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Is Cedar Knolls neighborhood in Bronxville school district?
Can you point me to a map of the Bronxville school district?
we can rent this apartment or not
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My husband and I are retired professionals from CT planning on buying a single home in Naples. We will live there 6 months and keep our home in CT.
We are cash buyers at $400,000 or under looking for a foreclosure. Does this help like it used to? We want an upscale community either near the beach or with private pool. We aren't golfers or boaters…
Is Saint George far enough away from Las Vegas that you still get offers from the casinos?
I know the casinos also look at your zip code not just gambling. I live in Park City and get a lot of offers.
How does Via Roble/Quail Ridge Neighborhood in Lafayette compare to Happy Valley?
How does the Via Roble/Quail Ridge neighborhood compare to the rest of Happy Valley? While this neighborhood shares the same elementary school as Happy Valley,is there a difference from a resale or general…
why is the foreclosure rate in long valley so high - 40% of all single home listings? how will this affect home prices in the near future?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3078160427-4-E-Gate-Rd-Long-Valley-NJ-07853
Are there any first time home buyer programs for the 2013/2014 year? I'm specifically looking for any grants or credits.
I plan to start looking mid next year and I was wondering if there are any programs like the 8,000 credit that used to be offered to first time buyers.
Does it make sense to buy a mobile home on some land even tho I know they don't have good resale value?
I am forever renting because I can't qualify for a big mortgage. So I figure that buying a mobile home on some land may be my only way to have something of my own instead of paying rent forever.
I know it was easier 5-7 years ago to obtain a mortgage but given the situation below, how much more is needed?
For instance a good friends situation explained: 720 FICA, 50k cash to put down, 20k a year in not earned income but is counted as earned, debt ratio within limits, Home price within means of 140k. Aside…
Hi i see a lot of short sales in Aurora IL and forclosures single family homes, most are 25,000 to 70,000, are those good areas or places to avoid or
just the price range for single family homes is that area? what are decent price range to look for, for single family homes, in this area. thankyou
If a contract were to fall through, what is the normal timeframe for it to happen?
Hello! A few weeks back, we made an offer on a house we love, only to have it outright rejected (we offered $10,000 less than asking plus closing). We were definitely stunned that they didn't at least…
I am using an alternative lender and I need an agent ASAP
I have been told that I am "pre-approved" but I am not pre-approved for a certain amount. I am pre-approved for half of the LTV amount. So, if a house is worth $100,000, but being offered for…
What are my obligations to a property tax assessor's request to schedule an interior inspection?
A property tax assessor left a card at my newly built house requesting to "check on building permit activity" and "verify purchase and terms of sale." Aren't these already accessible via public records?…
Is there any town that you would recommend for someone that has horses?
I would love to own a home where I could also have my horses but would be fine with a near by stable
Looking for a Decent Townhome in the Pottstown Area
I have been scouting out the townhomes in the Pottstown Area and My Range is 150000 - 180000. I particularly like the SunnyBrook community. The only drawback I see is that most of the units in there are…
My wife and I are looking to buy while the interest rates are low.
I have a credit score of 659,645,643. She has credit scores in the high 600's almost 700's. However I have about 40,000 in car and student loan debt, always pay on time. She has had a bankruptcy about…
Can anyone recommend some good preschools in the San Ramon area or within 15 min of driving?
My daughter has already had a year of preschool but is only 4 so will still be in preschool another year. I am interested in a learning based preschool with good teacher/student interaction. Thanks
cash in hand. is it wise to simply pay cash for a couple rental properties?
can I get better deals on a house paying cash making it worthwhile to tie up the cash i have 300k and want real bargains
Hi im looking for buy in Monroe NY, area in next few years when I have downpayment,., I would like to know if homes in orange country or upstate ny,
, do single family homes do they Generally increase or decrese by a lot overtime? for example if a home is selling for 100,000, by how much does that go up in 15-20 based on past years? thankyou
If I sell my house what is an estimate income tax i would have to pay IRS on the profit.
example: If property sells for 300K, loan balance 50K, my profit 250K. would i pay tax on sale price of 300K or 250K. How muchtax? any other fees etc i should be aware of?
Cartus lies in their contract! Why isn't it against the law?
We made an offer on a home in october end. 2 weeks later offer accepted. Attorney review process went on for 1 month! Home inspection issue took another month. Delayed closing date. (Thank god we…
REO/Foreclosure Specialists in HOU?
First-time home buyer here needing a realtor/firm with REO/Foreclosure experience. I need to get into an AFFORDABLE home ASAP. Any guidance?
What is the lowest credit score I can have and still be able to get home loan?
I am looking to purchase a home anywhere between Orlando and Tampa. However, the credit scores are consider poor. Me and my husband do not have any Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, short sale on the report. At…
Looking for unique neighborhoods near Ft Jackson, SC.
Just received PCS orders to Ft. Jackson, SC. This sholud be a permanent move due to the fact that I will be retiring in 4 years. I am looking for unique neighborhoods near Ft Jackson. I love southern style…
I've been in the same house over 10yrs. With my VHA could I actually buy a home?
The house I live in has poor insulation, which keeps my electric bills high, winter & summer. Leaks, that we've tried to find & we have many, but the water bills stay high also. I'm sure if I could move…
What is the lowest credit score I can have and still be able to get home loan?
I am looking to purchase a home anywhere between Orlando and Tampa. However, the credit scores are consider poor. Me and my husband do not have any Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, short sale on the report. At…
need a single family home; live in manhattan now; 3 kids that need a back yard, streets for bicycles, parks,;
so we have 5 people in our family; we had thought about HUD; need a very small down payment ; good income; or what is this rent to own program; how does it work; school has to be......GARDEN CITY SCHOOL…
Qualifying for a mortgage?
My wife and I are employed full time earning over 180,000 per year in W-2 income. We will be discharged from our Chapter 13 this month after 4.5 years. We have excellent payment history, and no debts.…
What All do you pay for in "closing cost" and how much approximately would a typically closing cost run.????
I have closed a couple houses recently amd the closing cost was about 500.00 now anther house they are saying close to 5,000????
Not sure if my question got posted. I want to invest in parkchester condo.
Question is. Is it easy to rent out. Seems like there are lots of empty apartment. I want to buy the largest I can for $85k. But i hear the common charges are high so I don't want to go invest if I can…
Looking for a gated community not older than 10 yrs. split design. 3 bed, 2 bath, garage, pool would be nice ( not necessary) HW or tile flrs, WIC
Safe, newer populated gated community in Bradenton or Ellenton. Not worn or fixer- upper. Moving from Boston area.
Hi, I am looking for a studio or 1 bedroom apartment in the following areas: Flatbush, East Flatbush, Canarsie, Midwood, but I will consider other...
locations depending on the area's crime rates, safety, and transportation. A walk-in is okay with me, also dependent upon safety. No more than $1000/mo please.
What are the HOA fees for this Subdivision?
3701 Alder Trail Euless, Tx 76040
First Time Homebuyer: Costa Mesa, Tustin, Fountain Valley or Huntington Beach?
Hello,My fiancé and I are looking to purchase our first single family home. We are currently renting in East Side Costa Mesa and would love to stay here, but not sure if we can afford the type of home…
Is their any lenders that will work with someone with poor credit score in Florida?
I am looking to purchase a home anywhere between Orlando and Tampa. However, the credit scores are in consider poor. Me and my husband do not have any Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, no pay, short sale on the…
what is the longwood area like?? How are the schools?
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