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What would be a reasonable offer on a home that is 129,900 and the last people who lived in it move there in 2006 and was sold for 132,000. It's
barely went down 2 grand in a matter of 8 years. Keep in mind we are first time home buyers and my realtor is aware of that.
Moving to the Nashville area in June.
Moving to the Nashville area in June for work. I work for a company based in franklin in a satellite office. I'm up for a promotion that requires the move. We bought a house here in Maine 5 years ago,…
how is ashburn for a single woman?
safe, active nice lively?
putting in an offer with listing agent and broker present
i was recently offered a property i lost to a higher bid since there deal fell through. i would like to purchase the property but i feel that the listing agent is playing games and will not submit my offer…
Can I buy a rental property in Philadelphia with less than 20% down.?
I'm looking for a rental property less than $100,000.
Please remove the listing for 28 Longmweadow rd Norfolk Ma immediately. Wrong price
Raveis realty medfield ma was suppose to cancel on Jan 15th I don't have any idea why the original price was changed Please advise how this could happen. Thank you
Anyone have recommendations for a lender who will lend to someone on an L1 visa with no credit history?
We have recently moved from overseas and are keen to buy a property, however we are having a difficult time getting a loan. We have a deposit, but have kept our property overseas, which we are renting…
nyc commute bus stops in East Brunswick?
where are the nyc bus stops in East Brunswick? I know there is one at Neilson Plaza next to Hilton. any other place? and is there parking available? one condo that really I liked from online pictures…
how do I get started to buy a home?
Add some detail about your question
No Credit history because we just moved to the US.
Hello, I recently moved to the Bay Area (coming from France). I have no credit history to buy a house. What are the alternatives to avoid a high morgage rate?
Buying house near road - new construction
We are interested in a new construction by a reputed builder on English hill. There are 2 houses available in the plan that we like, one which is in the starting of the community is facing the main road,…
Have poor credit and I'm trying to buy a home
Are there any programs in arkansas for single mother's with very poor credit my score is a 612 on one and a 590 on the other
I want to buy a home but I have a credit score of mid to high 500's. I have a car loan for almost 2 years now paid on time every month. But I
have no credit cards plus most of my "Bad Credit" was from when I was younger. I have a good amount of income with my job and money saved for down payment. Is there any hope of me being approved for a…
are there mobile homes avail in stockton calif in all age parks for cash sales. i want to do a cash purchase and need to find an agent that has mobile
have cash and want to relocate to stockton california within 2 months but most mobiles are in 55 or older parks . where are trailer listings for all age parks with cash purchase
Would it help my credit score if I took my credit card and paid off small debt and then paid off the credit card on time every month? Would this work?
I have very poor credit with a score of 514 from 2 years ago. I have just got a Capital Bank – OpenSky® Card which Reports to the major Consumer Reporting Agencies every month I have 4 $200-$300…
What percentage of home purchases have been made by investors in Oakland in 2013?
What percentage of real estate transactions have occurred where the buyer actually lives in the property? It seems to me that the main driver in the Oakland market is investors. When I see neighborhoods…
Best Suburbs To Live In Within A 30 Minute Train/Ferry Ride of 200 VESEY ST, NY 10285
Hello, We are moving from Phoenix, AZ to NYC and our office is going to be around 200 VESEY ST, NYC 10285. Request info on finding a decent suburn to live in with the follwing filters: 30 Min door…
ne one no ne lenders who lend to someone who has no credit or det
need 30,000.00 to buy house i rent but land lord went into a home family is going to let it foreclose i lived there 5 years
how can i buy a home with section 8?
i have been thinking a lot about buying a home. im tired of the issues of aggravating neighbors, being treated like im in jail instead of just on section 8 and the sterotypes i get when i mention or ask…
Does the local courthouse show all unsatisfied mortgages, lines of credit, etc. attached to a home? Or could there be other debt that's not
public? Sellers of a home we're interested in are saying their "short sale point" is much higher than what the courthouse shows as unsatisfied.
How often should a lender pull your score?
The lender, I selected originally pulled my score it was a 576. I was told they could work with a 580 and above.(the higher the better) Some internal issue happened with that particular loan officer, so…
i have a 606 credit score and the banks do not want to give me a loan because of my score. Is there any hope on lenders in the area that would?
possibly give me a chance.I have done things to improve my score but it seems as if old stuff still haunts me...
My husband, now passed away, told me not to go on the east side of rr tracks (Amtrak)I need to know where NOT to buy. (BAD) neighborhoods.
I need to know where the better neighborhoods are to buy. I live in a not so good neighborhood now. One block from main library on Kenan; between Pine and Jackson Streets.
I offered bank approved price.
i offered back approved price for short sale condo. it was 120k and my agent just told me since the condo has been on the market about 6 month. so the bank needs to do re appraisal. so my agent told…
Relocating from CT to Denver area with UKC registered pure bred American Bulldog
My husband and I intended to relocate to Denver and were looking at Cherry Creek, Wash Park and the surrounding neighborhoods...then we heard about this ridiculous ban on basically all bully-breed dogs.…
what would be the average appreciation in Chester County PA from 2005-2014?
ranch/ranchette, average to good condition, paid $265,000.00 in 2005
the information on my house is wrong
I have 3 bedrooms not two
The mortgage company for a new home loan wants my Settlement Statement indicating how much I am netting from my old home sale.
Is this legal for them to have this information? Shouldnt they just want to know that I have enough money in my bank account to cover the down payment, and not how much I have netted?
A house for sale has a pool with just a little water in the bottom. What should I do to check it out?
The water in the bottom of the pool looks like it has been there for a while. It is in the ground and concrete. It has a really nice cook deck around the pool and patio.
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