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When the seller plays with offers?
If the seller listed the house at a certain price, it is fair that when getting an offer the buyer rejected asking for more?
This October will be 2 years after our chapter 7 discharge. We are looking to buy short sale or foreclosure house in the tri-valley area.(Dublin, San
This October will be 2 years after our chapter 7 discharge. We are looking to buy short sale or foreclosure house in the tri-valley area.(Dublin, San Ramon, Livermore, Pleasanton, etc) We are looking…
my credit score is about 650,i want to buy a lot in weston ridge st.john 46373 and build my own home i have 17000 in cash,who can help me?
i can buy the lot and build it for 80 to 100 thosand less than the house apprises for(if i spelt that right) as i was a builder before,who could back me on this,thanks
Do you think it would be better to purchase a home $40K cheaper than an identical home in the same neighborhood due to upgrades?
I want to buy a cheaper home, but I don't want to do the work. I found an identical home exactly how I want it but it's a lot more in price. What would you do?
I am wanting to buy a home in the New Port Richey area and am about 15 mos out of bkptcy. I am looking to see options might be available.Thanks!
I would consider Lease/Purchase for a year or two. I am looking for a 2/2 or 3/2 home. I would like to be Near 54 and Veterans Expy.
Pre approved short sale price
f a bank pre approves a short sale price and we offer the asking price, in cash, what happens if the BPO comes back higher than the "pre approved prince?
Any suggestions for a first-time home buyer?
I am currently working 2 jobs to save up and repair my credit. I had an apartment while working 1 job and paying nearly $500. I shouldnt have a problem owning a home with payments around the same with…
This is a DEAD company and your numbers are WRONG. Please remove it: EquiAdvantage Real Estate Group LLC Real Estate Agents - 5 Results
You have my picture with someone elses phone number - please remove my picture from the number 757 276-1234 (a person I DO NOT want to be associated with) The Government closed this business doors! EquiAdvantage…
Island Club electric fences?
Are electric fences for dogs allowed in Island Club community?
Does buyers agent have to pay admin fee on FHA/VA loans if buyer doesn't? Where can I find rule/statute on this? Are admin fees nonallowable?
per FHA? I was told admin fees are nonallowable costs to buyer per FHA and VA. I was also told if the admin is non allowable that a broker can not take from agent. I need facts.
What is the difference between condo and co-op? What do the fees usually cover?
I feel like they are interchangeable in some respect. Are there different amenities or is it arbitrary to use one name or the other? How are the fees determined for either?
Does anyone know a lender working with the Seminole County SHIP program that has experience with the program?
This includes returning calls and emails in a timely manner. I have a 768 credit score and 2 yrs work experience I have been trying to buy a house for a year and I do not understand lenders inability to…
Help applying for fha?
Do I qualify? I have 1 recent 30 day late from 5/14 from my auto loan. All other lates are 2 years old. I have 2 collections. Both 3 years old. My mid score is 638 and my dti is 47%. I make 55,000 a year.…
What I happens if my appraisal comes in higher than the negotiated price.?
I made an offer on a house over three months ago. The offer was accepted and it had taken over three months due to repairs taking a long time. The property values in the area have gone up since the offer…
Up and coming areas in DC
What are the next up and coming areas in DC with significant upside in the 5-10 year horizon for buyers today?
What is the Bryan Place Area east of downtown like? I am looking at a Condo there.
I see a lot of new townhomes coming up. What is the area's outlook for the future? How is crime, traffic, neighborhood overall?
Is it OK for a buyer to provide a set of Comps to Appraiser?
We are in contract and have an appraisal contingency. In the hindsight, I think we offered too high (but blame it on my spouse ) . Can I offer a set of Comps for similar type, year , area houses…
I need a structural engineer to inspect my home in Wayne, NJ. Can anyone recommend one?
My inspector recommended I have a structural engineer further inspect the house and I need a reputable company.
Find a private investor to buy home and then lease back to me?
The house is a 35,000 dollar foreclosure . I have the 5% down payment . The house is in fairly good shape. I was wondering is it possible to find an investor to purchase it and then lease to purchase it…
Do I need an attorney for closing?
I had an attorney go over my P&S before I signed it. Do I still need his service through closing now that I have my commitment letter from my lender? Thanks
How do I go about finding an investor who will purchase a house then let us buy it back?
Due to crazy loan stipulations & my husband getting a new (better paying) job we won't be able to get a Loan for at least 2 years. Looking for an investor to do a "lease to own" but…
What is customer's review on it ?
Anyone know of any Down payment assistance program for peninsula side in bay area California. First time home buyers.
Hi I am looking to buy a home and put as little as possible to put down is there any dpa programs ou there. My wife and I will be the buyers I have 625 score and she has 720. We both make together about…
Buying house that cost more that the one i owe
I have a house that cost around 50000 k and i want to buy one that cost around 150000 k i make 72000 a year some times more i dont have very good credict what can i do i need bigger house have more…
how many public schools are in Lafayette parish?
looking for the grades for each school in Lafayette parish
which area without any crime in austin tx
I am looking the house under $250000 with 4 bedrooms and3 bathrooms where there is no crime in austin
What is the meaning of Insurance assessment and the Master assessment ?
What is the meaning of Insurance assessment and the Master assessment ? It listed on some Condo's and on the same unit it said Insurance included in HOA Fee's.What is the difference ? Do all Condo's have…
What happened to the market in lake highlands?
Did people stop buying there? What's going on?
The homes selling in Ocean Pines are listed at $30,000-50,000 less then sale price 3-4 years ago, why?
Have the homes values decreased that much? I was looking at homes around $200,000 but hesitant that is might not be a good investment.
Do you really need an approval letter with your offer?
Hello Buyers! It is true that you need a pre-approval letter to submit with your offer. A seller will not enter into a contract until they know that the buyer has already had their credit checked and…
What are the requirements for newcomers to the US to purchase a home?
I received a job transfer so my husband and i are moving from Canada to Katy Texas next month.
Out of Town First time home Buyer Relocating to Houston
I am a first time home buyer moving to Houston, Texas. I want to live close to the city and not too far out (15-20 min max) I checked out a Lennar Community in North Houston (Mount Village Subdivision)…
Looking for a motivated and savvy FHA Expanded Loan lender/broker for Washington DC
I'm looking to purchase a condo in the West End/Foggy Bottom (FHA approved building). Here are the stats: FHA Expanded Loan needed: $625,500 condo fee: $979.56/ Monthly Total Taxes: $6,217 My Stats: Credit…
Converting 4th bedroom into a walk in closet for our master bedroom add value to our home?
We currently own a 4 bedroom 3 bath home (approx. 2000 sq ft)in the Highland area of Pleasant Hill. I'd like to convert our 4th bedroom into our Master bedroom walk in closet. Will this increase or decrease…
Recommendations on Title Companies / Settlement Agent for Washington DC metro area?
Do you have any recommendations on Title Companies / Settlement Agent for Washington DC metro area? Any horror stories?
VA loans with past of short sales
It has been more than two years since the short sale.....how do I use my VA certification to purchase a new home
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