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My family and I are looking at homes in the Neely Farm SD. . .how solid of an investment would purchasing a home in this community be?
Does anyone have personal experience and/or knowledge about the quality of life and home values in this part of Peachtree Corners? We are a little concerned due to all of the negative publicity Gwinnett…
will all home purchases now have to be raised? will insurance be costly ?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3109296437-207-5th-Ave-Lavallette-NJ-08735
I am looking at an older house to buy. When i looked under the base wall from the back i could see where the kitchen?
appeared to be sitting directly on dirt where the back o ft the house was on very strong rock beams. i am worried about termite damage under the floor. would it be possible to get rid of termites and trust…
Is now a good time to buy in Central Square?
It seems that the area has improved in recent years in terms of safety, etc, but still has a way to go. Have I missed the boat on buying here, or is it a wise move now?
Is a loan denial statement legal and/or ethical?
I was denied the loan with a few weeks before closing and now I have to sign a disclosure to give all the info on why my loan was denied to the seller and her agent, just seems unethical to me
Looking for an income property in Denver for less than 100k. Possible?
Was looking for a Condo (assume a house is out of the realm of possibility at this price point) in the Denver area. Something nice that may need a little work for under 100k. What areas should I be looking…
I need a 1bdrm, 1 bath spacious apartment who will accept section 8 vouchers in westchester county ready to move immediately help
This house/apartment is just myself and I am willing to negotiate at any time and will accommodate renter can you help me?
does a buyer have the right to visit property as many times as they want to, except for the inspection, they just want to show family and friends?
do we as home seller have a right to tell the buyer that they can not come by anymore until the home closes
Best area to buy a home for couple who needs to commute to Midtown and Washington Heights area
Hello, my husband and I would like to purchase a home by June/July. We are open to areas outside of the city but wanted some suggestions on areas that are no more than a 30 minute commute for us. My…
Any one have any leads on 1 bedroom apartments/houses in the areas of Hanson,Bridgewater,Abington or whitman?
we are looking for 1000$ max, as well as utilities included! Truly appreciate any help!
Why the crime rate is so high in Kansas City, MO??
I'm interested in property in KC, but just used neighborhoodscout.com, which gave me a shocking statistics. http://www.neighborhoodscout.com/mo/kansas-city/crime/
Hello everyone. My wife and I want to buy a home. Poor credit rating
Hello everyone. 5 years ago I became very ill and racked up alot of medical bills. Since then my wife and I have been paying everything off but our score is still low. We havent missed a payment on anything…
looking for something in the jones cove school area , can be from sharp rd to cosby around 40000
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3113537088-786-Boyd-Way-Cosby-TN-37722
Hello all! I am inquiring about the FHA and VA mortgage process. I used to have a credit score of a 700, but during my maternity leave, i had no
choice but to be late on some obligations, making my credit score go under 600. Anyways, I found a house that is 18,000 dollars, and will need some renovating. I wanted to get a FHA or VA loan for 30,000…
How is River Landing in Wallace NC? Are the hoa fees high?My husband and I are from Long Island and are going down to look any info?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3108285299-164-Firefly-Dr-Wallace-NC-28466
I have been living in this house for 7yrs, now in October I signed a contract to buy this house. I cleared to close in December but I will not go to s
I have been living in this house for 7yrs, now in October I signed a contract to buy this house. I cleared to close in December but I will not go to settlement until January 20. Do I still pay rent.
First time home buyers, finishing a 2 year lease current paying $2850, looking for resources as we have fair credit.
We know our rent payments are not reported to any of the three credit agencies. We pay our rent on-time and we're now seeking help as our landlord doesn't want to bother with the rent-to-own…
Moving from Rockville Centre, LI to central NJ, need recommendations.
Moving our family from Long Island to New Jersey as I am transferring from our Manhattan office to office in Short Hills. would like to spend between $550-$750k on a home in a good school district. important…
How does a highly motivated buyer (with millions to spend) locate a buyer-only agent who deals in high-end San Francisco (city only!) residential real
How does a highly motivated buyer (with millions to spend) locate a buyer-only agent who deals in high-end San Francisco (city only!) residential real estate? We have worked with "agents" in…
RED FIN Or Use Local Agent in California
RED FIN states they have accurate listings than other competitor websites. Also they provide around or more than15% of Agent Commission to Buyers. Is it a good option to Red Fin instead of local agents.
Hi im marisa & im looking to relocate to fort worth texas within a year.
from chicago looking for a diverse community for an african american family.prices around 100-$150 & pet friendly with nearby activities..is there a good community & schools r a must...
Can any Indian purchase Property in USA. We never visited abrode. So this may be the First time we visit to any forign country.
So if anyone can help us in getting Invitation. We are from Mumbai, Maharastra. And we got 10 properties here in INDIA. By profession we are film producer and property Investor. So now want to Invest in…
I am currently paying on a mortgage at my home but my family has outgrown our current home.
Really trying to get advice since i have a current mortgage and now need to get a larger home will this be difficult.
Can anyone tell me about the average homeowners insurance in EI.?
Can anyone tell me about the average homeowners insurance in EI.I know you have to have a separate wind & hail. (Can you elect to get minimum coverage w/ higher deductibles to reduce your premiums or…
I am looking to purchase my first investment property to hold and rent out. I am looking for a realtor who is experienced and preferably specializes
in foreclosures and bank owned properties. I would like someone who is knows the south metro, apple valley to savage area well and works alot with investors and landlords. I have already done alot of homework…
With all of the housing market trends predicted in 2014, which one are you most excited about for your local market?
For instance, in Portland we (now) have one of the lowest underwater rates in the nation, so I'm personally very excited about all of the new home owners who will be able to sell (and then re-buy) in the…
How is the bridge construction affecting your commute?
Curious if the East End bridge construction is causing many headaches for those living off of highway 42?
Travel time during rush hour from Goshen to airport?
Anyone have any "real world" statistics? I have a client that I am working with that you will be seeking a home in that area, but will need access to the airport on occasion, traveling during the morning…
Best search for no HOA's
Hi, any good home searches that you can recommend in the Clermont area which can eliminate homes having HOA fees? Thanks.
what means not to buy in old neighbourh. and old house/apt.?
hello Im thinking about bying an apartment for short rentals so that also my family and me can enjoy it when want to have fun, or for business, attending the events at convention center. I see many…
I am looking to invest in Vegas...Which are the more desirable nieghborhoods vs the ones I should avoid?
I am looking to invest in Vegas...Which are the more desirable nieghborhoods vs the ones I should avoid?
What does foreclosed loan amount mean?
This home for instance says it is foreclosed but right under the word it says $88,000 loan amount. Does this mean I can purchase the home with that amount?
If I buy a home on a 30 yr/amo (FHA), and then move to a different city, can i rent the property and keep the same rate and amo?
or do i have to refinance under a commercial loan? I want to buy a property to live in but my wife is about to graduate (1-2 years) with a PhD and we want to know if we can still keep the same rate…
Is there any good homes left for sale in Las Vegas?
Excellent credit! Excellent income!
Buyer's Agent Commission
1) After some research I've determined that the buyer does not pay commission fees in Texas, that the fee is paid by the seller (listed within the purchase price of the home)...is this correct? If this…
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