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Low credit score standing in my way of owning my own home:(
We make enough, and have a down payment.. Does any one know of and banks that are willing to take a chance or a good rent to own program.?
What are the setback requirements to side neighbors and is there any grandfathering for existing structures?
Hello, I am looking at purchasing a home with a DIY bump-out on the side in the city of Columbus. We are concerned that it may be too close to the property line. Does anyone know how far away structures…
Why can't I wire $250,000 to the US? Because I live in China, where the government only allows an individual to exchange $50,000 per year of
RMB to $ This is the reason why China currently owns 2.5 trillion dollars in reserves: they only allow dollars to come into the country, not to go out! So one option I'm considering: I go over…
Which sounds better: Townhome (240000)in mid Cary (Weatherfield community) or single family home (280000)in Kitts creek, Morrisville.
Both are new construction. Townhome: $125 hoa Bigger kitchen 1850 sqft SFH: $55 hoa Large family room
C of O for sale?
We put in a bid for a house that said "C of O" in progress, for a finished basement, 2nd bath, deck, and CAC. Our lawyer put in the contract that the C of Os must be received in order to close...the seller…
How much would I need to expect to bring to closing on a Fannie Mae Forclosure?
I know I need 5%, but what about your escrow account (taxes/insurance) realtor costs etc? Can any of that be put into the loan?
rent-controlled properties
The Director of Housing has determined that the City of San José is NOT experiencing a Severe Rental Housing Shortage. Based on information for the third quarter of 2013, the San José rental housing…
Approaching a bank in another state for a home loan
Hello! I live and work in Texas. I want to buy a house in Texas. Can I appraoach a bank in another state to process my home loan?
what's the crime rate around this neiborhood?
Add some detail about your question
We are moving to Searsport and would like to know if their are houses to rent that accept section 8 and pets. Thank you.
1-2 Bedroom, first floor only, we are disabled and can't climb stairs. We are non-smoking, and reliable. Will give references if needed.
How much house can we afford with 65k a year? First time home buyers!
My father is wanted to sell his home that's worth 204k but is willing to sell it to us for 180k. I grew up in that house and can't imagine it being sold to anybody else. We have no credit cards or anything…
$500k home in north Dallas TX - is bathtub necessary in MBath?
my brother and his wife live in a larger beautiful 5 br 4 1/4 bath home in North Dallas - near Plano. Kids moved out. MBathroom is large with tiny shower. They want to expand shower by removing bathtub,…
I bought a home in the end of January of 2013 in texas. I got the home appraised and inspected and with 10 months I have a leaking roof.
Can I sue my home broker or inspector for failing to notice the obvious damages in my roof. I have a hole in my roof and rotting wood that has been going on for longer than 10 months. It should have been…
Suggestions for moving from low income section 8 to home buyer
My husband and I are currently renting an apt with section 8. Income is basically SSC & disability about 750.00 a month & SNAP. We would love to own but our catch 22 is a problem. In order for…
How do I put myself in position to purchase next summer? What steps should I be taking NOW?
I am looking to buy a house at some point during the summer of 2014. I am 22, a first year teacher, and gross about 47,500 per year. I just checked my credit score and have a 671 :(. I DO have student…
Anyone who wants to sell shop in New York?
I want to own a shop in New York if anyone interested please contact http://www.raspberryketoneblastfacts.org/
Land Contract homes in Oakland County
I am interested in purchasing a home on land contract terms within a decent neighborhood in Oakland county but I have no idea where to start. Any information would be greatly appreciated. You can email…
Gated waterfront communities in Space Coast?
I want to look at gated waterfront properties in Satellite Beach, Indialantic, Melbourne Beach or Indian Harbour areas. I am aware of Tortoise Island and Lansing Island, but would like to know of any others
Property in Snellville
What's the availability on mls# 7175278?
Is wind insurance a requirement for mortgage holders in Fort Myers, Estero, Alva, or Bonita Springs?
I currently live in Key West and have a mortgage. I've considered moving to the Fort Myers area. Because of the incidence of hurricanes here, mortgage holders are required to have wind insurance and…
What is the average price/sq. ft. of finished living space in Bloomington, IN?
I am interested in a ranch over basement, but the listing is counting part of the basement as square footage, when it hasn't been fully finished. It just has some old wood paneling and no insulation.…
Why do I have to re-enter all the data every time I put in a different town? Is there a way to default that?
I will only be looking for a one bedroom apartment, thats never going to change... ?? Same thing with the amount on the rent.
You have homes listed in zip code 32081 as Ponte Vedra Beach. They are NOT. They are in Ponte Vedra (no beach) which has different demographics
This is not the fault of the listing agent because on other websites it is listed correctly. It is only wrong on your site.
Unhappy Buyer Situation!
Prior client wants to install a pellet stove, but was recently informed of a claim of a prescriptive easement to the chimney and fireplace hearth each and every December 24-25. Does buyer have a claim…
Can Wells Fargo list a house when it doesn't have a clear title?
We put in an offer to purchase a Wells Fargo REO and it was accepted, but we can't close, because the title is not in Wells Fargo's name. Isn't that fraud?
Any strategies to get rid of a severely underwater home?
Several years ago homes cost $500k in Oakley, Antioch area. Now they are only worth $180-$200k. Is there any exit strategy? We now see and want to buy a townhome or home in San Ramon, Pleasant Hill,…
What is this house worth?
2125 larchwood ct trinity fl
1221 clover circle ct baldwin
this was our dream house that is going to auction. how do i find out which auction will list it?
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