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i just sold my home , is it possible the lot next to my home was not sold with it if i have the deed of trust and pay seperate taxes.
i bought my home in one transaction , since then i took the property off my loan beings i had enough equity. was sent deed of trust. seems odd that i payed two different tax parcels . when i bought home…
Can a bank lower/change the listing price after executed offer is agreed to by both parties? If so, can I change my offer to the lower price?
We entered into agreement on a bank owned home on the 14th of November. Recent MLS stats show that the bank lowered the price by 30k 4 days after mutual acceptance. Why would the bank do this, and is there…
Is my agents lack of communication normal?
I received a notice yesterday that an agent sent an offer over around noon. I contacted my agent, who was out with a client and left a voice mail. I did hear back from him a few hours later and was told…
Looking to buy VERY soon in Granger/Penn District. Let us know of anything possibly going on the market soon.
We are looking to buy now in the Granger area. Penn schools is a must right now. Wishlist includes 4 bedroom, large lot, larger home (2900 SF plus) finished basement, somewhat updated, cul de sac...Our…
New FHA Extenuating Circumstances.
If I lost my job but we recovered with all the other requirements. Fired, 20% loss in income, Chap. 7 with surrendered home re established income. Home buyers cert. Could we still qualify?
Would any of the real estate agents on here encourage a home buyer to buy a house and sign paper work the day they showed the house?
I was a first time home buyer and very dumb, my realtor showed me a new house, everything was shiny and new. The sales lady said if u buy it today I'll knock $1k off price and throw in upgrades. I…
Buying an old home, all I need is insurance, but it's uninsurable (old wiring).Seller won't fix. What to do?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1067657407-7-Park-St-Guilford-ME-04443
I have a credit score of 563. I do want to start working on improving my credit to possibly qualify for a mortgage. I really need advice on how to
start improving my score and if any realtors are willing to work with me to steer me in the right direction. Please help...thank you.
Owner finance in Pensacola 32506 or 32507
How do I find homes that will consider owner financing or lease to own? Looking for certain schools. Credit not great small down payment
Howdy I would ask If there families that provide home stay for international student?
I would like to live with a family to learn English and practice all the time.
West somerville
How is the neighborhood? I know the area that is close to davis sq is pricy, but how about the area that is >=1miles to davis sq. I noticed that the condo there often can stay in the market for a while
We are in the contract. The house that we are buying was flooded during Sandy, but the owner just pumped out water and did not even change the carpet.
by contract we only have walk through day before the closing and the owner would not let us do the mold inspection. We have a baby and very afraid of black mold
Help! I'm so nervous about my loan in underwriting.. I'm a nurse and make about 8,000 a month..credit score 635-645-650. Will I be Ok for?
loan??? I also have very low debt. School loan at 50,000 N 4000 credit card debt. No other car payments or debt. My average bills are 300.00 for both loan and cc. ?
How is the area for a single woman to live alone having to walk her dog day and night? Concerned with boarded up bdgs, closed down business, etc
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3039193574-4956-S-Champlain-Ave-3S-Chicago-IL-60615
Can I buy a home with 9000 cash in Chicago?
Here's the deal I see homes for under 10K all the time which are in rundown neighborhoods which requires a lot of repairs. The neighborhood doesn't bother me and the fact that I am handy most repairs wouldn't…
Good income, stable job, 650 Fico, but some 30 day lates, where to get mortgage?
Current on mortgage since Oct-2012. Want to sell and buy new home. Was told by mortgage broker who pulled my credit that I can't get a loan until I have 12 months with no lates on my current mortgage.…
Can I be denied after loan commitment?
weve been going thru loan process for about a month. back and forth with underwriters. they've asked over millions of questions and we given them millions of answers. given them all the papers and satisfied…
commuting options
what commuting options exist for living in montvale and working in nyc? Bus, Train? if so from where and how long does the commute take?
How come I keep getting daily updates that do not match the profile that I requested?
Should be up to $250000, 3 bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 1750 Sq. Ft. with a pool!!!
Issues Discovered During Home Inspection- What can we realistically expect seller to take care of?
We put an offer on a house, and recently had the inspection. Overall, I was pretty satisfied, but some things were found that need to be addressed and I would like some advice. First, there were mouse…
How much value does a new constructed home in an old neighborhood loses?
I'm building a new home in the $250,000 range at an old neighborhood in Crystal, MN. It looks like the area is somewhat redeveloping. There are two houses currently being build on the street behind mine…
Resell Value of 1 Bedroom Main Floor
I'm looking into buying a rambler in Brooklyn Park's EdinBurgh Golf Course neighborhood. It has three big rooms but on the main level, there's only one bedroom (master). I'm struggling…
HOW MUCH LESS is a Bank owned Foreclosure that says on their property listing: "Prices are sometimes accepted that are SIGNIFICANTLY LESS?
than..." In our tri-city area of Hesperia, Apple Valley, & Victorville,CA...it is common to make an Offer anywhere between 10-12,000 LESS than the asking price... So when a bank such as Coldwell…
OK.. I need an Agent to contact me with any listings in brooklyn or queens for a single family home that is under 300k..... the following are very
important for me and my family. has to be within a 3-5 block radius of a train station..or a bus service that leads to the train station. and has to have a prime area for shopping food etc that is close…
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