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Are there any mortgage companies who will lend under 620 credit score?
Husband and I have been renting for the last 3 years and have never had a late payment. Have been working to improve score by paying off baddies on report. Have applied for two credit cards but are scared…
I need a small cottage
Would you help me in this matter so please inform me on this given page below http://xtremenitrotruth.com
any nice places to rent for 800.00?
1 or 2 bedrooms, a small house or an apartment
Gale ranch area new independent home Vs 7 years old town home in Windemere area - Please advise
Gale ranch area: New independent home, 1,596 sq. ft. 3 beds, 2.5 baths, HOA 108 is 700k. Windemere area: 7 Years old town home, 2100 sq ft, 2.5 baths, HOA 225 with upgrades is 675k. (appliances refrigerator,…
I own a house in Phoenix, but I want to buy a different house and have the money.
Are there tax disadvantages to buying a (second) house before selling your first house? Also, I may rent my existing house as a second option.
Escrow wants to charge fees to buyer when the deadline to fund was passed?
can escrow company charge "escrow" fees to the buyer when the transaction felt apart due to delay in lender's funding and seller decided to cancel the escrow?
Street name on title does not match with physical street name
We are 3 weeks away from closing, and it just came to our notice (while finalizing the contracts) that the 'name of the street' on the title does not match exactly with the physical street address. The…
where on this map is 2418 W. Liberty Ave?
This question was asked from http://www.trulia.com/property/3144081447-2418-W-Liberty-Ave-Spokane-WA-99205?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com%2Fproperty%2F3144081447-2418-W-Libe…
Is the neighborhood of Hampden a good area to buy now?
I am first time home buyer looking to buy a house in an up and coming neighborhood. I want a nice house, yet I want to also make a good investment. Does anyone know whether Hampden is an area I can find…
My name is Bright. Can someone tell me something about this company with the location address? Send me your information through my e-mail address:
mdjah123@ymail.com Eastern Capital Resources, Inc. Chicago Office: 2105 S Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60616
whats the average mortage per month on a house in lakelosangeles cal.?
on trulia.com the average mortage per month on a wellsfargo bank owned home in lakelosangeles is 250.00per mont and im being charged 1600.00per month i really need my mortage lowered to 250.oo to 800.00…
Is a non-signed agreement for the purchase of a house a legally binding contract?
Approximately 10 years ago my husband and I were sent an email by my then husbands boss regarding the purchase price of the house that we are currently living and that email not only states the price but…
Can anyone give me advice about buying in Kingman Park? I really want to know if this is considered a
transitional area or if buying here would be a mistake! I'm interested in something along 17th Street a few blocks north of C street (and south of Benning Road).
How stable is the economy?
Is the economy growing or shrinking
If a seller is cutting the property at an angle to keep shed is this right?
I'm looking at a house in country and the shed is very close to the garage on the house property within less than 20 feet. They are cutting the land at a diagonal to keep the shed. They also want…
Are there any places that will work with me on renting a house/apt if I have bad credit and now rental history?
I lost my job 8/12 and have yet to find a job with good pay. Due to this I have lost my car and an apt. I am planning to relocate to Greensboro with a new career in tow and I am trying to rebuild back…
Prices in Virginia Beach are starting to drop like a rock!
Even though Im a buyer, it's a little disturbing to see the effects on neighbors who bought in the peak and are in a bit of trouble. A house I was looking at: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/44…
I currently own a rental property. I am getting married in September and my fiance qualifies as a first time
home buyer. Is it possible to sell my property to her and close before we get married in September to take advantage of the $8000 tax credit?
Who do you recommend for a renovation loan?
We have bought the house of our dreams and a contractor to do the work but now we have to find a lender. I have fairly good credit but my husband's is a little low but above 600. Any suggestions?…
Needing a home built
I have land in gardendale tx. I looking to get a home built but I don't know who to use. Can anyone help? I don't want a castle just a small ranch style home. Thanks
Can I get a home construction loan for 615 credit score on my land worth $45000 and where do I look?
I have been cleaning my credit and it will be clean the end of July. I want to build this house myself. I only need $100000.
Could I get approved for home loan?
640 credit score had a couple student defaults in the past but completed a rehab plan and another paying collection agency under partial payment agreement for a while now. I have 20,000 down payment. Could…
does building code allow 2 homes to connect to the same sewer stub?
I purchased 5 years ago and there was no disclosure that my sewer stub s being used (I am on a sepic tank). The neighbor using my stub bought 10 years ago and claims no disclosure about crossing my property…
Is it okay for an agent to give you the option of viewing a home with him or without him and he can give you the lock codes?
I believe no occupants are in the home. Don't want to get into trouble or get hurt.
What steps would I have to take to get a mortgage with no credit?
I'm only 20 and my fiance is 23. Neither of us have credit but we would like to find a new home. Is there something for first time buyers like us? Between the two of us we make about $40,000 a year…
Are Belmont properties overpriced?
Say a 1400 psf condo for with 3 b d1 bath for more than 420K? Or a 1700 sft for 500K? People's real income are going down..not up! Wil the prices come down?
Can we get an FHA new construction loan and start building in the next few months if our CAIVRS clear date is August 2014.?
Had a foreclosure in the past, but we are recovered. We have a CAIVRS Clear Date of August 2014. Can we get an FHA new construction loan and start building soon, before our clear date? We were pre approved,…
My husband and I need someone bi-lingual to help us buy a house. We want to buy it cash somewhere in zip codes 75217 or 75227.
I have called several times a lady named Alicia Trevino and spoken to her but does not get back with us.
What does it mean if the "processor" is looking over my short sale offer?
Okay. Lots of details! I looked at a short sale listed at $165,000. We decided to put in a low ball offer of $140,000. We were not expecting it to be accepted, but we just wanted to get the ball rolling.…
What are the best real estate salesperson pre-license courses offered online? Also, which agencies near Vienna offer the best training programs?
I am interested in working towards my real estate salesperson license. Do any of you have experience with any of the DPOR approved courses that are offered online? Is there a specific Real Estate school…
I'm a single father with a kindergarten-age son. Can I find a home within walking distance to 'downtown' YS for less than 100k if I?
wait? I am split between buying land out in the country or moving to a small, safe, but still fun town near family (Kettering). In a way, Yellow Springs is a great middle ground. I'm very hesitant…
Can escrow or lender charge me fees based on Seller's cancellation of escrow?
I offered and got approved for a Short-Sale property from Wells Fargo; however, my lender did not make it on time for the bank's deadline and the whole transaction felt apart, everything needs to be re-submitted.…
for realtor is it easier to sell a short sale house as is or is it better to put in a little money to touch it up first ?
I have a house that I'm not be able to make payment for a long time and now the bank talking about short sale option as is ( house haven't been live in and in terrible condition ) but I unexpectly just…
I need a professional real estate agent.
Wait: before you run to answer this please read MY definition of professional. And let me preface this by saying that I used to hold a license and have owned many houses. I can appreciate that technical…
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