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why do you send me emails about Lansing homes, when I asked about condos?
I want emails about Lansing condos, not homes and my searches specifically say condos for lansing. Please stop wasting my time!
I need a buyers agent for help with purchasing a home in the Simi Valley area. I would like someone who specializes in the Simi Valley area.
We don't want to spend more than $400,000, One story, no more than 1500 sq ft and must have three bedrooms ,two baths, central air and heating.
How I sale my House?
How I sale my House? Please tell me about it. Here 's my profile link.>>>>>>>>>http://www.naturalgreencleansereview.org/
F1 student visa mortgage?
I'm currently a student who already have a job offer for a 150k/year job in NY for next year, and I'm looking to purchase a home when I start working in the city. Is it possible to get a mortgage on the…
I am a canadian resident and own a condo in Florida which is currently rented
Does anyone know if private financing is available for non residents?
Relocating to Wake Forest and need help finding the right community..
We are a young family and looking for the following around $200-250k: community pool, min sq ft 2,500, min 3 bedroom/2 bath, open floor plan, built in last 10 years or preferable new construction, schools…
Which is better FHA (higher offer) or Conventional (lower offer)
Hi there, based on my down payment amount often times I have to choose whether I offer a higher offer amount and go the route of FHA which only requires 3.5% down or if i should go the route of conventional…
Is anyone looking to buy or sell a home? The real question is what is your biggest fear when it comes to buying or selling?
I thought that I would add a question to add some content to the blog. Let me know what you are thinking about the biggest fear.
My family and I, are still interested in moving to Florida from here in England. Me, perhaps more so than my wife, who still needs some convincing.
We have a vacation booked to visit Florida from 16 July 2013 until 4 August 2013. I am hoping to use some of this time to finally convince my wife once and for all that the move would be so right. The…
buying property in cash but with benefits of bank like oversight
I am looking to purchase a property in cash. I appreciate certain that lending offers via lending bank such as title search, flood cert, appraisal, and home owners insurance evaluation. In my case how…
I own a lot in Gulf Breeze, FL. Just starting to work on plans. The lot is on the Santa Rosa sound. I am looking for approximate construction cost.
House: 2700 - 3000 sq. ft. ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) On pilings 14' above high tide. Metal or concrete roof, porcelain tile floors, 1 fireplace, approximately 1000 sq. ft. of deck also 14' above…
Can i get conventional/FHA loan of less than 10% for this property?
Here is the link of property http://www.trulia.com/property/3106545619-4312-Frankford-Ave-Philadelphia-PA-19124 Its a 4 unit property and one unit was a former daycare. Commercial property has…
My husband and I are going to move to Ludington, MI in the Spring (or before ) and need a good buyer's agent to work with us now.
We have interviewed 6 realtors so far and none of them really want to work with us. We email them and then we never hear back. We need someone that is responsive, that will be our eyes and ears there…
Mutual contract cancellation
purchase contract w/ dual agent situation. We met with him to provide notice of defects after failed inspection. However, instead we were asked to sign a mutual contract cancellation, that isn't signed…
bad home inspection question
Our inspection went bad, in a dual agency situation. We went in tonight to submit our notice of defects to cancel the contract, but agent provide us a wb-45 "cancellation agreement & mutual release" instead.…
Advise to avoid Short Sales unless you are prepared to be out of the market for a period of time with no guarantee of a completed sale.
Entered into an agreement in November of 2012. Seller accepted and sent to the short sale agent. After delay after delay from the bank we were advised we would close in June. 1 week before closing,…
buying a house paying cash, what will be my closing cost be, if any?
buying a house paying cash (63K) in Baltimore City, what will be my closing cost be, if any?
Price of condos at 4606 w Nelson Chicago il 60641
Is George Diaz an owner in that bldg??
I'm a foreign investor looking for a SF home or Townhouse in Houston
Want to invest in low crime rate and good school neighbourhoods. In addition, may need financing (depends on the property). Any advice would be appreciated.
how far is it really from Gardnerville/Minden to drive to South Lake Tahoe?
Is there a lot of traffic? We are considering this area but would like to find a place that is more woodsy rather than just tract housing.
Looking to buy owner will carry in Huntington Beach/Westminster
Looking to buy with downpayment in HB or Westminster area. JD 714-927-3278
My wife is a realtor. We live in Texas. We are going to buy a house later on this year, but I will be the
only one on the financing. Can she still get a commission if she finds the house?
My ex relinquished his ownership to my home in a divorce property settlement. How to up change the deed?
Divorced w/property settlement where ex was pd in exchange for relinquishing ownership. I have never updated the deed as the mort co didn't do it when I refinanced. I want to take a home equity…
Do I need to hire a building inspector for my new house in Woodbridge, Manteca, CA?
I plan to build a new house in Woodbridge, but I am still working and living in IL. How can I be sure the quality of my new house is as good as promised?
Price of house too high
If a house is going for 209000 but is appraised at 167000, is it an insult to offer 175000 when none of the houses on same street sold for over 175000 and there is nothing spectacular about this house
The sellers realtor is probably breaking several conflict of interest laws and as a result if I want the house it's going to cost an extra $30 grand
He appraised it high when we brought in a pro it was 20 g lower then he shows up in the dark and pouring rain with his own pro and spend all of 10 minutes on the property and his guys the same price. Then…
Northborough vs Southborough
My fiance and I are looking to potentially purchase a home in the metro west area and have focused our search on Northborough/Southborough. Our key criteria are: 1) Good school systems 2) Commutable…
Who are the best loan officers in Nevada?
My husband has the credit for a home loan, but I do not. However, he is a full-time student and only works part-time whereas I am in the main income and I know we can afford a house. The local loan officers…
My credit score is between 580-619 is there anyone that will finance me in the aurora, montgomery area?
I filed bankruptcy 2 years ago. Ive been on my job for 14 1/2 years and im a single mother of 2. Im not looking for a promising answer of yes only to be sent to a credit repair company, had that happen…
Can we start working with a new agent while we have another short sale offer submitted with a different agent? Do we forfeit our place in line?
Our current realtor is doing nothing as far as trying to get us the short sale house we are wanting and is not doing anything in the way of finding us a different house either. We would like to start…
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