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Is Bonsall Avenue in Drexel Hill a bad area?
I know it is close to a not-so-good area in Drexel Hill. Has it leaked up as far as Bonsall Ave yet?
What is appropriate for offers on a bank owned foreclosure with little interest??
We are interested in a property that doesn't have any other interest from buyers, but the bank hasn't budged on the listing price in the 4 months it's been listed. Also, they are going all over the place…
I bought the home in Wisconsin,had a water and septic inspection, paper work only said they had to put a water purifier in.when having it pumped3 yr?
later,septic man said it was none working.i called the inspection company that inspected prior.he told me he failed it then.the realtor kept this hidden from me.can I go back on the realtor for false paper…
Spouse buy a house without me.
My wife has good credit and we have cash for a down payment. Only problem is that she has no job. I have all the income but I have bad credit, judgements, etc. Just wondering if they can look at w2 and…
Where is the highest quality apartment properties in New York to be close to attractions and technology companies?
I am interested in, spending some time living in New York in the medium term future. I'd like to own an apartment that is close to great landmarks, near typical areas for technology companies and also…
What are the pros and cons of transferring credit card debt to a spouse in order to improve DTI during a home buying process?
Hi, My wife and I are looking at building a house. We would be going off my income alone as my wife is self employed and we cannot use her income. She makes enough, just can't use it for qualifying…
Who pays the condominium fees on the vacant units in the complex?
I am interested in buying a vacation condomium but am concerned about the condo fees, especially when a complex has a number of vacant units. Do the existing owners pick up the short fall of the condomium…
Since the percentage of commission on homes we've looked at are so very low, should we pay our agent?
She has spent an awful lot of time helping us find a home, and hasn't seen a cent yet. What is the right thing to do? We haven't signed any contracts with her or anything. But when I sat down and figured…
I am looking for a rent-to-own or land contract on a home. We need at least 2000 square feet and prefer to be in the Mount Horeb area. Any help?
I am a self-employed person and my wife does not work so we are unable to obtain traditional financing and have to take the land contract route. Any available homes would be great!
i'm looking for a 4bd for me and my family..
the problem i'm having is my credit is not so good. I'm currently working on my credit but really need to put my family in a home. please help me thanks!
Hello. We are headed to Raleigh for 2 days at the end of January and are looking for advice on touring the area for a possible relocation.
Hello, we are headed to Raleigh for the weekend and are interested in checking out Raleigh and Cary on Saturday and Chapel Hill, Carborro and Hillsborough on Sunday. We are travelling without our sons…
The home inspector just found out that the crawlspace is flooded and couldn't even finish the inspection.
What is the best way to proceed from here, and do we loose money on the home inspection even though it couldn't be completed>
Young couple that would like to purchase a condo in Orange County?
We are relocating back to OC from Indiana. We have $15k for our down payment. We will be making about $45k annually and are very financially conservative. I have good credit (720ish), but he has had fraud…
My wife and I are considering relocation to Bend in the next 2 years. We will have cash to purchase a home near old Bend
Also looking for a couple homes for rental properties as we have cash but no jobs once we get there. Can anyone suggest good neighborhoods for the rentals?
I have a Home I want to sell and I want to buy a Home, but there are some items that are incorrect on my Credit report that were supposed to have been
taken off long ago! What can I do to speed this up so I can have a good Credit score? I do not have any debt.
We are moving to Claremore, OK (Rogers County) soon. Could you recommend a reputable Home Inspector in?
Claremore, OK is a neighboring city of Tulsa, OK and the Zip Code area is 74017
How do I find out if a property has been sold?
The property in question is 2324 Eastover Dr., Waycross, Ga. 31501
agent called me and told me my offer was accepted. next day calls and said it isnt?
another buyer was denied offer over phone message called and complained so now fannie mae threw out all offers.
Can you fire a realtor after signing a purchase agreement?
I signed a purchase agreement to buy a house and the realtor that I have is worthless. She doesn't do her job, she has made me despise the whole process of buying a home. I have contacted and made…
How many emails will be sent to me?
I have no need for trulia!
Looking for a good real estate attorney in Brooklyn specialising in condos.
I am closing in on the purchase of a condo in Brooklyn. It is a new development. I would certainly appreciate any suggestions and/or refferals.
how do iget a hold of troy from windgat propties in connsors vill?
I need the phone# troy at windgate propties
how do I correct the inaccuracy of your posting on 739 tepic dr el paso, tx 79912?
the home has refrigerated air not evaporative cooling.
is the white house on hwy 64, first on road B9 still for sale?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3012048165-46-County-Road-B-38-Angel-Fire-NM-87710
Who is responsible for a pending special assessment of 15K? Seller or Buyer? What could Buyer negotiate on this?
During the inspection contingency period, the seller mentioned that he has learned through a board meeting that there may be a special assessment. But, The amount of the special assessment has not been…
For sale by owner
Interested in a property. Was listed with a realtor and then rent it out for short period time. I have seen it with the listed agent. Now the property is out of market. Can I directly contact the owner…
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