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I've had an inspection, and I have to decide which problems I should ask the seller to pay for. What is typical?
In addition to one major safety issue that I am planning to ask for repair, there is also safety risk issue with furnace CO2 getting into the air ducts, and a plumbing backwash risk. Also, There are…
Hi, I am looking for distressed properties within Nevada. Cash Investor. Can move quick for right properties.?
We currently buy approx 50 units a month in FL and now looking to repeat our model in NV. The properties need to be post 1995 build. Preferably in gated communities for maintence reasons, or with some…
I have tried several times o change my password by using the advise given, doesn't work, please help. Thanks
please try for yourself and when you preset "edit profile" there is no where to change your password and I have been all over the site trying different methods, no luck.
My wife and I make about 105,000 a year but have no money for a down payment, there will be two kids coming from the Philippines in the next 6 to 12
months so we need to find a bigger place.We re renting now. Is it possible to buy a condo with the down payment not being more than 1 percent and just paying closing cost? Or any programs like the USDA…
Hi, my wife and I have started the ever frustrating home search. Any up and coming neighborhoods offering Single Family Homes???
Neighborhoods that we are currently considering are: The Crossings on Killian, West Kendall, Cutler Bay, Davie, Hollywood and really really trying to stay away from Homestead. Thanks in advance
how much is the monthly lot lease?
Add some detail about your question
We are relocating from CA to the Oregon area but do not know what areas are best as far as weather. We are originally from the East Coast,
we cannot tolerate the harsh winters we had there, this the move. However, CA is too hot ( southern CA). Is the Douglas area a great place to be????
Is Detroit a good place to invest in property now as compared to rochester NY?
Hi Planning to invest in a home for rental passive income? Could someone advise. Budget is around 20k to 30k and need a good tenant in place .. probably at a good location and house should be in good…
cannot move needlepoint, needlepoint at wrong position
Hello, For some listings the needlepoint is at the wrong position, and I cannot move it. This affects especially our lot and land listings, where there is not always a proper street address available.…
Why are there so many places for sale in the "CONNOR PLACE" subdivision in Evans, GA?
The prices are pretty low as well, makes me think people are all wanting a quick exodus from there for some reason. Section 8 Relocation, Crime, Changing School Districts, Noise? -- This question was…
Home Inspection - what are reasonable issues that arise?
We found mold (one spot of 1-2 square feet in a basement 1/2 bath), windows that won't stay open, arsenic laden wood on the back patio and a chimney so sooty that the inspector couldn't tell us it's condition.…
They countered full price. What to do?
Concern is that the house is not actually worth the list price. Our agent says it is fairly priced. How do we really know?
What can one do when their agent did not do their job well and it cost us 65,000.00 in our new home?
After we purchased our first home, (our first buying experience), we had to get a new roof ,two new AC units, a chimney cap, replace two tubs upstairs...tub, tile, and repair down stairs ceilings from…
Does anyone have any idea about Whiteland Hills Circle community in Exton?- Why there are so many properties on sale all of a sudden?
Also can you give me more insight into this community, how safe it is...how is the neighborhood and why is the HOA fee so high in-spite of not having any pool or other amenities - Also how safe it is…
What are the main dangers of buying a new construction?
We are considering what looks to be a very nice looking new construction in our neighborhood. It went up relatively quickly (well under a year) and so we are concerned about the quality of the work.…
What are some of the pitfalls of purchasing a bank owned home?
I have heard it can be a great deal. Is there a dark side?
Dear Sir, Am not USA citizen and would like to invest on the real estate market on Chicago buy buying low value house and lease it or renovate then
sell IT OUT I need to buy around 15 houses with avrg price of 15K$ my name : mohammed kahail - mrkkaw@gmail.com
I found a great home with a huge backyard in Town of Kensington (almost an acre). It would be perfect for my dogs to run around. How do I value land?
I have the assessed value but have been told that tax assessments are low in this area, sometimes by up to 15-20%. I haven't found any comps in that area with a yard this large. Many lots are under…
I would like to rent a house that is currently for sale. How do I engage the sellers to see if they would be interested in a 2 year lease?
The rental inventory in the areas we are looking for don't meet our needs however the for sale inventory does. SHould I contact the seller myself or work thru the listing realtor?
Overpriced listing in Bethesda/ Ch Chase; is our offer reasonable?
We found a listing that's $200K over assessed value and has been on market for 100 days or more (haven't seen contract on it); local comps don't support asking price. House nice but has a few small issues.…
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