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Are larger townhomes in Boca Raton typically easier to rent out than 1 and 2 bed condos?
I just purchased a townhome in the Boca Gardens community of Boca Raton. It is a 3 bed, 2 bath, 1500 sq. ft property. Very nice, has upgrades. Are these properties (especially in this community) difficult…
I have an alert set up for homes in Marathon and Duck Key Florida. You just sent an alert for a home "near Duck Key", but it was in
Pompano Beach The house was 137.54 miles from Duck Key, with an estimated travel time of 2 hrs 33 minutes according to Mapquest. At least half of the alerts are for homes at least half an hours drive…
Hello realtors! My husband and I are trying to buy our first house, which happens to be a great deal on a short sale. We've made an offer for
10,000 over the bank approved listed short sale price, and have agreed to pay closing costs. Our realtor has spoken to the sellers' realtor, they have accepted our offer. Now we just have to wait…
Is it better to buy an out-of-state house for retirement prior to retiring? If so, how far in advance?
I'm looking to retire in about a year and looking to relocate back to my home state of PA, probably outside of Pittsburgh. Should I look to purchase something before my actual retirement, while still…
Greenwood Lake, NY
pros and cons of buying in this neighborhood
There are two profiles, cne9417348@aol.com which is correct and cne941748@aol.com which is a typo. I can't fix the error.
The incorrect e-mail is populating my search results and my request to be contacted. Landlords and R/E agents can't reach me. Chet Newman 720-839-0034
What is the current turn around time for usda Massachusetts?
What is the current turn around time for a guaranteed usda loan in Massachusetts?
3rd floor playroom in home for young children
I was just wondering what Moms think of living in a house that has a third floor playroom. Is being 2 floors below in the kitchen too much of a distance?
I am at risk of losing a house because of Wells Fargo messing up my loan
We are supposed to close tomorrow 9am. Wells Fargo provided an approved HUD statement and confirmed we are all set for closing. Two days before closing, they send an email saying the "desktop appraisal…
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where get home in new york?
Home_Selling/ get home http://tvhash.blogspot.com/2015/07/countdown-watch-love-hip-hop-atlanta.html home selling Home_Selling/
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My husband works in Redwood Shores, Redwood City, CA and I work in Oakland, CA. We are looking for a good location for commute.
We are looking for safety, good schools (could also consider private schools). I wish there was a public transportation option to connect east bay to Peninsula!!!
Is it possible to purchase a home, while selling a home you own with no down payment?
I am considering selling property I have inherited in the country, and I'm looking for for a home that would be easier to maintain yet, large enough to suit our needs. I prefer no, mortgage but, to sell…
Some Brokers offer 75% rebate of their commission to the buyer. Is this legit?
I have found a Broker that says if I know exactly the property I want and use him, he'll rebate me 75% of his commission. This sounds too good to be true. Is this legit? It certainly can be a big check. Other…
new Trulia website
This website is new, can someone call me. I can't find where I add my listings???? 630-686-5900
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Where are the Boulder discount agents/brokers (for buyers)?
Times are tough, why is there no price competition between agents? I know agents don't want to make less money, but if it means a client vs none, why not get a little competitive, agents? In other…
I went to see 8418 mallow lane, naples fl 34113 and the pictures that you show must be from 10 years ago.
The house doesn't look anything like your pictures. All the other real estates have updated pictures.
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home buying july 27, 2015 tips
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