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House not closing on time because of slow bank
I'm a first-time home buyer - at least I'm trying to be - and I'm having a major problem with my bank (Wells Fargo). My close date was supposed to be this past Friday, and it didn't…
I am appealing my taxes on my house and a lot in Glassboro. Other than recent sales what are the best ways to argue the assessment. My taxes are ...
On comparables given by the county office my taxes are 1,400-2600 more than the 3 listed. Does rental property get charged more? Is that legal?
Is there anyway I can look for another lender that's going to give me at least a lower than 4.6% mortgage rate?
I have a very good credit score of 758. My settlement is at the end of this month. I asked my lender to lock my rate which is 4.6% since he does not give out lock rate till my title and appraisal come…
credit isn't great single mother looking for a home to buy in Baytown.
Buying a new home in San Diego County
I have contacted builders directly but have no answer yet. I will be in San Diego between 18-24 of August 2013, travelling from Shanghai. I hope I can get any help from this forum.
Can a buyer back out of a sale after inspection period?
Im selling a home as-is, the buyers have a contract on the home amd we agreed on some repairs in a addendum on the last day of inspection. The buyers have not responded and the inspection period is now…
Looking to buy a home in an area in NJ with easy commute to nyc.
Also want a good school district and moderate property taxes.. Home price range is no more than 300k.
Getting an apartment in New York
Hi Everyone, I am new to NY and I shifted from Texas to start work for a start up company in Manhattan and I am having a tough time looking for a place to stay. I am looking for a Studio / 1 Bed apartment…
how is this house cooled/heated?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3094778988-1740-E-Deerskin-St-Pahrump-NV-89048
Offer Accepted?
We were in the 2nd position. The 1st position exceeded their offer/contract timelines and the house was actively re-listed. We submitted an offer within hours of re-listing and know that it was the first. The…
Any private loan vetters around?
I have a horrible credit score that I am repairing, but it will be a couple years before I am in a place to get bank financing, so I am a "risk" for a housing loan. But my rental history proves I can pay…
Buyer agent commission rebate
I am a buyer. How do I find an agent who will offer a rebate on the buyer's agent commission?
I Need help finding an affordable house to rent.
Is there a honest professional who is able to help me find a house to rent that fits our budget? We are looking for a 3 bedroom 2 bath in round rock or pflugerville TX. Our lease isnt up until the beginning…
Who is actually buying the homes in the central valley?
Ok all you realtors, be truthful and tell us who your real clients are: Are they investors? Are are they families? What percentage? This is important information to disclose as those of us wanting to…
i need a house or apartment but i have no credit!!!!!
i work full time 7 days a week, i make over $4000 at least every month, i have a baby on the way and im not gona live in my room with a son, i need my own place, somebody have any suggestions>?
Help finding a condo
I am looking for a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo in the spectrum area in kearny mesa. I prefer the tribeca complex more than anything. can anyone help. I am already pre approved with a VA loan
what is the maitenance.. what floor is it on...?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1091835878-840-Shore-Rd-1H-Long-Beach-NY-11561
Can my son by me a condo in century village?
My soon is going to hold a morgage
Is Louisburg on city water and sewer, or well, and septic?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3108355482-12-Alabama-St-Louisburg-MO-65685?ecampaign=con_rlt_post_lead_agent_sale_fr&eurl=www.trulia.com/property/310…
Is this house still for sale?
Add some detail about your question
VA loan below 620, spouse below 600
I am currently in the military and looking to use my VA eligibility to purchase a home. I currently have a middle score of 615 and my wife's is a 585. We are working hard to take care of any current…
I would like to make an offer for 4674 N 56th St Milwaukee, WI 53218-5026. I am an out of town investor. Could someone share a word of wisdom on many?
related issues such as the rental market, how much repairs it needs, and what is the property's after repair value?
How much lower should I offer for a house in Dunellen, NJ that needs updating and a tree removed w/ roots coming up from under the driveway?
House is listed for $229,000, dropped down recently from $249,000 has been on the market for over 100 days. Isn't terribly dated inside however, would eventually look to remodel the kitchen and bath.…
We short sale our property in April 2012. When can we start thinking about buying a home?
Since then we paid all our ccards and car loans. We started saving money for downpayment, but would like to know if we can buy soon. But how soon?
Need assistance with property status
Hello fellow agents I do not have access to your MLS, but can someone please email me at Home@AndyDelReal.com and let me know if the following 2 properties are still available: 1. 3525 Hinsley Way…
My fiancé and i are looking to buy a foreclosure in cuyahoga falls area.
Well a lot of people told us to find an investor for a foreclosure. My fiancé does remodeling for a living so a foreclosure would be perfect for us. Right now we are renting in cuyahoga falls and have…
Buying pre-construction condos
I am interested in buying pre-construction condos. Where do I find information about opportunities? Should I contact developers directly?
New Constructions at James Creek, Cumming
The James Creek community has evolved a lot in last couple of years. The family friendly environment, school district, close to amenities have made it quite attractive. We are looking at new constructions…
Bowes Country Club - Toll Brothers - Fairways collection
Hi - I am thinking of building a home in the Toll brothers bowes - fairways collection in Elgin. Need to know few things 1. Since it is just building up now, will it be family friendly with young kids? 2.…
Post Bankruptcy Mortgage Lender
I have read that most lenders will do a mortgage 2yrs after bankruptcy. Has anyone actually obtained a mortgage after 2yrs and who would you recommend? I would like to get my house back that my ex took…
I own a condo which I want to sell so I can buy a house. Should I wait unit I sell the condo before I should start looking for a house?
I can't afford to pay 2 mortgages. Can I return the condo to the bank? How is this going to affect my credit score? I am planning to withdraw my money from my 401K so I can pay 20% for downpayment.…
If looking to sell, is June too late to list in downtown Jersey City?
If looking to sell, is June too late to list in downtown Jersey City? I've heard May is the market peak, but we'd like to upgrade. Not sure if we should jump in now or wait it out another year.
Can I be approved for Mortgage Loan with Low Income tax and 620 credit score?
hello I am self employed and my 2011 tax adjusted gross is $32,296 and my tax for 2012 is 38,500. I have filed joint with my wife and wanted to know if we can be approved for a 100k mortgage or less with…
Need a rental home in Madison-HELP! :)
Good morning, I'm not sure how active these discussions are, but at this point it's worth a shot! My fiancé is currently stationed at Fort Gordon in Augusta and I have accepted a position with the…
I have had an offer accepted on a fannie mae property that requires a renovation Mortgage,
How can I find out what fannie mae is requiring be fixed, will it come out in home inspection and will the inspector i hired and fannie maes requirements be the same?? thanks
Interested in purchasing a Willow Creek Cottage in Murphys...2/2 1100 sq ft. Selling for around 300 K in July 2007..now 269K. What should we offer?
This would be a second home for us....do not want to overpay in this market. We could offer all cash...would that help us bargain for a better price?
what kind of school district?
how is the school district rated
I am interested in a job cleaning these foreclosures in any location, but would like to start in Atlanta, Ga. or Philadelphia, Penn..
I am will to travel or relocate in any location. I am 58, single, and willing to work. It is hard to find a job at my age.
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