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Where do you get the property tax information.?
I have looked at a number of homes and spoke with agents and the taxes listed in Trulia are far off from actual s.
I need a lender for my buyer that will loan on land with a mobile home on it.
I need a lender for my buyer that will loan on land with a mobile home on it. The property is less than $100k. Thank You, Rebecca Wooten, REALTOR Spencer Properties-Broker Cell: (512) 662-40…
looking for home with golf membership and 4/3 in Alto.
i know area well and have owned before. like heavily wooded area,and furnished
28 y.o. and thinking about relocating to Boca and purchasing a home. Want a community where young Jewish adults live and an area with good schools.
Budget is 300-450. Not looking to buy immediatly just would like some information I can work with.
What info is available about these 2 2 houses?
20715 W 108th St Olathe, KS and S. Lakeshore Drive, Olathe KS (no house no given)
The name and address of my homeowners association
Where is the homeowners association for 239 Osage Ct, Lexington, KY?
Does and owner financed real-estate transaction require establishing an escrow account and filing a deed of trust?
Purchased a home using owner financing and I believe that the transaction was not handled correctly, as I cannot refinance it as there is no record of the sale and I have been told the contract I have…
New homes in Kissimmee or Clermont areas?
I think I am dreaming big here, but are there any new(er) homes in this area for 200k or lower, with options for a pool or already with one. I am unsure of where newer neighborhoods would be located and…
Hello, can someone give me his opinion about the value of this property, supported with comps, 2624 NE 32 nd St,Ft Lauderdale, FL 33306.
The property is fully renovated, granite, new custom kitchen cabinets, stainless still appliances, tile flooring, nice done bathroom with tiles.
looking for a cheap property under 20K in safe neighborhood with long term rental potential Zip 33905
I am looking for a decent property in For Myers. Something that needs some work and that I can renovate and rent to a family until the market turns around and I can sell at a profit. 756 Cayce lane keeps…
I am a first time home buyer. I am looking to hire a broker to help me buy a home. I am looking to move to NJ. Any suggestions please?
I live and work in New York City. I am looking to move to NJ preferably about 1-2 hour commute to New York City. I would like to know what the best county's are with affordable taxes. Open to both Single…
What is the average time allowed from selling a home and moving?
From escrow to moving out what is the average time line in Honolu, Hawaii according to the law?
What is the impact of Section 8 housing on property values (current & future) in Pleasanton?
I know it sounds harsh, but the reality is that not everyone wants to buy property in close proximity to Section 8 housing; I have heard this first hand from realtors. I would like to know what neighborhoods…
how much do you need to pay for closing fee?
how much do you need to pay for closing fee? Under 130k condo how much do you need to pay for closing fee? If you buy house with Loan.. How much? if you buy house with Cash only(No loan).. How much? someone…
building a 60000 sqaure foot house on 10.3 acres land
let says.. i'm thinking about to purchase a land which has 10.3 acres by the converse lake greenwich, ct. my question is , is it possible to build a 60000 sqaure foot house on 10.3 acres land? all my life…
Looking for RE Agent in NJ
Hi All, I am looking to buy a house in NJ and i need a good real estate agent. I just have 2 expectations 1.You must have time(not too busy to reply on my emails) 2.You must have excellent negotiation…
Where is the best area to raise a big family?
You want the best for your kids, so, where in California is the most ideal city to enjoy time with family?
Any availability in Bell Air Condo?
Add some detail about your question
Will I be blacklisted by the real estate company?
I don't want to get into the details here, but a large real estate company didn't follow RESPA rules with a recent sale to me, and it ended up costing me some money. One of my options is to sue…
My family is considering a move from KY to TN. We are debating between two jobs which offer similar pay, benefits, etc. Halls vs Oak Ridge?
The decision really boils down to what area would be best to raise family. I would like for my children to go to good schools, live in safe area, etc. My dream home would be a lake view property but schools…
I paid my rent in cash as agreed with landlord because the house is in foreclosure, how can I prove I pay my rent on time?
I don't have lease or monthly rent receipts. landlord can't provide documentation based on his situation. what I can do?
We're at the tail end of buying our first home and all of the sudden we feel very confused.
The realtor seems like she's just trying to get it over with and all of these little "fees" keep popping up and we're worried we won't have enough money once settlement comes. So basically I'm wondering…
The seller and I agreed via email on a price, in which he later accepted. Can I still back out?
I'm a financed buyer and the appraisal came in much lower than the initial purchase agreement price. We've gone back and forth on price negotiations, and seemingly agreed to a price via email. However,…
East End Bridge completion and its affect on home values in Utica and outlying areas?
Do you believe that once the bridge is complete, that we will see home values increase, decrease or stay in the same in Utica?
How important is your work history when applying for a mortgage and buying a coop?
I've been job hopping for 8 years, but I've held a steady job for the last two with a great salary, money in the bank and excellent credit. I'm currently renting, but looking to buy a coop and concerned…
This listing is actually in Dorchester. Can you please change the zip to the proper 02125? Thank you.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3109651937-40-Hancock-St-9-Boston-MA-02114
What is the largest fishing lake in the chain of lakes, big lake harris, minnehaha, lake louisa? Which ones please.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/44949876-1620-East-Ave-Clermont-FL-34711
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