any areas that have had little price rise? I am hoping that…
who sells rehab houses in millville?
where can i get a house that someone got as a rehab house?
I own a lovely, well kept old home on two deeded acres with irrigation water and an excellent well. Can a person on disability qualify to purchase?
The price is $110,000 and it is valued at $200,000. Can a person on a fixed income qualify to purchase this property.?
Are code violations on homes for sale public information? Where can I find that information?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3106908320-3410-N-Booth-St-3410A-Milwaukee-WI-53212
Is Riverwest zoned for a small bed & breakfasts (2 or 3 beds)?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3109156652-3272-N-Holton-St-3274-Milwaukee-WI-53212
Looking for a high rise apt building. Kitchen with dishwasher, inside parking, pets allowed, at least one bedroom. Easy hwy access to to LIJ hospital
Safety is my main concern. Also close to subway access to the city. Astoria? LI City, Forest Hill. This is for a rental for my daughter
What is the best areas to live in rural Preston,iD?
Cub River, Riverdale, Mink Creek, Whitney, Glendale are you best rural areas to live with being close to recreation activities, Horse Properties, Hot springs, Fishing, Boating, Atv Trails, Camping
Is there room for an RV at 318 Arbor Dr ?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3114807035-318-Arbor-Dr-Pagosa-Springs-CO-81147?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property/3114807…
Questions about Austin/Round Rock TX
My wife and I are being transferred to the Austin/Round Rock area. We are professionals, frequently travel, want to feel the house is secure while away. Sqft up to 2300, cost $250000 or less. We are ready…
how do you find out properties in foreclosure or auction?
I'm interested in moving to Tower Grove & would like to find a deal.
Queston with buying a house outright with cash
I'm heavily invested and have saved up approx. 300k for a house. I'm a first time buyer looking to buy a house. My question is could i get the price of the house lowered since im paying outright…
What does the HOA include I lived at 104 monte vista up till 2002 when the HOA was 137 thinking of moving back if ?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3107120239-108-Monte-Vista-6-San-Clemente-CA-92672
Best areas to buy condo/house around Seattle area under $150,000 range for future value appreciation?
I'm looking into buying condo/house around Seattle area under $150,000 range. Which neighborhood would be the best in terms of value appreciation in the future, also easy to rent and good rental income…
how do i find out how has the mortgage on house?
3106 Poolside Dr, Green acres Fl 33463
Can this type of home be found for the price?
Hi we are moving to the greater Eugene/Springfield area. We would like to find an established neighborhood close to the city limits or in town that has a country feel. One that has mostly custom homes…
Are there any Real Estate Agents who work exclusively with investors?
I know there are real estate agents who work with investors as well as retail buyers, but are there any real estate agents who work only with investors?
This listing came (new) to me today and it does not appear that it is really for sale at this time --WHY
??? http://www.trulia.com/property/3114842003 My saved searches include this area of Denver --but when called about this place they said the listing is from 2010 ! Jim Weber jpw1st@gmail.com
Long term investment property in metro Atlanta
Would like to buy a single family for long term investment (>10 years) in metro Atlanta. Which neighborhood(s) is ideal in term of current rental cash flow, job and population growth in the next 10 year?…
is this the new norm in the atlanta ,ga? i have 3 properties in MLS in bidding wars, but the Quick, FAST, CASH offers are coming in as fast as the contract offers.
When looking at homes in Delray Beach, what do the HOA fees include?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3109283196-1435-Estuary-Trl-Delray-Beach-FL-33483
Do you think a board will approve me?
I am 24, I have 27k cash in the bank. 5k in a retirement account, no debts other than car loan. I make 75k a year, and have been with my current employer just over a year. I am looking to buy a coop at…
Looking to buy a home in Visalia,first time home buyer.Something under $150.000 through CALHFA.Can anyone give me some insight on this program?
Looking to buy a home in Visalia,first time home buyer.Something under $150.000 through CALHFA.Can anyone give me some insight on this program.
Home warranty plans in Texas
There are a number of home warranty companies available. Can anyone recommend a good one for condo coverage in Texas?
Hello! I am looking for a real estate agent who has 2-3 hours per day to spend on me as I close about 10 deals per month. I buy only REO for rehabs.
Upon acquisition I will either list again with you to sell or to rent out the property. I am very quick and when we submit offers it is usually a fast yes or no and then we are on to other properties.…
How do we sell this house we fixed for a fair price?
We spent $40k to fix foundation and when we moved in installed a radon mitigation system so the structure is fine but people are scared off.
I am looking to buy a Townhouse in or around this nieghburhood in near future
2beds 1.5 bath 1100-1700 sq ft. Lot size around 2500 sq ft. Good to have basement. Nice area
need a reliable, seasoned agent to help us sell a 1950's cape cod in oak lawn to find a home in palos heights
Need help selling and buying a home. Need names of reliable real estate agents and % commission or selling fee they are asking for. We have a 1950's 4 bed, 1 1/2 bath cape cod, needs a little TLC, we are…
Will I get Mortgage as a international student to buy house at orlando.?
Hello, I am a F1 Ph. D international student at UCF. I got $25000 fellowship as a graduate Research Student. If I rent 1BR apartment near UCF, I have to pay $700 per month. As I live Orlando atleast…
Where can I find free foreclosure information in the birmingham, al area?
I'm not looking to sign up for a site, or use a free trial. Thanks
searching for a home in usc . is upper road a nice neighborhood?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3105386072-623-Aljo-Dr-Upper-Saint-Clair-PA-15241
So my lender has all the needed paperwork and appraisal but says he is waiting on a few more things. what does he need exactly?
A week ago he said all he needed was the appraisal and the loan paid off both are done now and I have copy of appraisal. He even stated he has all tax documents, paystubs, w-2s, all that other stuff he…
Curious, when you deposit your earnest money into escrow initially what about the rest of your down payment?
When do you give the rest of your down payment? The EM is in there ( 10 percent down payment, 3 percent EM in escrow, what about the 7% )? Thank you!!
I signed a contract today with 1000.00 deposit Ito purchase a house, remaining of my 10% is due in 4 days, and I have until 5 of March for inspection
Is there anyway I am able cancel this offer the agent just told me the seller has accepted my offer and my agent has the sellers disclosure I need to read and sign.I feel this is happening way too fast…
Which SIRT station is closest to Rossville? Hugenot, Prince's Bay, Or Anndale! Thanks everyone! :)
Just curious....just in case I wanna swtich it up from the express buses from time to time or coming straight from Lower Manhattan to home -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.tr…
Camden Village, Cary
I am planning to buy a property here. Please let me know : a. How good is the Camden Village from a Rental pt. of view ? b. How is the quality of the builder ? c. Anything else that i should be aware…
According to Fannie Mae the 1121 Caswell St., Ft. Atkinson house is under contract. Why don't all realtors show active, under contract, etc.?
Half way through the year shouldn't they update taxes to 2010 and show the amount, show the type of heat and air cond? Not just gas, as that can be gas fired radiant which is what we are looking…
Are there any interior photos for 16498 Passing Road in Milford?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3091164729-16498-Passing-Rd-Milford-VA-22514
are there any lenders that will help me buy my house back?
im in the process of getting my short sale approved. the value of the house is $55K less than what I owe. the process has taken too long & the buyers want to back out. this makes me wonder, the…
Relocated and need a rental or house for sale
We just relocated and find it hard to find a house to buy. So we decided we are going to take a break and rent. I want to be in the fairfax area because of the school I have a child in Elemnetary school.…
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