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how about mobile home in Edison nj ?
mobile home for rent or sell
Could I get an FHA loan?
Current Credit Score is 629 VIA Capital One Debt per month is 600-650 Current income gross is $42K Available Credit is at $17-17.5K Credit utilized is 20-21% Currently have $9.5K saved (adding $500-1K,…
I don't have enough money to pay the closing costs, can I get my earnest money back?
My bank did not give me a Good Faith Estimate on time and I just got it today. My realtor said it would 2.5% but it ended up being 3.5%. The closing cost is too high and I do not have enough money. Can…
Major incident in a home, that is now for sale...
On the news, there was a story about a homeowner who was killed in his home by his daughters boyfriend. This happened recently, and now that home is for sale. What are some thoughts on buying where a…
How do I filter in a month to month lease?
I want to find a place that isn't rented out yearly, but month to month or maybe starting at 6 months.
purchasing a second/third home
My husband and I both own homes. I own a condo and he a townhome. When we married I rented out the condo and moved into his townhome. Now though we are both looking to get closer to our jobs and thinking…
One thing common with most of these firms is their widespread states ?
FHA financing Will FHA finance a credit score of 580 with charge offs on credit history?
Will FHA finance poor credit,580 or so, with charge offs on credit report? I am paying them down slowly.
Looking to relocate from Oklahoma to Hillsborough Co, must be a USDA approved home.
My fiance and I will be attending school in Hillsborough County Fall of 2017(Yes, super far away!), we already own a home through the USDA loan and would like to use it again in our new adventure. We're…
How could you do this?
I was interested in a property located at 9965 S Winston Ave but when I asked to view it I was told it was removed from the list. Is it sold?
Are there any other multi-family buildings similar to this one in the area? This location is what I'm looking for.
trying to locate property
image says 15 n Vermont, 1152x768 jpeg, coldwellbanker.com. This is info on picture but I'm unable to find anymore info. I found the photo on Riverton real estate website. Is there anyway you can…
we bought a home three weeks ago.
i've tried to tell yous but you still send them . please stop .thank you
I inherited my dads house but stepmom has a life estate on it. Can I still use it as equity to buy me another house.?
She is 70 and they were only married 6 months and its my childhood home. I dont want to take it from her but will it make me look better to the banks that I have that. I inherited everything since I am…
My house info on your site is very incorrect. It is annoying to me. When I tried to edit it, it wouldn't allow me to change the date of 1900?
for year built to 1780 when it was actually built. Other info, heating, square footage, room size etc all wrong
Investor Needed for Pre-Sale Purchase!!!
I am looking for an investor to buy the property and lease it back to me in 24-36 months. I am in Raleigh NC and self-employed and having trouble getting financed b/c of the amount of deductions I take.…
down payment, closing costs annnnd?
Hello! I got pre approved for a home loan and they said the down payment would be 3.5%. Then they told me that there would be 3635 in closing costs and then 3373 for something I can't remember (because…
it is Trulia a good adviser for the prices in the houses for sale?
some people pay for the appraiser $500.00 and the house doesn't appraise
Does your site s?how HOAfees?
I have to go to zillow to find out if a house has HOA. also how do I get rid of the obnoxious realtor photo on top of main pic
What is the average cost of building a 1000 square foot home in Lake Stevens area?
This particular home will be built above an existing garage.
LIVE/WORK space for breakfast restaurant in Dallas. Lease/Buy spring 2017.
My husband and I moved from Miami Beach recently and are looking for a live/work space in Dallas. We are in the planning and development stage of designing a breakfast joint. We love the Bishop Arts area…
Do you have any commercial & residencial properties with a big land?
I am looking for a big land with an old house & frontage,with scope of building my own house and use the front portion as commercial purpose?
How much is the closing cost of a 227,000 home purchase?
If the seller is helping with 2 percent,how much is left for me for the closing?
I am a first time buyer... My credit score is. 616 is it possible to get a loan
Hi I am a 1st time buyer looking to buy a home my credit score from credit karma is a 616 just wanting to know if I could get a loan the home I am looking at is $50,000 any advice would be helpful
Could it be possible to list the monthly condo fee as part of the info in your real estate results?
I am looking for an alternative to Homesnap, and despite Trulia's superior UI, I find it odd that the codo fee isn't listed as part of your real estate listing. It is playing a huge role in my…
How can one cancel a listing if not satisfied with agent? They lock you in for 3 or 6 months and then you are stuck .
My guess is Trulia will not admit this as they depend on realtors for income?
Can I buy a home with a credit score of 616?
I am looking to buy a home in Clarksville Indiana for under $50,000 my credit score is a 616 and didn't know if I could be approved for a loan... Any help in this matter would be great. Thank you
Single vs. Multi-Family Mortgage?
The idea of a multi family property has caught my attention in my search for a home. A multi-family property is one in which in the owner typically lives in one unit and then rents one or more of the other…
I am looking to relocate, and looking to rent for a week or two.
two adults, swiming pool, and not far from Tuscon. 773-718-0101...Hector Montenegro, hmontenegro@comcast.net
Looking for a map of homes for sale adjacent to the Manteca tidewater bike trail. 3 or 4 beds 2bath less than $325k. Want quick easy bike access
Do not want to bike thru city traffic to get to that trail Could you provide a map with those homes so I can click on them to review the individual homes Thanks
Is that habit serving you well or much better confirming a belief you wish was different? For instance,
do you always super-size your certain foods? http://aneurevitalizingcream.com/goji-top-br/
When is a buyer allowed to cancel a contract during the contingency period and receive their earnest money back?
We are selling our house in San Jose. We had 3 inspections completed (extensive property inspection, termite and roof) and reports ready to show potential buyers before our house even went on the market.…
Lots of mobile homes (trailer parks) listed as single family homes or condos. Can you do something about this?
I'm about to give up on your site. I don't want a trailer and over half of the inexpensive condo listings are actually trailers. Waste of time.
Lots of mobile homes (trailer parks) listed as single family homes or condos. Can you do something about this?
I'm about to give up on your site. I don't want a trailer and over half of the inexpensive condo listings are actually trailers. Waste of time.
is the fine ever system that?
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