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What neighborhood is super kid friendly in North Edmond?
Highland Trails Subdivision has 210 homes and 500 kids. Kid friendly amenities such as a Basketball Court, Pool, Clubhouse, Jogging Trail, sand volleyball court, stocked pond, and baseball field are all…
I'm 25 on Oklahoma fixed disability, can I get pre-approved for a house? If so how much and how can I? Are there any programs to help the?
disabled? My name is Lauren. I am a 25 year old disabled female living in Oklahoma. I live with family and pay no rent. I have pretty good credit upper 600s maybe at 700 now. I have very little debt and…
Young professional interested in buying either a condo or a house in midtown or surrounding areas. Advice?
I would greatly appreciate any advice I can get on buying either a condo or a house that would not only serve as a convenient place to live given my job in midtown, but also a good investment for the future.…
Where is the best place in Atlanta to buy homes to rent?
I am coming down to Atlanta in few weeks in the hopes of picking up a few investment properties to rent and was wondering what would be the best area to buy in. (in terms of current home value/ability…
I am a golfer and am considering the cross creek condo's but I am worried about thier age. Is it a good?
I am considering the cross creek condo's because I like to golf and have a dog Is it a good long term investment considering the age of the units?
I am a Canadian citizen looking to purchase my first home. I've lived in GA for 5 years and pay federal and state income taxes.
I am currently on a H1B visa working full time. Will I qualify for the first-time home buyer credit?
How do you report a listing if it seems to be a scam?
6573 NE Deer Run St. please check them out. It doesn't seem right and I have been emailing the owner.
I am a young professional looking to buy my first home in the Buckhead area and need some advice.
I currently live in the Buckhead area and want to stay close by. I was looking at Buckhead,Lenox, and Brookhaven. Here is where I'm stuck - I like the idea of high-rise condo living, but all advice…
Looking to Buy a Home in South Grand Prairie / South East Arlington
My wife and I are looking to purchase our first home, We would like a home in the South Grand Prairie South East Arlington area. We are looking for a home around 150k our credit is in the fair/good criteria,…
Surface mold in basement?
Walking through a home yesterday (foreclosure) my investor and I found mold in the lowest basement on the surface of the walls. This is the second home this week I've found it. What experiences…
I am currently an agent and am signed up for your Ad Campaigns for 6 months, however, when I try to log in, it says they cannot send to my email.
My name is Mary Gross. My account number is 423665. Can you give me my user email and password so that I can access my account. Thank you. My cell # is 920-988-9700
What's New in Mortgages for First Time Home Buyers in 2015?
This news just came in.....In a move designed to bring more first-time homebuyers into the housing market, President Barak Obama is expected to announce that the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), the…
I need to reset my user name and password as I can no longer access my account. When I tried to get in, it created a duplicate profile for me.?
I am now seen by your system as a user, no longer as a realtor. Please help me to reset my original account.
Is $25000 enough for down and closing fees?
I am interested in purchasing a one family home. I have $25000. I am a first time home buyer, credit in the range of 660 and have a cobuyer/signer with score of 720. Combined income of $68000. Looking…
Why is it so difficult in the Bay Area to get an agent to work with you?
We are looking to buy a home in $1.2M all-cash. Lately our agent has stopped responding to our emails and we understand she is busy but after weeks we have not received a single reply from her. Are all-cash…
Brownstone houses, are the exterior appearance important?
We find a brownstone unit we like. Except for the building appearance. It is the ugliest one on the block. Though the interior is gut renovated and to our satisfaction. Is it stupid to walk away because…
trying to decide between a home in fairfax or alexandria, va worried about the schools. fairfax is an 8 and alexandria is a 5 on great schools.
I currently live in alexandria we are looking to buy. We are considering a home in fairfax 22032 my husband is worried about the commute but the schools are much better or the home in 22310 which is in…
I am looking to relocate & buy in las vegas nv. Is it true you have to live there for 1 year before being able to purchase a home ?
I was told you have to live in las vegas for 1 year if you plan to buy a home there. I am 1st time homebuyer with good/great credit & this would be a primary residence
Fire my realtor
So I'm looking to purchase a newly constructed custom home and right now we are at a stand still. I have verified with my realtor and know this is a good builder. My realtor and I went in there and signed…
I'm looking into the 2006 Vista Del Verde Community Homes in Yorba Linda. I heard it used to be a landfill before the homes were built. Is this?
true? Is there anything to look out for negatively in this community? My children are 2 and 4. We would like to make the right choice for our next home buy. Many thanks in advance
Hi. I am looking for a house (condo) in Las vegas or Margate fl.about $75000 or under.I had a bankruptcy in 2009.but right now my credit scores about
700. Also I can put down 70% ($52500) for down payment.Do I have any chance to get 30% ($22500) from bank or someplace for pre-approval? Thank you
I signed a disclosure to sell my house and now I discovered a crack pipe.
There is no flooding or recurring leakage and my basement is dry. Do I have to redo the disclosure form?
Does anyone know of an apartment in Saint Clair thats no more than 400 a month and where i can have satellite tv, am moving from a house w/Directtv?
Direct tv has a contract tv so i need to transfer the service rather than cancel as the fee would be about 600.
closing cost on cash purchase
How much is closing on cash purchase of $21.000 in Virginia.
someone is using my number as a contact for some of your listings. Am i in danger of getting scammed as well as the customers that use the listings?
Many people called me about a listing and i did not post not even one on your website... please look into this matter. My number is 808-381-8012 thanks and aloha.
Purchasing a condo - all cash.
I'm from New York, and when purchasing a condo in cash (not co-op), boards still want to see full board packages, reference letters, credit reports and detailed financial statements etc. I really don't…
How to I delete my Trulia Account?
How to I delete my Trulia Account
Custom home builder recommendations?
I am looking for recommendations for custom home builders in the Weatherford area. We are looking in the $250K-$275K range, including the lot.
Why will nobody give me information on this property?
Attempted to gain contact three separate time through your website. No answer.
what is best place to buy home?
Maxx NO formula is frequently a system which is arranged straightforwardly after years joined with study. This for the most part really is an alternate structure to upgrade importance also to improve quality…
I just learned that new homes does not come with car garage door opener. The builders consider it as an
upgrade without even puting a basic one. Is that normal in home builder's industry or is it something a scam of not having sales person disclose it until the poor buyer finds it after buying or puting…
I checked my credit (including getting the scores) to see how it was looking for the year. All is being paid on time, etc. However, each of the three
bureaus gave me a different score. How does that happen and would that impact my chances of getting a decent loan?
I have a 563 Credit score with no loans am I able to buy a house?
I never had credit never filed for bankruptcy and have no loans at all am I able to buy a house for under $130,000?
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